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Dream Houses

Transform an old garage into a family home

Transform an old garage into a family house - In photo: the "summer" lounge succeeds the "winter" lounge.

PPil Agency

Everything starts from challenge, that of transform a garage into a comfortable home for a large family. The challenge was daunting: first obtain assignment change authorizations to make a home; then create light inputs by views that do not overlook neighboring properties. All with a small budget. Zoom on this project atypical architectural renovation.

It's in a old garage that the owners have decided to build the house of their dream. For this, they called on the architects of Agence PPil, Hortense Reynaud and Sébastien Demont. The latter had to deploy all their know-how in architecture for make the volumes habitable and especially comfortable. In the program : creating large windows, opening spaces and use of simple materials and simple such as steel, glass and wood. Guided tour…

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The renovation project in brief

The idea : transform an old garage into a warm and bright contemporary home.

The place : Ile-de-France.

The surface : 136 m2.

The duration of the work : 2 years in total.

A complex architectural project for this former garage

It took no less than two years to completely renovate this old residential garage. Originally, the place had no openings. These were created using large translucent fixed frames, taking care not to overlook neighboring homes. Outside, the original soffit has been closed to create a large and pleasant room, overlooking the garden. The old staircase leading to the terrace has been removed but its location now hosts a glass fault, a real interior skylight. The volumes have been opened to make the living space fluid and comfortable.

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The house seen from the outside. Outdoor chairs Petite Friture.

PPil Agency

Thanks to the skylights and openings, the space is bright.

PPil Agency

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A large comfortable and bright living space in this renovated old garage

Once the volumes were open, the architects only had to arrange the spaces in a functional and well-defined way. Thanks to the large fixed frames in black steel and reinforced glass with a marked industrial style, the light floods every corner of the space. In order to maintain the luminosity, a light oak flooring laminated was installed on a heated floor, for more comfort. The design furniture and decoration are owners. The colorful armchairs and rugs in the dining room add a touch of warmth to this large white volume.

Pipistrello lamp and Saarinen table.

PPil Agency

The dining area benefits from the view on the outside thanks to the glazed frames.

PPil Agency

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In Kvik's open kitchen, the furniture has been custom-tailored to optimize storage space. The white furniture blends into the decor while the black granite worktop and baseboards, also black, are reminiscent of the glazed fixed frames. A kitchen island with a wooden bar creates the separation between the dining and kitchen areas, and allows the whole family to take their meals without stepping on them. The technical elements such as the hood and Astro light spots have been embedded in the ceiling, they fade as if to give way to the outside light.

The open kitchen, separated from the rest of the stay by an island bar.

PPil Agency

White, black and wood dress this kitchen while length.

PPil Agency

In the continuity of the dining room space, two salons with different universes were created. The first is near the hearth of the fireplace, more conducive to winter days. Treated in white, it also melts in space. Built-in closets visually release the view and a log rack has even been custom-made.

View of the first living room, near the hearth of the fireplace.

PPil Agency

The "summer" lounge follows the "winter" lounge.

PPil Agency

Mix of styles in this "winter" living room ...

PPil Agency

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On the floor of this family home, the color dominates

The staircase leading to the first floor was treated like a cathedral with a large 255 matt black wall in Farrow & Ball and a skylight. On the floor, the corridor releases three rooms, a bathroom and toilets.

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View of the living room from the stairs leading upstairs.

PPil Agency

The skylight floods the stairs to the bedrooms.

PPil Agency

In the children's and teenagers' rooms, the architects gave pride of place to the shades of blue and green. Thanks to the installation of a roof window in the roof, light remains ubiquitous in every space. The massive larch parquet chosen for the floor contrasts with the colors on the walls. In the first room, the Oval Room Blue shade from Farrow & Ball was chosen. Storage under the slope has been created to save space. In the second bedroom, which has direct access to the terrace, the color tends to the green water. The dressing height height optimizes the storage space. In the third room, boat beds have been created to maximize the space under the slope. The black glazed frame that allows light to circulate in the room, is sublimated by the bright white walls.

Blue dresses the walls of this teenage room.

PPil Agency

The all height storage units optimize the surface.

PPil Agency

The under slopes have been exploited to create boat beds.

PPil Agency

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Colorful patterns adorn the water features in this contemporary home

When we enter this bathroom, we are immediately surprised by its pyramidal volume. Indeed in the center, the rectangular opening in the ceiling has been treated with a window of all that allows not only to circulate the light but also to ventilate the room. The other strong element: bathroom tile pattern Dandelion blue, tinted in the mass. He dresses the back wall, creating a sense of depth in the space. The slate-colored porcelain stoneware floor brings out the graphic lines of the tile pattern. Although small, this bathroom has been optimized to the maximum, making the volumes comfortable. In the all-black restroom, colorful fish patterns add a touch of fantasy and create movement on the walls of this small space.

Tiling on the back wall of the bathroom creates depth.

PPil Agency

The fish swim in this small toilet area ...

PPil Agency

Successful bet for the architects in charge of the project. This contemporary family home today has nothing to do with the existing place. However, steel and glass recall the slightly crude appearance of the old garage, while the wood and the color used sparingly bring warmth and comfort to this living space.

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