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A brick wall in my decor

Pinterest: a brick wall in my decor

Alvem view on Pinterest

Inspiration Pinterest Côté Maison has gone fishing with brick walls, a favorite subject that we share with you. With our selection of 15 pinned photos, you will be able to fill up on decorative ideas to give your apartment or house a rustic and industrial style.

Generally associated with the New York loft spirit or industrial style, the brick wall brings much more to the interior decor than it seems. Brutes or repainted, bricks sport a timeless trendy look that gives the stamp to the decor. Côté Maison offers you to make your choice with this Pinterest selection of 15 brick walls that we love.

1. A curved brick wall pan in a pristine living

Alvem view on Pinterest

If there is one element that catches the eye here, it is this piece of wall curved brick. Bleached, it gives character to this completely white living room without denoting the Scandinavian-inspired decoration of the space. The brick wall blends discreetly with the whitened parquet for a note full of sweetness ...

Photo via Pinterest

2. Metallic gray for a brick wall design

RE / EDIT view on Pinterest

In this room dressed in metallic gray, the decor is both urban and design. For the overall decor of the room is harmonious, the gray floor recalls the furniture, and black and white accessories highlight the design style of the room. Most ? The modern suspension by its shape and metallic color that becomes the central element of the room.

Photo via Pinterest

3. Brick vintage effect to dress the walls of the kitchen

Stadshem via Pinterest

This semi-bare brick wall may look rustic with the exposed plaster on the floor ... It's not so! With its raw look, this square of wall brings an industrial note to the decoration of the kitchen. The wooden furniture tempers the "gross" aspect of the brick. We love the contrast created by the modern frame hanging on the wall and the pretty flower vase placed at the edge of the sink. Thus, the brick becomes THE romantic touch of the kitchen.

Photo via Pinterest

4. A pink brick wall for a women's living room

Hannah Blackmore view on Pinterest

The idea in this living room cocoon is to marry the pink color of the brick wall with the color of the sofa to create a visual continuity very soft and really deco. To adopt the Scandinavian look, we add a Kilim rug and a sober glass coffee table. Here, the decorative black bird modernizes the entire room and offers a bucolic and design touch to the living room.

Photo via Pinterest

5. Paint a white brick wall for a bright decor

Binti Home view on Pinterest

A snow-white paint on brick? We say yes! If you want to preserve the whiteness of your walls while revealing the beauty of your bricks, the solution is found. We repaint and then add colors here and there to make the space more joyful. Flashy frames on the wall, graphic cushions on the sofa ... And the living room looks like a girly Scandinavian house.

Photo via Pinterest

6. A stairwell with brick walls

Trendland view on Pinterest

In the entrance of the house, the brick wall is a hit and sets the tone in the decor. With the white staircase, the brick wakes the corridor upstairs. Thanks to the black calligraphy frame at the top of the steps, the wall is adorned with an urban look. In short, we love it!

Photo via Pinterest

7. A bohemian bedroom with brick walls

View on Pinterest

The star of the decor is of course the rounded bay window, but the brick wall that surrounds it is the element that highlights it. With the white bed linen overflowing the ground and the external view of the lush garden, the bohemian attitude is rightly his place. Add cushions to the envy and this look will only be improved. What about beams on the ceiling? These emphasize the country decor of the room and form a graphic line as a path to the garden.

Photo via Pinterest

8. Bricks painted black charcoal for a trendy decor

Bruno Tarsia as seen on Pinterest

Trendy, the black tint on the brick walls pleases our interiors and reaps the success it deserves! Add to this a design furniture, and your room then displays a real chic and worked. The bay window helps preserve the natural light and prevents the room from appearing sad and dark. And yes, everything is complete and intertwined!

Photo via Pinterest

9. A cocooning brick corner near the fireplace

Carrot style view on Pinterest

The fireplace is the relaxing and warm space of the house. In brick, the cocoon spirit wants to be even more cozy and that's what we like. To create a real isolated comfort zone, the brick wall pan in a recess space in the living room is ideal. We install a seat and cushions ... And voila!

Photo via Pinterest

10. A curved brick wall pan to dress up the kitchen

Lilabi as seen on Pinterest

With such a brick wall, the addition of wall deco is useless. The curved wall gives relief to the entire kitchen, its red hue warms the white room ... In short, the brick at all good! We marry his amber wood cupboards and his parquet on the wall, and finally, we hang the spots on the brick wall to emphasize it even more.

Photo via Pinterest

11. A pure, white room from brick to bed linen

The Diary of Divanopka view on Pinterest

In white, the bedroom soothes in the blink of an eye. The white brick becomes a fresco of well-being in this immaculate room. In order to coordinate the floor with the rest of the space, the raw parquet is whitened, absorbing the natural light coming from the large windows of the room. And for the understated arty touch, a screenprinted black and white canvas is placed against the brick wall.

Photos via Pinterest

12. An ethnic brick wall

View on Pinterest

The brick is really full of surprise. With its antique furniture and furniture from around the world, the lounge has a warm "globe-trotter" look. The brick wall naturally accompanies this style by its rusticity. The mirror attached to the wall can soften the brick that alone could weigh down the decor of the living room. We love the mix of styles of retro, oriental, contemporary and ethnic furniture very welcoming.

Photo via Pinterest

13. A navy blue brick wall for a contemporary decor

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Blue is not associated only with the marine style. In this living room, the brick wall offers contemporary decor and design. The retro furniture in white, wood and beige is raised by this color that contrasts with the decor. And for all to agree, a wooden shelf and its trinkets, wooden too, comes to dress the wall. This piece of wall also serves as a partition to the living room and nest to the fireplace in the living room. Not being extended to the ceiling, this decorative separation lets the light through. A decorative choice well thought out.

Photo via Pinterest

14. Tropical color for a brick wall that makes traveling

Kip & Co

A room like a delicious bunny, it exists? Yes, the proof is in this room full of colors. With its exotic plants and its turquoise blue brick wall, it is certain that a tropical air blows in this space. To close the cheerful decoration of the bedroom, a multicolored carpet comes to slip to the foot of the bed, like a sea of ​​oil on which a rainbow would be reflected.

Photo via Pinterest

15. Antique furniture and brick walls for a bobo decor

The Marion House

Combine antique furniture from the 50's with a brick wall, it's a mix of vintage and indus', which gives a cozy and family-like artist's workshop side to the show. To melt the brick wall in the decor of the vintage living room, black and white frames are hung and a stack of old books is leaning against the wall. The result ? This mid-vintage, half-bobo effect works. We validate!

Photo via Pinterest