Pool barrier: the security solution

Pool barrier: the security solution

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The pool barrier is a solution to consider for the safety of your pool. Because, according to the legislation, any outdoor pool, public or private, buried or semi-buried, must have a system of protection.

There are different types of pool gates. Here are some tips to help you choose it and to better secure your pool.

Pool safety: what the law says

Since 2004, the law requires you to put a security system in place around your pool, to protect people against drowning. The target audience is children under 5 years old. The protection system must be able to absolutely prevent access to an unaccompanied child by an adult. The minimum distance between the edge of the pool and the pool barrier must be one meter.

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Choosing a practical and aesthetic pool barrier

You have a wide selection of pool gates on the market to ensure the safety of your pool. You can buy them at a big DIY store or at a swimming pool. In wood, glass, aluminum or PVC, a pool barrier must be at least 110 centimeters high in order not to allow a young child to climb it. It must also have a door with double opening system. It is the least expensive solution. It is possible to find barriers of very good quality from 30 euros per square meter.

There are also retractable models. It is necessary to dig the ground and bury the barrier equipped with a system to get up.

The infrared detection pool barrier

Like the physical barrier, it is installed at least 1 meter away from water but is invisible. Only an infrared ray protects your pool against any intrusion. The alarm is triggered when the perimeter is crossed.

When you want to keep an unobstructed view of your pool, this is the ideal safety barrier. However, if you own pets, it may be triggered often.