Heating: 12 decorative radiators for the house


Heating: 12 decorative radiators for the house

Leroy Merlin

They heat but not only! Now, radiators participate fully in your decor. Steel, stainless steel or glass, white, black or red, compact, skirting version ... they also comply with all your desires and constraints. Place to 12 powerful and easy-to-use heaters who make the beautiful part in design.

The electric heater chooses himself according to his needs but also of the room in which it will be installed. Thus, the models to radiant panels which rise very quickly in temperature are adapted to the places of passage. Working radiators by inertia will be perfect in a room or a stay: they provide a true heating comfort with a temperature, soft and homogeneous throughout the room and without drying out the ambient air.

All these radiators allow you to save money if you install them in place of your old convectors. intelligent, some regulate the temperature to the nearest 0.1 degree and even detect the opening and closing of windows. Always easier to usemost are also programmable while connected and controllable models from your smartphone or tablet have appeared.

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1. An electric radiator with retro design

Its retro design does not detract from its heating performance: the Vuelta model is a radiator of the latest generation. Its design is based on the circulation of a fluid composed of 100% unalterable mineral oil, it ensures a soft and enveloping heat, without drying out the ambient air.

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Electric radiator with fluid inertia Vuelta beige quartz. Premium quality steel (102 cold rolled), high strength welds without material addition and without over-thickness, protection by 11 treatment baths with long-term corrosion protection, automotive grade epoxy paint, non-degradable high performance mineral oil. Dimension: height 60 cm, width 50 cm, power 500 W. From 864 euros. Acova.


2. An electric radiator with concrete effect

Extra thin (less than 4 cm on the wall) and resolutely design, this electric radiator tempered glass concrete effect, brings its decorative note to the living room. With a patented aluminum heating element, this radiation radiator allows you, thanks to its included regulation, to define your various programs to adapt to the time of day. With the key, up to 35% of energy saving ....

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Radiant electric radiator Decowatt. Iced concrete. Power, 500 W. Indicative heating surface, from 5 to 9 m 2. With wireless thermostat to control up to 5 radiators, by radiofrequency 5 year guarantee, Origine France label, 390 euros, Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

3. Vertical radiator with flat surface

With a flat surface, this brand new radiator that can be connected to a boiler, a solar system or a heat pump, integrates into any interior and is easy to maintain. Its more? Irrigation by water slide circulates silently in the panels to diffuse a soft and constant heat throughout the room.

Artis radiator Flat steel plan. Can be connected to a boiler, solar system or heat pump. French made. Available in several sizes (height 1500 to 2200 mm and width 400 to 800 mm). High quality steel, guaranteed 10 years. Can withstand a pressure of 10 bar. Corrosion-resistant baked epoxy polyester lacquer coating. Low temperature operation, cold walls and careful finishing, to avoid any risk of burns. From 338 euros. From Dietrich.

De Dietrich

4. A radiator that still heats up, even off

On the one hand, a very sophisticated ThermoFaïence® heating core, on the other a Tri-heat technology, innovation of the brand. Result? This electric heater accumulates heat and continues to diffuse even off. A soft and homogeneous heat, without loss of energy, like the stoves of yesteryear ...

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RTD eco-electric horizontal radiator with inertia. Model RTD 700, 700 Watts, 18 kg, width 50 x height 59 cm. Tri-heat® system (Convection + Radiation + Accumulation) and heating core in ThermoFaïence® guaranteed for life. Quick setup. Double insulation of electrical elements. Price upon request. Rothelec.


5. A remote radiator remote control

Ideal under a window, this decorative radiator can be easily controlled from a distance. From your mobile or tablet, you can turn it on, one hour before your return home for example, for a room always at a good temperature. The inertia of its heating body also allows the diffusion of a soft and durable heat while its heating facade guarantees a very fast rise in temperature.

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Anthracite gray bottom bolero radiator with textured finish, matte appearance. Radiator connected to inertia. Dim 380 x 836 cm. 1000 W. Double heating body: cast iron + heating front. Remote control via smartphone and tablet with the Cozytouch® bridge (sold separately). Communicating: control of all radiators in a single zone / room from a single radiator Free programming Self-detection opening / closing windows Electronic control within 0.1 ° Up to 30% saving by compared to a first generation convector Guaranteed 2 years parts & labor From 729 euros SAUTER.


