How to choose the color of the facades of my kitchen?


How to choose the color of the facades of my kitchen?


With a color chart more and more varied, the kitchen fronts play with color and the cooks offer some bold choices. Far from being content with white or gray, the furniture is dressed in green, pink, black and even yellow. A panel of tones among which it is sometimes difficult to find themselves: how to decide on the ideal shade for its kitchen fronts between all available colors? We like the idea of ​​daring a green fir or a terracotta provided you are sure of your choice. Buying a new kitchen is not trivial and the opportunity does not come every day. Discover pro tips from Morgane Pluchon, designer products at Lapeyre, and Rachel Marcus, architect D.P.L.G. for architects, in order to choose the right color for your kitchen fronts.

Never short of inspiration, the fashions are full of surprises in the kitchen. "Among colors at the heart of the trend for facades, we find the night blue, the terracotta or the burnt wood shade, details Morgane Pluchon, designer products at Lapeyre. We go to the structured, the material, with things a little softer and evocative. Touch is important in a kitchen with a worked aesthetic. Even if the priority is not in appearance! "The facades of the kitchen especially need to be practical and effective, recalls Rachel Marcus, architect D.P.L.G. for architects. Just like the work plan. We will have more fun with the credence. "So many tips to note before making his choice of kitchen fronts ...

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Dedramatize his kitchen project

Before making a choice of colors for its facades, it is essential to stand back and listen. "We are still a little scared when embarking on a kitchen project, admits Morgane Pluchon, product designer at Lapeyre. let his emotions guide us. As a first step, go to what we like by asking ourselves what is the desired spirit for this new kitchen. A clean style, contemporary, natural, etc. "With a little time ahead and a good preparation of the site, the evidence is needed.

Get inspired to find the right color of facades

Thanks to Pinterest, Instagram and many other deco sites, inspiration is to draw everywhere. "We do not put constraints immediately!" Advises Morgane Pluchon. look for inspirational photos to find out what you like A smooth facade or reliefs ? Strong tones or rather neutral? This will give you keys to have a kitchen that sticks to your desires. "The idea is to have fun with a project that resembles us.In order to make research useful, to create a moodboardor put aside some photos can classify the inspirations to better navigate.

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Social networks and the press are a mine of inspiration to draw ideas of colors for its kitchen fronts (realization Maéma Architects).

Paul Allain

Choose the color of the kitchen fronts first

In a kitchen, the color of the doors is decided at the beginning of the project. "As the possibilities are more limited for the facades than for the worktop or the credence, for example, the best is to position yourself first on color doors, proposes Rachel Marcus, architect D.P.L.G. for architects. Facades being very present, this is not where we will put the most powerful color."

Another step, in case of hesitation, we can define the doors of the furniture in a second time. "If you are a little lost among the multitude of colors, you can choose first the work plan, he has less impact because less visibleMorgane Pluchon suggests. For example, a wooden worktop with fir-colored fronts to create a campaign spirit or lacquered white doors for a design style."

Soft or darker shades, the Tandem kitchen becomes the main element of the living room. Accompanied by an oak floor, the space is brighter and warmer. The worktop in lava stone contrasts with the elegant and timeless ensemble.More info: Tandem kitchen with lacquered gloss or matte finish lacquered fronts and medium density fibreboard support 19 mm. Available in Powder, Pure White, Mist, Champagne, Taupe, Terracotta, Bordeaux, Tannin, Sage, Thunderstorm, Peacock, Graphite and Black colors. Tandem is PEFC certified 10-32-2153. Made in France in the Lapeyre factories, the furniture is sold in kit or assembled. Price of standard composition on request, Lapeyre.


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Go to basics and make it simple

"Unless you're sharp in decoration, better to keep it simple for color facades of his kitchen, suggests designer products Lapeyre. If the work plan is very marked, the facades must be quite sober. And vice versa ! By choosing, a terrazzo work plan, the doors are preferably smooth and in a matte finish, more discreet."

Among the favorite colors, the white is a timeless that we do not get tired of. "White is very popular for kitchen fronts," says Rachel Marcus, "bright and clean. The little stroke of madness is to bring on the credence, paint or handles, easier to change. "

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Simplicity is often the best alternative to choose the color of the facades of the kitchen (realization Maéma Architects).

