Curtains give style to the living room


Curtains give style to the living room


To perfect the decor of the living room, nothing like a pair of curtains! As aesthetic as practical, the curtains adorn the windows and bay windows of the living room, letting the light circulate, or the blackout. Whether you like them plain or printed, Côté Maison has found 10 models of trendy curtains and curtains for your living room.

Crumpled linen, floral cotton, vitaminized polyester ... A wide range of colors and materials exist for the curtains in the living room. Indispensable decoration, they warm the atmosphere to make this living room a cozy corner throughout the year. See instead.

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1. A flowery curtain in the chic romantic living room

With its cotton flowers print and its taupe color, very delicate, this curtain blends perfectly into the romantic atmosphere of this salon. Between shades of pink and cozy textures - cotton, linen and wood - the living room becomes an ultra cozy relaxation area. In this cocooning atmosphere, the curtains sift the natural light without weighing down the room.

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Curtains collection Anthelie design, fabric Nuée linen and cotton, from 79 euros. Cushions in fabric Halo and Adastra, 49 euros and 69 euros the meter.


2. Exotic curtains seize the living room

For a tropical atmosphere, adopt the vegetable print. The living room curtains and their floral pattern explore a palette of fresh shades. What to maintain the nature spirit of the living room and its rattan furniture. The good idea to stitch? Mix these floral curtains with a coral curtain that will give pep to the entire room.

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Garden fabric, 100% polyester, 19.90 euros per linear meter.


3. Orange invests the curtains to better wake up the decor!

A plain curtain is not necessarily synonymous with boredom! Typical of the 60's, the orange shade of the curtain maintains the vintage look of the furniture and wakes up the decor. Complementary of the ocean blue, the sheer curtain simply with the metal shelves of the living room. A colorful curtain for a dynamized living room.

Carnation eyelet curtains, in cotton, from 19.99 euros.

The Redout Interiors

4. A vintage curtain in the living room

A true centerpiece, the Lelievre curtain brings an opulent note to any living room. Its embroidered pattern, reminiscent of lace, evokes the classic style of eighteenth hangings. An impression confirmed by the choice of a thick fabric that imposes its character on the living room. For an authentic curtain, a baroque strand.

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Galliera curtains, linen, viscose and polyester, price not communicated.


5. The curtains of the living room love the arty style

Inherited from the Tie & Dye trend, the degraded pattern of these curtains contrasts with the original Hungarian Point parquet. Sky blue, ocher, taupe and white ... The sheers concentrate all the colors of this space of life and confer on the living room an original style, a bit arty!

Curtains fabric Amalfi Celadon, 100% cotton, from 45 euros.

House Bineau & Thevenon

6. A poetic print for the living room curtains

The Paul & Joe curtain butterfly motif celebrates springtime! No more opaque fabrics that block the light, the curtains invite the sun to the living room. In total blue and white look, the poetic print matches the bohemian notes of rattan furniture.

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Curtain with eyelets or Butterfly ribbing tape, in cotton, from 139 euros.

Paul & Joe

7. Natural curtains disorient the decoration of the living room

Beige, taupe and even white ... The curtains in the living room also like light colors. Playing with transparency and brightness, the hemp gauze dresses the bay window without concealing it. These veilings recall the charm of crumpled linen, for a living room with a zen look assumed.

Curtain of gauze, in gauze of hemp, from 119 euros.

Hemp color

8. The sobriety of linen in the living room

Without fail assured with a curtain of living room united! Classic but timeless, gray sheers play the card of sobriety and respond to furniture of the same color. Its originality? A crinkled linen texture able to contrast the felted appearance of the carpet and the sofa.

Private curtains, in washed linen and leather loops, from 89 euros. Barea reading lamp, brass, 199 euros. Buffet enfilade Siurana, walnut veneer, 1299 euros. 3 seater sofa Rosebury, velvet 100% polyester, 1790 euros.


9. Gradient colors on the living room curtains

Why not bet on an accumulation of curtains in the living room? Thus multiplied, they structure and set the tone for the whole piece. Choose from a colorful gradient, from mouse gray to cyan via a denim blue, the curtains awaken the dark shades of furniture and let the light circulate in the living room.

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Voiles, in Pondichery linen voile, exists in 32 colors, 84 euros per meter.


10. Ethnic curtains in a chic lounge

Mix of influences in this H & M Home salon. The rustic notes of the furniture, responds to the chic ethnic atmosphere of the printed fabrics. The cotton curtains do not escape the rule and echo the graphic patterns of the sofa cushions.

Thick curtains printed pattern, cotton, 29.99 euros the set of two curtains.

H & M Home