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My bar: the headquarters of my kitchen

My bar: the headquarters of my kitchen

Natalie Brun of Arre

A bar in a kitchen is an asset in its design, always very useful during the preparation and / or sharing of meals. Better than a piece of furniture, the bar, especially in open kitchens, helps to create a friendly atmosphere. Explanations from the architect and interior designer Natalie Brun d'Arre.

We move there to have breakfast, sometimes to work. We hang out with friends for a drink ... In the movement of kitchens to live, "the bar becomes a pole where family and friends like to meet to chat," said Natalie Brun d'Arre. And we want it as practical as aesthetic. Thus, the interior designer gives us 5 tips for the bar to become the meeting point for open kitchens or large kitchens, like the one at the corner of the street.

1. What material for my kitchen bar?

Elisabeth Christiansen for Christiansen Design

Of course, the choice of material has an impact on the "power of attraction" of the bar. Besides, different subjects are at the base of its conception, each with its strong points and its weak points. "The granite is very resistant, the stainless steel is great but is easily scratched, melamine and laminate offer incredible effects and are very affordable.The stone of Hainaut, a bluish Belgian stone is very beautiful. is saturated so that the fat does not adhere but fears the acidity of the lemon.Otherwise, there is still tiling and wood, warm but fragile.And in another price range, marble and polished concrete. porous materials require special care, there is still very strong ceramic or Corian® which, thanks to thermoforming, allows original and contemporary achievements, "says the interior designer. The possibilities are many, depending on the preferences and budget of each.

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Cécile Septet for Maxime Jansens architect

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2. What size for my kitchen bar?

Meero for daaa workshop

The length of a bar is calculated from the space available, obviously, and its usefulness. It's up to you to ask yourself the right questions: do you want it done in the continuity of the work plan or the central island? Will it serve as a dining table? In this case, how many people should he accommodate? "A bar, if it is worked in the extension of a worktop, measures 90 cm high, 1.10 m if it is raised.I have about 60 cm in length per person and I plan a rim of at least 25 cm, at best 30 cm, to place the knees, "says Natalie Brun d'Arre.

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Meero for Decorexpat

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3. Make your bar a smart space

Natalie Brun of Arre

Always more functional. This is the motto that a large part of the family of contemporary furniture seems to bear, and the bar is no exception. In the kitchen, you can easily slide storage, appliances and the opposite, a library for example, hidden or not behind doors. "There are also more and more often retractable catch systems to integrate in bars, very convenient for charging computers and phones," adds the pro of the decor. And the end of the bar can even turn into office, smart!

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4. Make your bar comfortable

Workshop J

"The kitchen requires adequate lighting," says the expert. "I prefer white LEDs and at the bar 2 or 3 suspensions that create a break with the room but also and especially that illuminate the plates ... It's important to see what you eat", continues -she. Finally, the specialist recalls the interest of having a set of comfortable seats: "depending on the size of the bar, opt for stools with a height of 70 or 80 cm Beware of stools 3 feet, aesthetic but unstable, and remember that the softer the seat, the longer you stay ... ", says Natalie Brun d'Arre.

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5. Make your decor bar

Transition Interior Design

The bar as a transition point between the kitchen and the living room, plays a deco role capital. "Make sure that the space remains free and uncluttered, prefer colors and accessories related to the atmosphere of the stay: it may be in the choice of the bar, in the seating ... We talked about it earlier, if the suspensions remain practical, their style gives soul and facilitates the passage kitchen / living room, do not neglect them ", concludes the specialist.

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Thanks to the architect and interior designer Natalie Brun d'Arre for her advice.