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An apartment where life is good 150 m from the beach ...

In Arcachon, discover an apartment where life is good

Atypical spaces

In Arcachon, the owner of this apartment on two floors take us for the visit. Artist at her hours, she wished a bright interior in shades of white and wood for her husband, her son and her. After several months of work, some of which were made by family and friends, the "local", as she called it, rose one a frame like a boat nave return.

On the ground floor of this apartment, thought like a house, the open living space of 44 m2 welcomes the home literally and figuratively. Upstairs, the rooms of the couple and their son have a high ceilings. Attaching importance to materials, preferably local, the owners have distilled a bit of nature and Scandinavia inside their apartment. To discover without delay!

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The life project in brief

The idea: make best use of the volumes offered in a raw premises to make a two-floor apartment, family and warm.

The place : in the heart of Arcachon, 150 m from the beaches.

The surface : 90 m2.

Works: in several phases, from 2014 to 2015.

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From an empty room to a family home

When they visit the property in 2011, the future owners have a crush. Despite a "local more than raw", they feel the potential of the beautiful height under ceiling, up to 7 m under ridge! Formerly bakery and grocery store, everything is to rethink inside. The work begins in 2014 with the help of local friends and craftsmen. It is necessary to redo the floor, task entrusted to the father of the owner, who chooses a polished local solid pine, whose golden hue reflects the natural light. The floor is to be created from scratch and the frame - roof and insulation - must be renovated. Spread over several years over a year, the work finally allows the couple and their son to move into the apartment in 2015.

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The living room takes root around the wood stove. Two sofas in a clear tone define this cozy space of the dining room-kitchen. Between the beams, painted in white, and the golden parquet, the atmosphere is warm to perfection, a bit Scandinavian.

Atypical spaces

The L-shaped kitchen, made to measure, fits in the vein of the stay. The solid oak top resumes one of the shades of the parquet, and the kitchen facades, a slightly broken white, make the transition between the ground and white limestone walls.

Atypical spaces

The dining room is set around a wooden counter and some high bar stools.

Atypical spaces

An apartment bathed in light

The owners also acquire a technical room attached to the apartment, creating a delimited entrance to the living room. This new opening to the west is a new supply of natural light, flooding the open space of the ground floor. The existing French window is replaced by a horizontal bay 3 m wide; American kitchen and living room around the wood stove have only to settle down. The owner, whose activity as a painter makes her sensitive to colors, chooses a white who does not really have one for the walls. This "white limestone, a soft white caressing" as she calls it, acts as a reflector of light, making the space warm.

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Newly created, the bay window illuminates the living space of a light changing, exposed North. The ideal light in a room where everyone meets during the day ...

Atypical spaces

Another large window illuminates the kitchen. In the extension, the white staircase and wood leads to the rooms of the apartment. Under the stairs, independent toilets could be installed.

Atypical spaces

The apartment gives pride of place to natural materials

In an ecological concern, the owners have favored natural materials, preferably local. The pine parquet is the best example, plus a solid oak worktop in the kitchen, and oak flooring for the upstairs areas. Up there, it is the framework that imposes: completely redone, it is in the form of a ship nave returned, giving the rooms a sense of volume to fall. However, the rooms are cocoons where it is good to rest.

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The landing and its glass railing serve the more intimate spaces of the top. In front of the stairs, a small closet blends into the decor. Next door is the shower room, including a walk-in shower and WC.

Atypical spaces

Imagined in "open-space", the rooms on the floor are separated by walls up to 2 m high only. The ultimate idea is to create a sound insulation by installing an indoor canopy that lets the light circulate. Between white and wood, the walls of the rooms reinforce this impression of cocoon. Above the bed in the master bedroom, an original "oculus" was kept, simply zinc plated. He gives the room tunes of boat cabin.

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In the master bedroom, two office spaces could be installed. Under the majestic frame, the nights are calm and peaceful. On the ground, oak flooring has replaced the pine on the ground floor.

Atypical spaces

Atypical spaces

Under the roof of the house, the son of the couple particularly appreciate his room way "nook". Warmth, comfort and sobriety are of ...

Atypical spaces

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