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3 good reasons to turn your old fireplace into a stove

3 good reasons to turn your old fireplace into a stove

Tesson Fireplaces

Your old fireplace has had its day? Why not replace it with a wood or pellet stove brand new ? On the program, an incommensurate return compared to an open fire, a saving of space and especially a resolutely aesthetic stove in the living room. The point with 3 projects before / after made by two professionals of the chimney.

The old chimneys do not have all the charm of the realizations of cut stone, visible in the Haussmann apartments. Often very traditional, they also occupy an important space in the living room. Finally, on the yield side, an open fireplace is primarily decorative, its main attraction being the friendly side of a good outbreak. The good idea? Replace his chimney without charm by a stove powerful, more compact and aesthetic.

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Reason # 1: replace the open chimney with a new generation stove to optimize performance

Project 1 before renovation: the massive fireplace is open and without insert, resulting in a very low yield. Tesson fireplaces.

Tesson Fireplaces

In this very rustic house, the owners wanted to break open their chimney and replace it with a stove that can heat the living room but also the rest of the house. "You have to know that with this type of open chimney, we take advantage of a good outbreak, but that the yield does not exceed 12%," says Maxime Tesson, Sales Manager Tesson Chimneys, and member of the network expertschaleursbois.fr - which allows in two clicks to find a qualified professional to put down his stove or his chimney. "Since the owners wanted to heat their building as much as possible, I advised them to use a wood stove with a 100 kg hot air accumulator, which allows heat to spread in the habitat for a duration of 8-12h approximately. "

The professional of the chimney advises a stove of German mark Max Blank, the Toulouse SP chosen for its high yield of 87% and for its very modern appearance. The owners took advantage of this project to modernize the entire room. New carpets, new furniture ... the transformation is total. "After breaking the chimney," says Maxime Tesson, "we had to make tiling fittings. It was important to protect the ground well because the stove - fixed, weighs 400 kilos! The wall on which rested the chimney being damaged, we chose to put a plaster siding from Staff Decor. With the lighting and the relief, the result is rather successful. "Not to mention, the realization ofa metal niche for storing logs as well as the addition of a more decorative plaster niche.

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Bet on the yield, this wood stove has a yield of 87% against maximum 12% for an open fireplace. Tesson fireplaces.

Tesson Fireplaces

The details : Max Blank Toulouse SP skillet. Sides and tablet in white stone. Power 6 KW. Yield 87%. Overall working time: 4 days. Cost stove 5807 euros. Total cost of the project, 10,000 euros. Tax credit of 30% on the purchase of the stove if installed by a professional RGE and with regard to its environmental performance index which must be less than 2. After deduction, cost of the stove 4067 (1740 euros of tax credit ).

Reason # 2: save space in the living room with a wood stove

Tesson fireplaces, project 2, before renovation. 2 meters wide, 85 cm deep ... An imposing fireplace that takes up all the space. Tesson fireplaces.

Tesson Fireplaces

"The owners, a young couple, wanted to modernize their rustic interior," says Maxime Tesson. They renovated the living room in an industrial style and faced the problem of this imposing fireplace 85 cm deep and 2 meters wide. "The stove solution is automatically required for the installer who offers them save space by replacing their fireplace insert with a wood stove. He advises them a brand Max Blank stove, small (65 x 50 cm) that will largely optimize the available area. This stove combines aesthetics and performance since it shows an 87% yield, in the upper range of wood stoves.

After protecting the premises and breaking the chimney, he removes the fire and recovers the masonry flue for the evacuation of smoke. "Then we cased it before fixing the trapdoor on the wall," continues Maxime Tesson, "dismountable, this one allows the access to the casing of the stove to recover the soot, during the sweeping." Cement tiles are then laid on the floor and on the wall. When installing a stove on a floor, it is mandatory to adopt a non-combustible material on the ground in case of projection of embers. As a bonus the tiles bring a deco added value in the stove.

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Project 2, after renovation. We optimize the impression of space with this compact and modern wood stove. Tesson fireplaces.

Tesson Fireplaces

The details : Max Blank Rio S Stone Wood Stove. Sides and tablet in granite. Nominal power 5.5 kW perfectly dimensioned for the room of 55 m2. Power 87%. 2 days project. Cost 6000 euros all inclusive.

Reason # 3: replace your old fireplace with a modern stove

Project 3, before renovation. Rustic atmosphere with this fireplace with a closed insert. Corentin Martins Group

Corentin Martins Group

Here, the owners wanted to completely revise this corner of the living room and ventilate the room. "They used their old chimney but also an electric heating in addition," says Sébastien Dagorn, of the Corentin Martins group and a member of the "expertschaleursbois.fr" network. an aesthetic stove and design that is also very powerful. "Hence the choice ofa pellet stove. The latter attracting more and more French consumers, in 2018 sales of pellet stoves in France have exceeded those of wood stoves (source Ademe). To heat the room of 45 m2 and floors, the top of the stove recovers hot air and distribute it via the stairwell. On the aesthetic side, Sébastien Dagorn chooses a pellet stove from a small Italian brand known for its design models and opts for the Botéro model, very modern with its enameled glass cladding and his black color"The construction was done in two phases," adds Sébastien Dagorn, "After the dismantling of the chimney and the casing of the unit, the owners wanted to make some adjustments themselves. stone imitation facing as well as'a parquet corner to define the space of installation of the stove. Then only, we installed the stove. "The installation of parquet does not pose any problem here because one does not open the door of the stove to refuel.

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Project 3, after renovation. The living room takes a youthful look with this gleaming pellet stove. Corentin Martins Group

Corentin Martins Group

The details : Botéro stove version 2 automated Jolly Mec brand. Enamel glass cladding. Rated power 8 KW. Yield 95.1%. Green flame 7 stars. Price of the stove 3534 euros (of which 30% of tax credit is 1060 euros). 2 days of construction Total price of the site, 5886 euros.