10 beautiful fireplace corners


10 beautiful fireplace corners

Spaces to dream / Carole Sertillanges

Decorative element alone, the fireplace deserves no less attention. To enhance it, whatever the room, take a look at these 10 decorated fireplace corners with care. From the classic Haussmann style to the indus' spirit or more cozy, inspiration is at the rendezvous!

Charm asset in the old apartments, or design touches in the most recent achievements, the fireplace offers cachet and heat, provided not to neglect the decor that surrounds it ... Whether we speak of fireplace or chimney insert, all deco styles are allowed. In the living room, in the dining room or bedroom and even in the kitchen, architects and interior designers compete in imagination for showcase the fireplace and its surroundings. Demonstration in 10 inspirations.

A contemporary white brick fireplace corner

OPUS Photo

In this apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the interior designer, Sophie Roberts, chose to preserve and offer a place of choice to the charm of the old. How? By betting on white walls, able to highlight the beautiful wooden floor of origin, such as designer furniture and colorful decorative accessories. As a bonus, she painted the bricks of the chimney corner in white. What bring clarity and warmth to the living room.

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Cocooning atmosphere at the corner of the fireplace


Assisted by the interior designer Isabelle Masson, the professionals of the Atelier Daaa have handed this beautiful Haussmanian apartment of 250 m2 up to date thanks to a host of thoughtful design tricks. In the room, the chimney and the trumeau which surmounts it were painted in black. The goal? Modernize the space and give rhythm to this classic style. On the ground, it is a large carpet of Berber inspiration that warms the floor in Point of Hungary, and on the ceiling, an impressive suspension diffuses a soothing light. Deco bet successful, no?

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Raw decor and Scandinavian notes meet at the corner of the fireplace


Located on the Upper East Side in New York, this 45 m2 has been decorated by the care of the interior design agency, Becose. In the living room, there is a play of harmonious contrasts between a brick fireplace, in the rough style, and furniture and decorative accessories, with more delicate curves: a round mirror, a trio of rounded nesting coffee tables, too, a rocking Eames-inspired flesh, and candles arranged on the mantel of the fireplace.

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A fireplace corner painted in blue to highlight its collections

Charlotte Cittadini

In the living room of her home in Saint-Nazaire, interior designer Charlotte Cittadini has modernized the fireplace area with style. With a layer of blue Prussian paint, carefully selected by Guittet, she has created a cozy atmosphere. Arranged on the edge of the fireplace, candles, tealights, boxes and small cactus have price place as decorative collections. In front of the hearth, place to a marinated vase and a Lady Jeanne filled with luminous garlands.

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A stylish fireplace open on a dining room indus'

Spaces to dream / Carole Sertillanges

Renovated by the decorators of Espaces à Rêver, this Haussmannian apartment gives pride of place to a modern and industrial atmosphere. Attached to the living room, the dining area has everything good: from the wooden table and metal base to the wall decoration through the carpet or the mix of seats. Side fireplace corner, a large mirror amplifies the volume of the room and candles reminiscent of crackling fire.

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A wooden kitchen heated by an insert fireplace

Inside Home

At ease in the living room, dining room or bedroom, the fireplace is also invited in the kitchen. The proof in this neat atmosphere imagined by the designers of Inside Home Concept. All dressed in wood, the open kitchen adopts a contemporary country style, warmed by a fireplace insert design.

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Play of contrasts at the corner of the fireplace

Pascal Simonin

At the heart of this bourgeois apartment located in Lyon, the architect Aurélie Nicolas has highlighted the fireplace area by mixing charm of old and contemporary chic. Thus, a clever game of contrasts has been created between classic style (marble fireplace mantel, herringbone parquet, moldings) and modern refinement (sleek furniture and timeless lamp Pipistrello designed by Gae Aulenti, enthroned on the sideboard, at the right of the picture). The deco idea to remember: the accumulation of candles and candles in front of the hearth, which warm the atmosphere as a fire would have done.

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A cozy fireplace corner where it is good to meet


Renovation and interior decoration of successful charm by Decorexpat in this 58 m2 of Levallois-Perret. In the purest romantic-chic style, the small living room adopts neutral tones, enhanced with pastel colors. Preserved, the marble fireplace brings a crazy character to the entire room. Finally, three Juju hats, an ethnic inspired wall decoration made of feathers, offer the touch of fantasy that was lacking in space.

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Arty mood and mix and match by the fireplace


Designed by interior designer Tatiana Nicol, the decoration of this living room respects the principle of mix and match and mixes styles to create a new one. Thus, around a rather classic fireplace area, a host of inspirations meet. Indus light fixtures rub shoulders with a colorful carpet from Morocco, and many vintage objects complete this merry jumble of decoration. Finally, if three walls remained white, the fourth was painted yellow and striped blue to delineate the dining area, with style.

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A chic fireplace corner between white and blue


Chic and soothing atmosphere in this living room reviewed and corrected by the interior designers of 10surdix. At the same time soft and timeless, the atmosphere of this immense stay plays on shades of white, enhanced with pale blue. The layout of the room, in length, with a large table and sofas on both sides, gives relief to the old-fashioned fireplace, simply surrounded by two blue cabinets.

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