I bought a kitchen Ikea, here is the result!


Agnès Chafei

Stainless steel, sky blue and oak are the winning trio of this 100% Ikea kitchen installed in a long stay. Reportage in the apartment of a young couple with children ...

Should I buy an Ikea kitchen? Charlotte and Jérémie, 32, did it. Here is their experience. They bought this Parisian apartment of 76 m2 where they liked the moldings, the fireplaces, the parquet in point of Hungary, but especially the vast surface of the crossing stay: 36 m2 all in length. Everything was old: blackened and broken oak slats, tired canvas on walls and ceilings, non-compliant electricity and plumbing, and so on. A very small kitchen led into the entrance hall, as well as a tiny bathroom. Not practical for a couple with a child (soon two)! It was necessary to renovate everything taking into account a relatively tight budget: 40 000 €.

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An open kitchen in the living room

The couple uses the interior designer Morgane Claoué, Cocottes Studio. She is the one who encourages them to install the Ikea kitchen in the living room. She draws several plans and chooses with Charlotte the most suitable for a family life: two linear low elements arranged in "L" against the walls and a storage island with a snack corner to take meals on the run.

Pink bubble gum or blue sky?

Direction Ikea: Charlotte has spotted facades of a pink bubble gum mat that he likes very much ... to the chagrin of Jeremiah. Once on site, the owner and the architect crack for a new color, a matte blue sky slightly gray, dapper and sober at the same time. Morgane Claoué proposes to associate it with stainless steel and an oak worktop: successful marriage! And big "phew" of relief on the side of Jeremiah ... The old kitchen, located on the other side of the wall, is transformed into a bathroom, with separate WC. The budget for the kitchen, including appliances, is € 5,200 excluding installation.

Ice blue and stainless steel

For this kitchen open to the living room, the architect Morgane Claoué chose to mix Ikea RUBRIK APPLÅD facades blue sky matte doors, skirting boards and appliances (fridge, hood, dishwasher, built-in oven) in stainless steel. To warm the whole, the worktops were chosen in light oak. The set is signed Ikea, except the hood (Brandt).

On the other side of the wall

The old kitchen, tiny and old, was behind the wall. She went to the other side, in the living room. Fridge, induction hob, extractor hood, built-in oven in the lower part, small dishwasher (45 cm): the appliance has been positioned to the millimeter along the wall. The sink is in front of the window, so you can do the dishes enjoying the view. The island remains a simple element of preparation and storage. If we wanted to install hotplates or a sink, it would have had to break the floor to hide the electricity and plumbing networks.

An island to tidy up

The island offers ample storage space. On the kitchen side, it has large drawers with extension ("Rationell", Ikea) opening fully for easy access to pots, cutting boards and other everyday utensils. As for the living room, the hinged doors conceal deep shelves for crockery, table linen, water and milk packs, etc. Square (120 x 120 cm), the island is surmounted by a work plan that is 30 cm higher than the living room, creating a snack area.

Our favorite Ikea kitchen models

The architect Morgane Claoué found the right stools, not yet delivered the day of the photo: two models "Hee" brand Hay, electric lacquered steel green (on sale on Suspension yellow soft silicone "Unfold" Muuto (on sale on Yes, Charlotte loves to mix bright colors! But only in keys, to boost a neutral chromatic base (white, oak and stainless steel).

Everything at your fingertips

The cooking area is organized around a three-point induction hob (Sauter), surmounted by a glass credenza (Leroy Merlin), simply glued to the wall. The blue high cabinet hides the everyday dishes. Below, a recessed spot and a utensil bar (Ikea).

Gentle circulation

The architect Morgane Claoué took care to arrange all around the island sufficiently large circulation spaces. Charlotte's family moves there smoothly and without bumps! The raised edges of the worktop have been lightly sanded to prevent children from getting hurt.

An old door transformed into storage

To get more storage space in the kitchen, the architect Morgane Claoué had the idea to create this niche. It is located in the recess of the door of the parental room, condemned and moved a few meters further. Equipped with shelves, a spot light and two electrical outlets, it hosts coffee maker, pretty dishes, spices, colorful tea boxes and holiday memories: bottle of Japanese beer, Italian olive oil ...

Sink with view

When designing her kitchen, Charlotte is faced with a dilemma: do we have to condemn the lower part of the window (a quarter exactly) to extend the linear storage in front of it? The answer of the architect Morgane Claoué is yes. Otherwise, the kitchen would have been too small, not suitable for family use. And even in this configuration, the sun still largely enters the apartment. The initial window, which opened any height, was therefore replaced by a model with a fixed bay at the bottom. Clever, the mixer taps off when you want to open the window in large ("Talis S2", Hansgrohe).

Bright bouquet

Focus on the "April Vase", a great classic of Tse & Tse Associated, or 21 glass tubes connected together by galvanized steel, which can be arranged accordion, round, straight, etc. . Lovely with wildflowers. For sale on

The interior designer: Morgane Claoué, Cocottes Studio, 06 87 37 62 20.