Special Milan: Nilufar, luxury ... otherwise

Nina Yashar.

Matteo Carassale

Her name sounds like "water lily", its design also ... Light, feminine and beautiful. Nilufar, Italian designer, breathes Milan's wind of artistic eccentricity. A designer who inspires, influences ... Côté Sud went to meet him for an express interview.

Nina Yashar made her mark on the international scene in 1989 as one of the major personalities of design. An eccentric and influential figure in the Nilufar Gallery, as Peggy Guggenheim was in her Venetian palace, she breathes a chic, rare and visionary vision of art in Milan.

Osanna Visconti who exhibits in her gallery says she combines molto bene art and furniture. Dimore Studio admires its "never-before-ordinary" concept that Parisians saw in 2013 during the exhibition at the Miramion Hotel.

Matteo Carassale

What started you in design?

Before I started to design, I sold antique carpets. My trade relations took me to the United States where I discovered the carpet of a Scandinavian artist. When I went to see her in Sweden, I went back to Milan with some of her work and some 20th-century antique furniture.

At the time, I did not yet have the good knowledge of Scandinavian design or Alvar Aalto but I trusted my eye. For Milan, it was very new. For me, the carpet is essential in the decor, a piece of furniture without carpet does not exist.

Tell us about your design project in Milan ...

On April 14, 2015, in an industrial warehouse of 15,000 square meters, opening of Nilufar Dépôt, private reserve of my collection, and Nilufar Gallery, proposals for different stagings, open to the public from April 15 to 30, 2015 and by appointment. you. On the other hand, the mother gallery follows the usual schedule.

Where do you like to go in Milan?

Pastry Sissi, piazza Risorgimento 6, tel. 00 39 02 7601 4664.

Galleria Giò Marconi, via Tadino 15, tel. 00 39 02 2940 4373.

Galleria Massimo De Carlo, via Privata John Ventura 5, tel. 00 39 02 3987 7000.

Nilufar, via della Spiga 32, tel. 00 39 02 780 193.

Nina Yashar.

Matteo Carassale

Gio Ponti, Gustav Axel Berg, Angelo Lelli, Pietro Chiesa, the subtle flair of Nina Yashar to find the centerpiece.

Matteo Carassale