Dream Houses

Pretty country houses in the Morvan


Les Glycines hotel, in Vézelay.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Through its eternal treasures and new lovers of gastronomy and huts, (re) discover the Morvan and its pretty country houses nestled in lush greenery ... A selection of good addresses signed East Side.

Historical producer of Christmas trees - and nannies from all-Paris in the nineteenth century - the Morvan evokes pell-mell many images of Epinal ... And for the most gourmet, the chef doubly starred Marc Meneau Esperance and the Relais Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu. The country houses of this high place of French heritage arouse our interest and inspire us ... Discovery of the hidden treasures of this little corner of paradise through the pretty houses that the region houses.

Already a lot of stars to his curriculum vitae, but our Morvan, with raw beauty and intense landscapes, has so much to offer to those looking for authenticity, sometimes a form of retirement, in any case alternating with their hectic life . Last year, in Pensées en chemin (Stock editions), the geneticist Axel Kahn wrote: "The Dutch find in this rugged, sumptuous and deserted landscape the perfect antidote to their overpopulated and flat country".

the Domaine des Prés Verts, in Jouey, where Jérémy Leleu gives you a 2 CV to discover the region.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Country houses located in the only Regional Natural Park of Burgundy

Stateless and sumptuous, its Regional Natural Park born in 1970, the only one of Burgundy, straddles four departments! An important guarantee for the safeguard of the environment.

To relax, head to the spa of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains with its enamel decorations of Briare, for a dietary cure. At the Château d'Ettevaux, among the bicentennial trees, discover wooden huts placed on their lake. The eco-log of green and eco-designed Domaine des Prés Verts dominates the bucolic pastures of the Charolais cows.

For a local gourmet break, seasonal - and homemade, of course - we recommend the talented Cochon Ventru in Thil-sur-Arroux, the inevitable Chez Cécile at the Grande Verrière and the restaurants of the Bevacqua brothers, Zuppa Zuppa and the World of Don Cod, at Autun.

Culture is not left out with the Zervos museum in Vézelay and its collection of modern art. At the Gallo-Roman Museum in Bibracte, as well as at the nearby Alésia Interpretation Center, we can see the epic of our civilization through Julius Caesar, Vercingetorix and remarkable reconstructions for young and old alike. You can also walk the 120 kilometers of the Bibracte-Alésia path, marked with yellow and blue, which connects the two sites.

The Cabins of Ettevaux, in Poil.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Les Glycines hotel, in Vézelay.

Jean-Marc Palisse

The Domaine des Prés Verts.

Jean-Marc Palisse

A dish of Marc Meneau.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Pastures in the region of Larochemillay.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Marc Meneau in the garden of L'Espérance.

Jean-Marc Palisse

The Moulin Renaudiots lounge, a superb bed and breakfast in Autun, decorated by a Dutch-Danish couple.

Jean-Marc Palisse

A house at the exit of Luzy, on the Alène.

Jean-Marc Palisse

A bewitching dessert by Benoit Charvet, Pastry Chef at Relais Bernard Loiseau, Chef Pastry Chef of the Year 2013.

Jean-Marc Palisse

The museum of Bibracte, on the slopes of Mount Beuvray, and its contemporary architecture on a millenary site signed Pierre-Louis Faloci, which is particularly the Rodin Museum in Paris. The squares are reminiscent of the grids installed by archaeologists on the excavation sites.

Jean-Marc Palisse

The English garden, planted with flowers and flowers of cherry laurel, weeping pear and willow, from the Relais Bernard Loiseau, was created in 1991 under the leadership of Dominique Loiseau. A true haven of peace, it also houses an aromatic garden and a Well House to retreat and read.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Accommodation: hotels and charming guest rooms ... As in a country house

Bed and Breakfast Le Castel des Cèdres: incredible sense of design and hospitality - table extra - of this charming Belgian couple. 40, rue de l'Hâte, 58 360 Saint-Honoré-les-Bains. casteldescedres.fr

Bed and Breakfast Moulin Renaudiots: Scandinavian vintage spirit, enhanced by colorful contemporary glassware for the five bedrooms, including a suite.
Chemin du Vieux Moulin, 71 400 Autun.
Such. 03 85 89 97 10 and moulinrenaudiots.com

Hotel-restaurant Les Glycines: an old masters house with its 18th century decor and its covered terrace that embalms in the spring.
Rue Saint-Pierre, 89 450 Vézelay.
Such. 03 86 32 35 30 and glycines-vezelay.com

Bed and Breakfast Maison Sainte-Barbe: four rooms full of charm in an old house of canons, at the foot of the Cathedral.
7, place Saint-Barbe, 71 400 Autun.
Such. 0385862477 and maisonsaintebarbe.com

The Castel des Cèdres, in Saint-Honoré-les-Bains.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Relax in the Morvan ... a well-being break at the camapagne

Château & Cabanes d'Ettevau: our favorite address. Total change of scenery, in the park of Ettevaux castle, in the middle of cypresses and sequoia centenarians, in these eco-designed lakeside cabins, with their stove and deckchairs on the terrace. Ettevaux, 58 170 Poil.
Such. 0386301641, ettevaux.fr and cabins-lacustres.fr

