Large windows for beautiful modern house


Large windows for beautiful modern house.

Lisa Keome

Install a large window or bay window, it is the guarantee to bring brightness and aesthetics to his house or his apartment. Large windows, PVC, wood or aluminum patio doors, sliding glass doors, these 12 modern homes have chosen large openings on the outside. Inspire yourself.

Bring more modernity, brightness, practicality, aesthetics: the advantages of large windows and windows are numerous. Contemporary homes are particularly fond of them. Large windows, PVC, wood or aluminum patio doors, custom-made sliding glass windows, Côté Maison has selected 12 homes that let in natural light and an open-air feeling!

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1. Sliding aluminum bays that invite the garden indoors

Nicolas Millet

This architect designed house by the Lode Architecture agency bluffs us with its futuristic lines dressed in wood and glass. In the lower part, the aluminum sliding glass doors expose a beautiful living picture that gives the impression of living simultaneously inside and outside. These windows cut XXL in angle and open the maximum space with two perspectives and the sublime.

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2. A modern kitchen bathed in light by a large PVC window

Patrick Van Robayes

In the kitchen of this modern house in the Baie de Somme, decorator Caroline Wittock favored materials in keeping with the surrounding nature. It is therefore natural that the professional opened the kitchen to the outside with a large window. Well positioned, facing the sink and granite worktop of Zimbabwe, this large PVC window with braces provide the brightness needed for cooking. And a nice view of the garden, as a bonus!

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3. A facade of a Lille house with a contemporary black aluminum opening

Patrick Smith

Direction north of France, with the facade of this Lille house that mixes tradition and modernity. How? With a brick facade, a classic material from the North, and a fixed window positioned at an angle, made of black aluminum. With its contemporary style, this large window in length ensures a renewal of this house of classic North. And also offers the necessary natural lighting in the kitchen with a position at eye level, above the sink. Not to mention, a double exposure for even more clarity.

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4. A large wooden window to let in the light

Pierre-Jean Verger

Designed by architect Philippe Charbonneau, this modern house in Corsica is dressed in 25 cm thick, dry stone (ensuring excellent insulation) and lime plaster. It is equipped with large sliding French windows, without cross and without cross, to allow full natural light, and thus, not to hinder the magnificent view. The frames are wood for a raw and natural appearance guaranteed.

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5. Bay windows and large aluminum windows to "live all the time as in his garden"

Olivier Hallot

Large windows (4 x 3,5m) type artist studio to meet the request of the owner to "live all the time as in his garden". With a steel finish, these openings contrast nicely with the wooden floor. This installation brings a real sense of freedom from the cathedral living room! Most: these windows are equipped with double glazing that offers enhanced thermal insulation.

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6. Esprit chic workshop for these large black painted wooden windows

Christoph Theurer

The major asset of this contemporary stay renovated by the architecture firm MOC? Its double exposure with no less than 6 large windows with French opening consisting of two leaves. A beautiful preamble to bring light into this stay that was lacking. Revamped with a black paint, these wooden windows blend in the chic workshop spirit.

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7. Large wooden windows to play on the indoor / outdoor concept

Pierre-Jean Verger

This modern house in Corsica makes us more than life. With its large terrace ipé extending the living room and opens onto the sea with windows cut XXL, the house invites the outside inside. To keep a natural spirit, the door frames are dressed in light wood. The sunshade installed, guarantees a natural light while protecting from the heat.

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8. Large windows type artist studio for this Parisian house

Nicolas Millet

What character for this family home located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Its patio and, above all, its large windows artist workshop style bring a charm to this Parisian building. Realized in aluminum and painted in forest green, the openings allow to mitigate the too concrete appearance of the facade and to offer a real small corner of pleasant greenery in full city. The plus: the Virginia creeper that dresses the windows a long part of the year. Change of scenery guaranteed.

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9. A large aluminum corner window that contrasts with the wood siding of the house

Pierre-Jean Verger

Pierre-Jean Verger

Material contrast for the exterior facade of this South West house. "The idea was to counterbalance the coldness of the steel and warm up the atmosphere with wood," explains the owner. Thus, the building is dressed in a wooden cladding while the frames of the corner sliding window are coated with metal. The bathroom is bathed in natural light from both directions of this large angled opening. An anecdote ? This house has no shutters to live to the rhythm of the day and the night.

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10. Large windows with aluminum crosspieces for a panoramic view

Lisa Keome

In this vast kitchen in natural oak, the large fixed window type glass artist's studio brings a charm to the composition; and especially offers a panoramic view of the surrounding nature. Its steel finish echoes the dark worktop and black metal handles. A contemporary realization that is worth a look.

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11. In this modern apartment, the sliding bay window bathes with light the living room

Lisa Keome

In this modern apartment in the heart of historic Brussels, the architects agency BoP Architecture have opted for a sliding glass door in aluminum with two large leaves. The room is so bathed in natural light with a breathtaking view of Brussels rooftops. This type of opening offers a significant space saving since the leaves never encumber the space. And a little more deco: the frames of the large bay window recall the architectural elements and wall cladding zinc cladding.

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12. A long window to admire the view

Nicolas Mathéus

Frankly contemporary accents for this house in Corsica by the architect Gilles Terrazzoni. Each room invites nature to enter, especially in the living room with a large window in length offering an idyllic view of the bay of Porto-Vecchio. Made in metal with a French opening, this large window blends into the decor and the gray wall of the wall mouse. A realization to crack.

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