6. A heater that also purifies the air

Difficult to define this small model looking like a small robot: resolutely versatile, Astro model heats but also helps to purify the air. It also has a sober and minimalist design by Lucas Nichetto.

Thermo-fan Astro air purifier. Plug and Play Collection. Lucas Nichetto design. Switching on and off via the touch keys on the structure, or through an application for Android and IOS over Wi-Fi. Purification function thanks to a filter F7 category with activated carbon that sanitizes the air by purifying the room almost completely to eliminate pollens, bacteria, molds ... Activated carbons added to the filter to trap odors (cigarette smoke ...) Price on request Tubes.


7. A very aesthetic 'mirror' electric radiator

Ultra design glass and black, this electric heater is primarily easy to use with its 4 heating modes and 3 predefined programs. Not to mention, a detector that stops the heating in case of open window. Very useful to control his energy consumption.

Vertical electric radiator with dry inertia Blyss Maela. Glass. Electric power in Watts: 1500 W. Height 71 cm. With open window sensor to automatically detect prolonged opening of windows and avoid energy losses. Pre-integrated programming: 4 selectable modes (Comfort, Eco, Frost protection, Standby). 279 euros. Castorama.


8. An electric heater with night light, ideal in a child's room

No need for a blanket with this radiator Divali thanks to its night function that reassures the youngest. Also practical, the Leds trigger sufficient lighting to guide the child through the room if he gets up at night. As for its cast iron body, it diffuses a soft and homogeneous heat throughout the room. Ideal for a serene sleep.

    Divali radiator. Curved surface, two-tone structure (carat white and star gray). Horizontal model, 750 to 2000 W. Dim: 540 x 565/1190 x 565 mm. Remotely controllable via the Atlantic Cozytouch application From 686 euros the 750 W horizontal white model.


9. A radiator Zen way origami

Michel Cinier was inspired by Japanese art and origami to invent this unique model that mixed unstructured overlays and light effects. As for comfort, the mass and thermal inertia of the Olycale stone guarantees a soft, constant and radiant heat.

    Edo radiator. Michel Cinier design. Contemporary Collection. HL: H.1820X L.465. Hot or electric water. Made in France. Quiet. Power: from 803 W in electric version and 900 W in hot water version. Olycale White finish. From 2938 euros in electric version and 2989 euros in hot water version. Cinier.


10. A radiant heater, perfect for an entrance

The radiant heat of this programmable model makes it perfectly suited to passage areas such as entrances or corridors. It heats quickly as soon as it is lit and keeps the walls clean as well as the appliance by spreading heat from the front. Champion of energy savings, it can reduce your energy bill up to 45% compared to a first-generation convector, thanks to the automatic detection of absences, the detection of the opening of windows, the electronic control at 0, 1 degree close ...

Sundoro programmable digital radiant model. Heating body: radiating plates. Automatic detection of absences / presences. Free programming. Ergonomic housing. Electronic regulation. Guaranteed 2 years parts & labor. Available in steel gray. From 109 euros. JUMP.


11. A powerful baseboard radiator

With its form of skirting specially designed for the underside of windows, this radiator is available in electric version as in central heating version, to adapt to all configurations. A resolutely contemporary model both in its design and in its satin white color.

    Linear model. Sun: H. 24 / L. 150 cm, white RAL 9016 satin. Publisher: Worldstyle Line. Designer: Hubert Lanvin. Manufacturing: Portugal. 2628 euros. Showroom Worlstyle Paris.


12. A smart and connected electric radiator

Refined aesthetics for this electric radiator in massive glass ice, which is particularly resistant to shocks. This intelligent model is also composed of two separate heating bodies, automatically regulated to produce only the necessary energy. Available in 8 colors, it is also remotely controllable, for greater comfort.

    Campaver Ultimate 3.0 Inertia Electric Glass Heater. 8 mm solid glass panel. Permanent comfort of the controlled inertia radiation. Intelligence "Smart ECOcontrol". Digital control box that displays the set temperature set by the user. Declined in 8 colors and 5 geometries according to the colors. From 1327 euros. Campa at Espace Aubade.

    Aubade Space