Dress up your kitchen without breaking the bank


Dress up your kitchen without breaking the bank


The right recipe to revamp the kitchen without breaking the bank? Bet on small prices as much as on big ideas. We repaint the kitchen furniture, decorate the tiles with a special adhesive, we change the lighting and we choose a beautiful shelf to expose his pretty dishes. Between deco tips and shopping at low prices, here are our 12 ideas for giving style to the kitchen without drilling his basket.

We put on small prices as much as on the big ideas for revamp the kitchen without breaking the bank. We hangs his utensils with style, we put on adhesive coatings to revamp the credence and skirting boards, we change the floor in a "click", we redecorate the work plan with trendy accessories or we turn the service vertical garden. Here are our 12 ideas for modernizing the kitchen without exploding its budget.

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Idea n ° 1: revamp the kitchen with self-adhesive decorative skirting boards

The details make the difference. To emphasize the style in the kitchen without exploding its budget, we put on these self-adhesive decorative skirting boards whose concrete effect perfectly matches the ground. Which immediately makes it even more chic.

Decorative skirting boards, Anthracite concrete color, 34,90 euros pack of 5 skirting boards, 3M


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Idea # 2: repainting shelves to emphasize style in the kitchen

It saves energy and budget by repainting only the shelves in the kitchen. A good savings plan with the key, a new graphic look of the most beautiful effect.

Peacock Blue paint, Cream Color range, 19.95 euros 0.5 liters and Ivoirine paint, Kitchen and Bath range, 46.50 euros for 2 liters, Dulux Valentine

Dulux Valentine

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Idea # 3: turning cardboard boxes into vegetable baskets, that's a clever idea

At the time of cleaning, do not bazardez especially the pretty cardboard boxes become useless. Very practical on an open furniture, they will welcome fruits, vegetables or some kitchen utensils. By giving them a second life, we revook the kitchen by nature without breaking the bank.

Cardboard boxes, price not communicated.

House Doctor

Idea # 4: change fixtures to highlight a new look in the kitchen

We narrow our selection as much as our budget by choosing to change only the lighting of the kitchen. With a design and colorful suspension, we revook the kitchen cheaply and give style at first glance.

Industrial lightning stick D.13 x H.13 cm, with black cloth thread 2.5 m - Price: 69 euros

Love Creative People

Idea n ° 5: choose a nice trash can to give style to the kitchen at low cost

To give style to the kitchen without throwing money through the windows, we go to the basics. And we put on a new accessory as practical as deco, like a trash design and colorful. As a bonus, coming out of the closet, you gain more storage space.

Pedal bin Newlcon 5L, plastic bucket, soft closing. Color: Mineral Mustard Yellow - Price: 29, 95 euros


Idea n ° 6: hang utensils like a chef to revamp the kitchen without exploding his budget

The recipe of the greatest chefs? Hang your kitchen tools on the wall to have them at hand. Practical but also ultra-graphic, because this only decorative effect allows to revise the kitchen inexpensively.

Uden service trolley, stainless steel, epoxy coating, L 54 x W 54 x H 83 cm, 52 euro, Bekväm footboard, in solid beech, W 43 cm x D 39 cm x H 50 cm, 9.90 euro, Nordby block, in solid oak, oil, L 39 cm x W 26 cm x Thickness 5 cm, 9,90 euros, Grundtal bar, steel, L 40 cm, 3,50 euros, kitchen utensils from 8,90 euros, Ikea


Idea n ° 7: choose a nice shelf to expose its beautiful dishes

To bring a new twist to the kitchen, you can see the most beautiful dishes in the closet that are displayed on a beautiful shelf. A little more that clearly makes the difference.

String Pocket Mustard shelf - Price: 131 euros


Idea n ° 8: bet on new textiles to restore style in the kitchen

We are putting on new textiles to dress the kitchen with a new style. Pretty tea towels, or even a pretty tablecloth, are enough to give a new look to the kitchen without exploding the budget.

Gold Mint tea towel, 100% cotton - Price: 16 euros

The icing on the cake

Idea n ° 9: redecorate the work plan to relook the kitchen cheaply

We make neat place on the work plan and redecorate with trendy and well chosen kitchen utensils. Or how to combine the useful with the pleasant and revamp the kitchen without breaking the bank.

Motif spice jar, Isto, L.10 x W x 5.5 x H.5 cm - Price: 7,90 euros. Acacia board, Abi, W.40 x H.5 x D.40 cm - Price: 89 euros. Olive wood board, George, L.38 x W.20 x H.2 x D.20 cm - Price: 37 euros


Idea n ° 10: change of soil in 1 "click" to relook the kitchen

To give a new style to the kitchen, we opt for flooring that is as decorative as it is easy to install (and maintain), like those slabs with the effect of cement tiles that arise in one click. And you save as much energy as your budget because there is no need to break everything.

Name Noma Nature Wood effect; Roll collection, Texline range. Exists in 2, 3 or 4 m wide. To GFT. Total ep = 2.9 mm. Ep wear layer = 0.3 mm - Price: 18.99 euros per m2- Modena Gray: mineral effect; roller collection, Hitex range. Exists in 4 m wide. To GFT. Total ep = 3.2 mm. Wear layer = 0.5 mm - Price: 34.99 euros per m2


Idea n ° 11: bet on an adhesive coating to revamp the credence of the kitchen

To avoid breaking the tiling and piggy bank, we put on an original adhesive coating to relook the credence. Graphic and colorful, these cement tile patterns dress up the kitchen's credence to give it even more style.

Self Adhesive Tile, Vintage Range, 22.86 x 22.86 cm. Available in 8declinations - Price: 6, 60 euros the plate

Smart Tiles

Idea # 12: repainting walls or kitchen furniture

Difficult to change the furniture of the kitchen without exploding its budget. So either you decide to repaint them, or you prefer to focus on the walls. If as here your furniture is white, they will stand out even more on a support of color like blue.