Nicolas Aubert-Maguero

Ensure the overall harmony of the kitchen and the entire house

We think primarily about cooking but to get a coherent interior, all the pieces are to study. "If the kitchen is glued to the living roomit is necessary to take it into consideration when choosing the color of the facades, warns Rachel Marcus. We will search a contrast with the ground but a wall continuity. The credenza can extend and create a bond on the wall with the living room. For the floor, with a wooden kitchen and a parquet floor, the total look is not recommended. Better to play with contrasts by opting for a unified floor that also allows you to enlarge the room. "

Iconic kitchen, matte ink color, solid birch doors, more modernized finish with a matt appearance, aged effect on 2 finishes (black and white), facing against the facade, thickness 20 mm, handle not included, fitted kitchen, FSC certification (facades), price on request in stores, Lapeyre.


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Go shopping in shops the colors of the facades

Reflex to have for all that concerns the house, to go on the spot is a must to go to see more closely and imagine the result. "It is necessary to go to shops to be well aware, to touch the facades of the kitchen, says Morgane Pluchon. Thanks to a color chart or samples, it is easier to achieve the right color combinations. When choosing, do not forget to ask yourself whether to touch and look, it corresponds to our desires to leave.

Identify easy colors and those a little more daring

In a wide range of tones, some are easier to handle than others. "There are some good basics for kitchen fronts like light gray, anthracite, natural oak and false whiterecalls Morgane Pluchon. Other colors are a little more alive, they say more about the personality. Garnet, hazel oak or celadon are further in terms of decoration. Before embarking, it is necessary to ask if it suits us. The kitchen being a room where we receive, the color of the facades must be assumed. "

Tradition kitchen, float oak finish, solid oak doors matt lacquered solid finish for oak pepper, dove oak, white oak and sage oak, solid oak doors matt lacquered finish for natural oak, float oak, thickness 20 mm, handle not supplied, kitchen mounted, PEFC certification 10-32-2153, price on request in store, Lapeyre.


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Limit the number of colors in the kitchen

The color wakes up the kitchen, provided to be moderate. "Between the facades, the worktop and the credence, the color must be a good balance," recalls Rachel Marcus. juggle with two colors and a neutral. But it's also possible to indulge in shades to emphasize or soften a color on kitchen doors. "

The kitchen is also a good excuse to have fun on the color of the facades (realization Maéma Architects).

Paul Allain

Keep in mind the possibility of replacing the facades of the kitchen in a few years

In order to dramatize his kitchen project, we note that the facades can be renewed at the right time for a reduced budget. "The interest of standardization of doors cooking is to be able to change often, remarks the architect. They are easier to replace and can be modulated over time. "

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Opt for a facade finish adapted to your needs

"Matte, velvet, satin, gloss or lacquered, each has its own constraints," says Morgane Pluchon. Finishes are all tested against moisture, scratches, etc. Velvet is more adherent to different projections but is easy to clean. With a colored facade and a glossy finish, we will see more fingerprints. Ditto for a facade in black and matte colors. Wood is more structured and less messy. The choice must also match his lifestyle."

Mix colors for decorative kitchen fronts

With a little hesitation for colorful kitchen fronts, the mixture of tones may be a track ... "The combination of several colors can create beautiful contrastssays Morgane Pluchon. Some door models can be mixed with white fronts at the top (lower budget, for example) and cooler facades on low furniture. You can also have fun with all the facades of the kitchen in anthracite and the door of the fridge in blue storm or the technical furniture in green and the rest of the wooden facades. It's important to Desecrate the kitchen project and have fun ! "The idea is also tosoften the intensity of the color a little. "Bringing touches of wood or white to a color of a facade a little strong will help to assuage and less tired in time," says Rachel Marcus.

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Mixing the colors helps to soften the hue and avoids getting tired too quickly (Ytrac kitchen, light oak and mink, Lapeyre).


Take into account the opinions of everyone to choose the right color

"Cooking being a shared spaceit is also necessary that the color of the facades please everyone, notes Rachel Marcus. The more we choose, the more the need for neutrality is felt. It's not for nothing that white is so common in the kitchen! "