The 10 indispensable Christmas decorations


Decorative vases, terracotta, from 29.95 euros.


Christmas is fast approaching, it's time toinfuse a festive atmosphere at home. of the decorative balls the fir branches scattered here and there, some accessories are essential to the smooth running of the Eve. And to leave nothing to chance, better not wait until the last minute ... Selection of 10 must-haves for a successful holiday decoration.

Prepare your interior for Christmas, it's before all look after the decoration in the smallest details. This year, the windows of the house are adorned with tassels and spruce branches. The garlands of light are also part of, guiding the guests to the New Year's table: artisanal dishes, collection of colorful candles and vegetable crowns are popular in 2018! Above all, do not forget to refine the gift packs that will sit under the tree. Here is the list of indispensable for a festive decor who will bluff your guests.

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1. Hang decor balls in the house

Sometimes colored, sometimes printed and embroidered with sequined threads, the decorative balls are essential for Christmas decor. When they do not dress the fir with delicate shades, they hang from the windows or to the door handles to spread the spirit of the holidays in the home. So, every year, it's a pleasure to find new ornaments for customize your interior. round, star-shaped, fir-shaped and even animal-shaped, There is something for every taste.

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Decorative balls, glass, from 4.20 euros each.


Silver ball, glass, 6.69 euros. Ornament star-shaped openwork, glittered polyethylene, 7.00 euros. Ornament shaped stalactite, 10.75 euros. Pine garland, polyethylene, 24.75 euros.

Lene Bjerre

2. Illuminate your interior with candles

For create a cozy atmosphere, candles are the perfect decorative element. Simply accumulate them in quantity on a buffet from the living room, or, more original, on the steps of the staircase, to transcend the interior. As the holidays approach, the candles decline more festive perfumes than accustomed : spruce, cinnamon, sandalwood, gingerbread, firewood and figs ... iconic scents of December that we love to find each year.

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Candle shaped fir, from 11.99 euros. Golden glass tealight holder, 6.99 euros. Photophore in the shape of a lamp, in glass, 11.99 euros. Golden candlestick, metal, 22.99 euros. Golden candle degraded, 15.99 euros.

Zara Home

Scented candles, from 1.99 euros to 14.99 euros.

H & M Home

3. Decorate the interior with fir branches

He embodies the essence of Christmasand without him, we would not know where to put gifts on the day: fir. But in a limited living space, it is sometimes too bulky. Swap the traditional tree for some branches of spruce is the new trend to adopt eyes closed. In a large vase, we install branchages bouquet, dressed or not with ornaments. As a bonus, the extra twigs are recycled as centerpiece for New Year's Eve.

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Decorative vases, terracotta, from 29.95 euros.


Fall-Winter 2018 collection.


4. Hang a Christmas wreath on the wall

The vegetable crown remains a must-have Christmas decoration. If there are many models in the trade, it is also possible to create your own crown. To do this, recover in the forest fir branches - choose the branches on the ground, no question of cutting trees in full health. Then bring a metal circle or a deformed hanger and fix a few twigs on it. Finally, just customize the crown with a light garland, fake snow or red berries. A tradition 100% home!

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Circles metal, 4.25 euros the small, 5.50 euros the average and 6.95 euros the big one.

Madam Stoltz

Silver crown, resin, iron and paper, 35.99 euros.

Zara Home

5. Set the New Year's Eve table with a nice tableware

New Year's Eve is also an opportunity to take out boxes the most beautiful table services. The idea? Enhance the Christmas meal with elegant pieces - if possible craft - who change dishes daily. We take pleasure in training some ceramic plates, stoneware cups and cups, a salad bowl and cutting boards in natural wood. Focus on beautiful materialsis the assurance of a chic table that does not fall into excess.

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Cutting board Fujita by V. Barkowski, in solid oak, 79 euros. Sarubbo cutlery, in stainless steel, from 24 euros per pack of 4.


Oval plate, porcelain, 9.99 euros each. Large salad bowl, sandstone, 7.99 euros.

H & M Home

6. Enchant Christmas decoration with stars

Formerly confined to the top of the tree, the stars now slip into every room of the house. In search ofa traditional Christmas? Opt for a golden star or twinkling, hanging from the ceiling. Yes Scandinavian aesthetics seduce you, prefer a model colored paper. Finally, there is openwork stars, with graphic lines, which bring a more contemporary touch to the decor.

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Suspended stars, wooden, from 8.70 euros the small and 16.75 euros the big one.


Suspension Saturnus, paper, from 18 euros.


7. Succeed in Christmas light garlands

It is in contact with light garlands that the interior really takes on the air of parties. arranged above the fireplace, intertwined around the tree, grouped in a vase or an exhibition bell, the garlands invite themselves to the house. We love the minimalist models, punctuated by small LEDs, which can be easily recycled as decorative accessories once the eve is over.

Globe Eliorée, mango base, 79 euros. LED light garland Omara, 39 euros.

The Redout Interiors

8. Treat the gift wrapping

The making gift packages is a step not to be neglected. For celebrations homemade, adopt colorful, printed, textured papers, in short, happy to wish! Do not forget to personalize each present: a silk ribbon pink here, from masking tape and an kraft paper star Featured fir twig or even a pine cone, letting his creativity speak is the key to successful packaging. What to bluff all his loved ones!

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Christmas Collection 2018.


Patterned gift wrap, price on request. Box, recycled cotton, 31 euros.

Bungalow Denmark

9. Store gifts in cloth boots

Even without a chimney where to hang them on December 24th, socks are useful for an eve in the rules. Homemade or purchased in the shopThey welcome greeting cards, sweets and chocolates from the siblings. In cotton, velvet, in leather or still in linen, free to choose the colorful sock that will incense your holiday season.

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Christmas socks, cotton and linen blend, 13.90 euros.

House Doctor

Velvety Christmas sock, 100% cotton, 59 euros.

Ferm Living

10. Show your Christmas wishes

Rather than paper banner, or a map that will probably end up in a drawer, why not display wishes on textiles of the House ? The Christmas messages are inseparable from traditional folklore, so take advantage of it to enhance the decoration of the cocoon. A simple Merry Christmas embroidered on a cushion and it's the whole salon that is in tune.

Christmas cushion cover, 100% cotton, 7.99 euros.

H & M Home