Bet on a dark blue decor!


Bet on a dark blue decor!

ADC the workshop next door amandine branji

Navy blue, royal blue ... Intense blue and deep interferes in our interiors. The color soothing powers dresses furniture, walls and accessories to modernize the decor bringing him at the same time a little more, a supplement of soul perhaps. Illustrated demonstration of achievements borrowed from Maison Maison Projets pro.

If the dark blue has emerged as a classic in our wardrobes in the same way as black, deco side, it's another story. The use of blue marine, king, Klein, same electric, in our interiors is scary. Recognize that dipping our decor in these blues remains perilous, a little less nevertheless for home professionals who risk it without fear. The blue wakes up and updates the walls of retro or Haussmann universes. When he colors the furniture, it is to offer more relief to the space. The blue, in these deepest nuances, animate too strict or wise atmospheres. In deco, the blue does wonders, judge for yourself.

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Navy blue buttons for a more pep


After valuing and optimizing the space of this studio, the interior design agency MyHomeDesign has bet on a woody decor, Scandinavian spirit, a few notes of dark blue (carpet, table, sofa) come boost.

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A bright blue to raise the deco of a retro bedroom

Shoootin for Transition Interior Design

The owners of this apartment wanted to keep and sublimate the alcove of their new bedroom. Wallpapers and graphic wallpaper, the interior designers of the Transition Interior Design agency did not skimp on the means. But the result would not have had this effect without the intervention of this powerful blue, almost brilliant.

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The navy blue smooth a living room deco

Shoootin for blackStones

BlackStone wanted a living room decor, punctuated by a play of colors, shapes and graphics. It's thanks to Navy blue that the interior architecture agency tempers and unifies the whole.

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New blue accords in decoration

Lisa Petrole for Anna Duval

The time when we forbade ourselves to mix black and blue is over! The interior designer and decorator Anna Duval knows it well and does not hesitate. Here, the cushions in linen and blue velvet awaken this elegant room in black and gray.

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The navy blue as a "red thread" of a bedroom and a dressing room

Gilles de Cavel

Has been the carpet, that nay! Little by little the carpet returns to the front of the decor scene. In the dressing room of this house in Lille, the interior designer Sandra Neyrat chose very graphic, in opposition to that of the room, united. The opening of the wall, in another shade of blue, facilitates the transition between these two pieces.

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Navy blue gradient to sublimate the living room decor

Meero for Atelier DAAA

In order to modernize this Haussmanian interior, Atelier DAAA painted some of the living room moldings in a black and blue gradient. This bold initiative creates surprise and gives relief to the piece.

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Navy blue in the background supports the perspectives

Shoootin for Transition Interior Design

Margaux Meza and Carla Lopez, the interior designers of the Transition Interior Design agency, have come up with this birch furniture. Side lounge, it is a library whose dark blue background accentuates the depth of the room; side kitchen / dining room, it is an overlay of shelves and a bench to frame the bay window.

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When navy blue seizes kitchen furniture

Bertrand Fompeyrine for Boclaud architecture

A deep blue identifies and characterizes this open kitchen, designed by DPLG architect Céline Boclaud. Intense, this color harmonizes perfectly with wood, green and yellow, like black.

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Navy blue to enliven the decor

adc the workshop next door amandine branji

After a devastating fire, ADC's workshop next door imagines in this house a new kitchen. The glass doors in blue are the only colored element of the room. They are the link with the living room whose wall and fireplace are the same color.

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Marine blue "reviver" identity

Charlotte Cittadini

Charlotte Cittadini was commissioned to retype the 1931 building in Saint-Nazaire. The interior designer was not afraid to use this gray blue on the living room wall, without sparing the period fireplace. The sustained color brings out the sense of grandeur of the room while at the same time renewing the spirit of yesteryear, which is nourished by a vintage decor.

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