Domaine des Prés Verts: in the middle of the meadows and Charolaises, a very elegant eco-lodge design, with the choice The Logis (up to three couples), The Perched Cabin or The Roulotte. Spa hut on stilts with panoramic views; solex and 2 CV for rent to browse the region.
Hameau de Pochey, 10-12, deadlock of the Green Meadows, 21,230 Jouey. Tel.0973316695 and domainedespresverts.com

To eat in the Morvan: a country air on our plates

L'Esperance: no longer presents the chef doubly starred Marc Meneau, great scholar of the old kitchen and director of the culinary art.
22, Grande Rue, 89 450 St.Pere. Such. 03 86 33 39 10 and marc-meneau-esperance.com

Relais Bernard Loiseau: the three-star chef Patrick Bertron, Bernard Loiseau's second-in-command and Benoit Chauvet, Pastry Chef of the Year 2013, sign the excellence of this institution, still led by the elegant Dominique Loiseau. 21 210 Saulieu.
Such. 03 80 90 53 53 and bernard-loiseau.com

Auberge Au Cochon Ventru: Guests come from afar for the bistronomic cuisine of Thomas Dossi. Not to be missed: Entre terre et mer, and dark chocolate mousse with salted butter caramel. Memorable ...
Le Bourg, 71 190 Thilsur-Arroux.
Such. 03 85 54 26 21.

Hôtel-Restaurant du Morvan: Chef Jérôme Raymond has a lot of talent!
73, avenue du Docteur Dollet, 58 170 Luzy.
Such. 03 86 30 00 66 and hotelrestaurantdumorvan.fr

Zuppa Zuppa: a delicatessen, Italian and local, coupled with a table d'hôtes where, under the leadership of Gino, everything is homemade, organic and tasty.
Terrace of Europe, 71 400 Autun.
Such. 03 85 52 37 74 and zuppazuppa.com

The Don Cod World: in the Bevacqua family, I ask Vincent, Gino's brother, and his excellent fish restaurant.
4, rue des Bancs, 71 400 Autun.
Such. 03 85 82 48 30.

At Cécile: the inevitable Cécile has held this local institution for forty years. We love the unforgettable Crapiau morvandiau!
Le Bourg, 71 990 The Great Canopy.
Such. 03 85 82 52 41 and hotel-chezcecile.com

The Saut de Gouloux: close to the famous waterfall, a beautiful contemporary room for good home-made food.
58 230 Gouloux.
Such. 03 86 78 28 55 and jump-de-gouloux.com

At "Don Cabillaud", in Autun.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Sugar and salt confit beef with parsnip mousseline, fresh foie gras and sweet potatoes, from chef Jérôme Raymond of the Hôtel-restaurant du Morvan, in Luzy.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Pan-fried veal, balsamic reduction with shallots, from chef Thomas Dossi of Pig Ventru, in Thil-sur-Arroux, a revelation!

Jean-Marc Palisse

At Zuppa Zuppa, in Autun.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Relax in the Morvan: a grand house in the countryside

Saint-Honoré-les-Bains thermal baths: in a park planted with hundred-year-old trees, a 1900 architecture with its beautiful enamels from Briare, where you can enjoy cures and à la carte treatments with a specialty in dietetics.
58 360 Saint-Honoré-les-Bains.
Such. 03 86 30 73 27 and chainethermale.fr/ saint-honore-les-bains.html

The beautiful 1900 spa resort of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains, in its centenary trees park.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Cultivate in the Morvan ... Design and creativity are at the rendezvous

Zervos Museum: Calder, Picasso, Poliakoff ... More than 300 works of exception for this gem chiselled with the collections of Christian and Yvonne Zervos, creators of Cahiers d'art who received in La Goulotte, their house not far from there, all the great artists of their time.
Rue Saint-Étienne, 89 450 Vezelay.
Such. 03 86 32 39 26 and museum-zervos.fr

Museum of Bibracte. At the Archaeological Museum, located next to the former Gallic site Bibracte, where Vercingetorix was proclaimed leader of the coalition against Caesar, discover in a beautiful contemporary architecture objects and pageants.
Mont Beuvray, 71 990 Saint-Légersous-Beuvray.
Such. 03 85 86 52 35 and bibracte.fr

François Pompon Museum. The work of the artist François Pompon is not just L'Ours Blanc, his emblem. The famous animal sculptor, born at Saulieu, was Rodin's workshop manager, and gave his animals the essential movement.
Place du Docteur Roclore, 21 210 Saulieu.
Such. 03 80 64 19 51.

Offer deco furniture for a design country house!

Morvanbelle: a delightful selection of colorful tableware, rugs and ethnic furniture. 15, rue de la Republique, 58 170 Luzy.
Such. 03 86 25 51 18 and morvanbelle.com

Tolix: the stamped sheet metal factory, created in 1927, and still up-to-date.
ZI Saint-Andoche, 18, bd Bernard Giberstein, 71 400 Autun.

The pretty Morvanbelle decoration shop in Luzy.

Jean-Marc Palisse

Discover the artists of the region: a very creative creative adventure

Jean Gazdac. This artist molds with humor tools in wax and crystal.
11, Petite-rue Chauchien, 71 400 Autun.

Many thanks to Sophie Lepoutre from the Nevers Tourist Office. As well as to Christine Müller-Wille, Véronique Beigenger and Coralie Moisson, of the Regional Committee of Tourism of Burgundy for their precious help in the organization of these reports. bourgogne-tourisme.com
Thanks also to Marie de La Ville-Baugé.