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How to get rid of bed bugs ?

How to get rid of bed bugs ?


To eliminate bed bugs, a scourge in strong resurgence around the world, it takes a lot of perseverance. You must renew and multiply treatments, and remain alert for a long time. Here are some ways to get rid of bed fleas.

The bedbug proliferates very quickly. To get rid of it, know what steps to take and what products to use.

Treat everything to eliminate bed bugs

Nothing should leave a contaminated room without having been treated. The entire contents of the room must be subject to one or more treatments: objects, books, furniture, bedding and bed linen, shoes, clothes, floor, carpets, cushions, low walls, armchairs, sofas, curtains, rods, cabinets and drawers, tables, but also electrical sockets and switches. Renew operations twice, 3 weeks apart.

The procedures to be followed for the treatment of bed bugs

After treatment, wash all laundry with white vinegar. Iron as warm as possible. Enclose what can be in sealed plastic bags, marinate for hours or put in the freezer. Put a steam cleaner on the floor, carpets, mattress, box spring, armchairs and sofas, under all the seams. Lock up mattress, box spring, pillows in bed bug covers for months. Move the bed away from the walls by 30 cm.

Products to win the war against bed bugs

Use white vinegar diluted half with water in the steam cleaner. Also spray on furniture, skirting boards, carpets, carpet. Another solution, the essential oils: in a dropper bottle, mix 30 drops of Tea Tree, 20 drops of lemon eucalyptus, 10 drops of Clove, 10 drops of Lavender Aspic. Pour 35 drops into a spray bottle, add water up to 100 ml. Shake and spray on the mattress, box spring, bottom of walls, furniture, floor. Another tip: place each footboard in a cup filled with diatomaceous earth.

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