Shower room: 12 well thought out facilities!


Shower room: 12 well thought out facilities!

Laetitia Tomassi

Designing a bathroom is not always easy! It is often a small space that presents some constraints that the development must overcome. Optimize the space, opt for storage that saves space, install a nifty shower area, Côté Maison gives you 12 good ideas from the architects of Côté Maison Projects to develop your bathroom like a pro! Read also> 15 small well-appointed bathrooms

Difficult to develop small spaces to make them comfortable and a little more when it comes to small bathrooms. Fortunately architects have the space saving solution for every project! Sliding door, integrated storage, mini shower, but also choice of colors, patterns and lighting to visually enlarge the space. Here is an overview of the good ideas for a good bathroom.

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1. Exploit the square meters and play on the grounds in his bathroom

Director Nancy Geernaert

Delphine Queme

As we know, in a small space every square meter counts. And if by chance you have a corner wall, do not hesitate to exploit it to the maximum to create a shower area for example. Also prefer the installation of a small basin if the space between the walls does not allow to install elements of standard size. Another good idea is playing with patterned tiles on the floor to visually enlarge the space and animate your small bathroom.

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2. Exploit angles to create a mini shower in a small bathroom

Director Aurore Pannier


An angled shower, not very practical you say? Yet despite the limited space, the corner shower can be as comfortable as a conventional shower. The important thing is to choose elements, such as the wall and the shower column, whose proportions are adapted to the space. A dark colored tile, here black, will mark this space and give it more depth than it really has. In order to gain storage space, it is interesting to create shelves in height, even on a wall angle.

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3. Exploit the length in the bathroom

Realization blackStones


It is not always easy to arrange a small space, especially when it is in the form of a corridor. However, this constraint can become an asset with a well thought out layout! Who says length of walls, said large linear to exploit to create storage. In this case, it is better to prefer furniture whose depth does not exceed 30 cm in order to maintain a sufficient circulation space. The depth of the furniture can also shrink and therefore adapt according to the shape of the room. In this case, it will be necessary to create custom furniture.

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4. Install a sliding door to save space in the bathroom

Realization A / K Architectures

Benoït Alazard

The sliding door is THE good idea space saving, whatever the space in which you are. In a small space such as the bathroom, remove the area necessary for the classic opening of the door allows to install bathroom elements and above all, to make the circulation more fluid and pleasant. Be careful however, before you start, it is better to ensure that you have enough room to allow the sliding of the door.

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5. Create high-rise storage shelves in its small powder room

Realization Fables of Walls

Jean Villain

Rather than leaving empty walls or hanging mirrors, creating shelves, even open, optimizes each square meter in a small space. This is the good idea used in this bathroom, on both sides of the shower. Ideal to put toiletries or a few decorative accessories, we can also imagine these shelves painted to give relief and bring color in a small bathroom. In all cases, choose a shallow depth so as not to weigh down the space.

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6. Create an all-inclusive bathroom module in a small space

Realization Fables of Walls

Jean Villain

When we have so few square meters, we must have more ideas! With this achievement, the architects prove that everything can fit in less than 2 m2. Shower, sink, storage, nothing was left out. To protect the toilet cases arranged on the shelves, the shower was installed in the bottom, separated from the latter by a wall return. Accessible from the outside, other open storage spaces have been imagined. The treatment in black allows to give depth to this small singular space.

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7. Build on good lighting in your bathroom

Achievement Transition Interior Design

Transition Interior Design

It does not necessarily think but good lighting in the bathroom is very important. To see yourself but also to emphasize a space, as here the shower, bet on a suitable lighting and powerful enough. Two things to consider: general lighting and specific lighting. General lighting sets the tone, while specific lighting highlights a given space, such as the sink or shower. On the ceiling, a strip of light makes it possible to seat the place, here of the shower, and thus brings depth to a small space.

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8. Create a decorative shower ledge in your bathroom

Director Daaa Workshop


Exploiting the walls in the bathroom can provide convenient spaces to dispose of your belongings. In addition to increasing the storage space, the edge creates can bring a decorative touch to your bathroom. The important thing is to know how to highlight it so that it is not too sad: tiled relief as a credence and spotlights to highlight potential products.

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9. Design a shower seat in its small bathroom

Production Carnets Libellule

Carole Sertillanges

Even in a small space, it is possible to afford the comfort of a shower seat! The proof in image. Two in one, this angle rim allows to sit or to put his toiletries. Covered with blue tiles, it marks the space and assures its position ...

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10. Exploit a nook to install his shower

Director Stephan Bidoux

Laetitia Tomassi

Concealed behind a sliding door, this mini bathroom has everything included! Choosing a small vanity top allows you to prefer the shower area for more comfort. Leaving the glass wall in front of the vanity top allows the space to breathe visually. Favoring quality materials and playing the contrast between black and white, gives the feeling of a larger space than it really is.

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11. Separate the space in half and play on the color in your bathroom

Realization Goodnova Godiniaux

Benjamin Godiniaux

Even in a small space, everything can go! This is the bias in this realization where the surface of the shower has been narrowed in favor of the installation of toilets. If it is a constraint of space related to a load-bearing wall, for example, one can imagine exploiting the surface by creating additional storage or by installing a wall-mounted towel rail. To warm the atmosphere and give relief, why not bet on the color and alternation of patterns.

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12. Install a small bathroom in a living room

Realization AL-line-design


The bathroom slips everywhere, even in the living room! Separate the two spaces by sliding doors in opaque glass to preserve the privacy of each. A washbasin in length allows to exploit the linear wall, while the sliding doors in the shower are an extra space saving trick. If you have an unused space in your living room, now is the time to start!

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