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Dress up your kitchen furniture without breaking the bank

Dress up your kitchen furniture without breaking the bank

Caroline Ablain for Inma Studio

You wish one or more kitchen furniture cooler, more modern, but do not have the budget to offer them? This must not stop you. Painting, handles, worktop, new kitchen doors, faucets ... Some changes to your kitchen furniture suffice to makeover. Here are some thoughtful ideas for to offer you a new kitchen furniture, without spending a thousand and a hundred.

Your kitchen furniture need a facelift, but the idea of ​​spending astronomical sums to offer them this youthful look stops you. No worries, it is quite possible to revamp your kitchen furniture without breaking the bank. Valérie Sommet, head of painting products Leroy Merlin, Denis, head of tapware products of the same brand, and Inma Valero, founder of the Inma Studio agency, give you their tips. Draw without counting among their ideas, your kitchen will be able to find a new youth without you remain on the straw.

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Leroy Merlin

Dress up her kitchen furniture with a little paint

The painting. It may be the simplest and most accessible solution. "There are products that apply directly to the furniture whatever the support," says Inma Valero, founder of Inma Studio. But first and foremost, both pro recommend washing the furniture with soda acid, white vinegar or acetone to remove the grease and make sure the paint adheres properly. Then, it should be lightly grained and finally apply the two layers of essential paint to a good result.

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The procedure differs for oak furniture and polished furniture. "To be sanded too much, the oak will release tannins and leave brown traces, unattractive.Better to use an undercoat.Well furniture, they can be repainted once the wax removed", says Valérie Sommet. But how to recognize wax and varnish? "Nothing more simple, drop a drop of water on the piece of furniture in question then rub a blade of very fine steel.If it is wax it will clog, while if it is varnish it There will be dust, "retorts the head of paint products Leroy Merlin. Finally, do not forget the interior of the kitchen furniture. It can be relooked the same way. "You can totally stick vinyl or plasticized paper or repaint the edge of the shelves of these storage units," recalls Inma Valero.

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Choosing the right colors during the kitchen makeovers

Classic, contemporary, industrial ... Decorative styles are directly related to colors and materials. Prefer this one or that one is all personal. And it is sometimes difficult to separate his affinities for this or that genre and a favorite trend. When it comes to makeover, better not to miss. It would be a pity to get on the job, to start all over again 4 months later, because the fashion is over. For Inma Valero, beige and taupe have become a little too classic. White, light gray or medium pass everywhere. Black is very prominent and beautiful. The powdery green, more and more present in the kitchens, may become must have.

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Caroline Ablain for Inma Studio

Customize the kitchen furniture

The effect paint creates a more personal decor, think about it! You can make one of the doors of your furniture a blackboard, unless you prefer to make it magnetic to stick to your collection of magnets.

Give yourself a new work plan

Changing your work plan may be a solution: "We find work plans for less than 50 euros.Wood requires a lot of maintenance, better melamine, why not imitation wood, which remains accessible and resistant ", suggests Inma Valero. Other possibilities: a steel or metal board. They age well with time: the more they are scratched, the more beautiful they are. Or tiling.

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Transition Interior Design

Equip kitchen furniture with new doors

Here too, steel boards bought and cut to size in a specialized shop can be glued and nailed to the old doors and thus remove the rustic style of some furniture. If you do not have the courage to embark on this type of work, remove the doors and fix along the furniture a rod with curtains.

Express makeover: changing the handles of the kitchen furniture

Easier still, trade your old handles for newer, fresher and more modern ones. Or forget them, thanks to pressure systems.

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Think of a new faucet

The word faucet is not terrifying, it is even "cute". Nevertheless, the idea that we do it is much less so. "People are often afraid of cutting water, causing a leak and dare not touch the faucet," says Denis head of faucet products at Leroy Merlin. "But it's really not rocket science.The intervention takes 40 minutes maximum, and this change of faucet can really impact the aesthetics of a piece of furniture," continues the expert. Hand shower, mixer 2 handles, mixing valve, size, shape, function filtered water, infrared light, black, white, red, chrome finishes, stainless steel ... In faucet there is something to do. "There are products from 8 euros, but before buying, it remains imperative to take into account the question of use.What product will make it more pleasant time spend in the kitchen? Without losing sight of the aspect" sustainability " , recalls the pro.

Leroy Merlin

Accessorize the kitchen as needed

There are a lot of "pratico-déco" objects dedicated to kitchen furniture, starting with lighting. Indispensable to a functional kitchen, they are also very deco. Do not forget the shelves, hooks, bars and other removable or modular storage that will embellish and improve the organization of your kitchen.