Three days to create a "desire for architecture"

National days of architecture begin three days of urban discovery

Galleria Continua / The Mills

The National days of architecture are held in October, for a duration of three days. Organized by the Ministry of Culture, the event is an opportunity of choice for rediscover the urban aesthetics of the cities of France. Art of everyday life, architecture is everywhere, inherent in Housing, Infrastructure, Cultural Places and Religious Buildings. The architecture builds the the cultural and historical heritage of tomorrow, and influences the existence of everyone in society. Through the creation ofcommon areas, the architecture favors the exchanges and theneighborhood unification, imagining himself in phase with his environment.

The National days of architecture aim to to rediscover urbanism to the general public. Greatly dedicated to school, the event is organized in partnership with Schools and National Education. Thus, a large number of educational outings are organized, allowing young people to question their living space. On the agenda this year, meetings with architects, urban walks, unpublished tours of construction sites under construction, exhibitions arts and vocation-oriented animations pedagogic.

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ENSA Rennes (35). Architect: Patrick Berger.

Jean-Marie Monthiers

Chapel-Notre-Dame-des-Chaumes at Valtin (88). Architect: Dominique-Alexandre Louis.

Olivier Mathiotte - The Heritage Factory

The National Grand Prix for Architecture takes place during National days, rewarding an architect for his innovative work. The event is also accompanied by the opening of theexhibition of Young Architects and Landscapers at the City of Architecture and Heritage, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Dedicated to young Europeans under 35, the work of twenty winners selected is presented.

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Three communal social housing units in Bertignat (63). Boris Bouchet architects.

Boris Bouchet architects

Dome of the Reims Post Office (51). Architect: François Le Coeur.

Simeon Levaillant

Another flagship activity, a architectural visit to Cergy is organized, allowing to discover the different urban developments in the Ile-de-France region. The National days of architecture also represent the ideal time to discover the site of Le Corbusier in the town of Firminy in Auvergne - first site of the architect in Europe - and its major creation on French territory. His four key achievements are open to the public, including Culture Housebuilding 112 meters long with a inclined vault and of glass sections in the colors of the rainbow, at the iconic geometry of the modern architecture movement.

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Cité Universitaire Budos in Bordeaux (33). Architect: Jacques d'Welles.

Hervé Bruneau, DRAC New Aquitaine

Galleria Continua / The Mills (77). Architects: B. Lafore, D. Apheceix, S. Martinez-Barat.

Galleria Continua / The Mills

Information> National days of architecture. 19, 20 and 21 October 2018. 916 events throughout France.