Kitchen: light please!


Kitchen: light please! Conforama


Light is one of the key elements of an easy-going piece. And since the cooked must be as functional as it is user friendly, its lighting is doubly important. Spots, suspensions, light bulbs illuminate your kitchen to make it pleasant to the possible. Selection. Read also> 3 tips for a well-lit kitchen

A well appointed kitchen involves a well thought out lighting. The choice of its location, as its kind, is a real strategy that can quickly turn into the puzzle, especially when the kitchen is open to the living room or stay. The lighting then makes the connection between these two spaces, even hidden. Take the spots, for example: inside and under the cupboards, these sconces facilitate the preparation of meals, and at the time of going to table, they participate in the atmosphere. By the way put yourself in with this selection of fixtures: spotlights, suspensions, sconces for the kitchen. And let the light be ... as practical as it is aesthetic!

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Enlighten with simplicity a modern kitchen

LED bulbs E27 400 lumen, opal globes, Ryet, Ikea - 2,99 euros / 2 pieces.


Without blush or glitter, these bulbs do the job! They light up this kitchen smoothed on a wall and underline its ultra modern character by their whiteness. Enlaced on black squares (on a black background), these simple archi suspensions, stand out and create surprise. We keep the idea warm!

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The kitchen is adorned with its most beautiful suspensions

Pearls pendant lamp with LED source, signed by Benjamin Hopf for Formagenda - 380 euros


The Pearl suspensions of Benjamin Hopf ... Real little jewels that embellish the space and illuminate the work plan of the white kitchen. Refined, these luminaires maximize the elegance of the room and the air of nothing, the irregularity of their shape rhythm the decor. Nice job Mr Hopf!

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Suspensions in the kitchen, between rusticity and modernity

Cocoon pendant, copper glass and raw oak, 2 sizes available: D43,5 H26,7 cm or D65,5 H37,5 cm, Bleu Nature - from 889 euros

Blue Nature

Cocoon suspensions, born from the "fusion" of wood and glass, unite two worlds: one delicate and contemporary, the other authentic, almost raw. Totally fitting with the set table / chairs they dominate.

Chrome suspensions in a kitchen spirit nature

Suspension light 1 Cynthia H. 21 cm. Ø 23 cm. Chrome finish. Bulb not included, Purpose - 34, 99 euros


The industrial look of the Cynthia suspensions refreshes this woody kitchen. Placed almost side by side, these lights illuminate a given point: the kitchen island with its hob and the dining table. It's always better to see what you eat.

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Bright, the spots in the kitchen storage!

LED spotlights, white, Omlopp, hidden in the cupboards, Ikea - 15 euros


In this kitchen, furniture with glass doors is equipped with LED spotlights. A way to modernize the chic country atmosphere but also to highlight the dishes that these cupboards shelter, personalizing a little more the decor. Good game !

The suspensions shake the atmosphere of the kitchen

Igor suspension, metal and glass. L 30 x D 30 x H 28 cm, Conforama - 45 euros


Taking advantage of this incredible ceiling height, the suspensions seem to levitate in the kitchen aisle. These fixtures add the little hint of spice he lacked to elevate this rustic chic vibe.

The luminaire applies to illuminate different areas of the kitchen

Chester wall lamp, satin copper, chrome foot, black cotton cable, H 21 x D 17 cm, Original BTC - 419 euros

Original BTC

On this stone wall, the copper cladding Chester is detonating. Its modernity contrasts with the authenticity of the service it highlights. Unconditional mix & match, here's something to inspire you.