These hotel rooms that inspire us ...


These hotel rooms that inspire us ...

Hotel Panache, Romain Ricard

Beautiful and full of ideas, the hotel rooms inspire us. Arranged by decorators or designers, in big cities of France, or abroad, these rooms conceal deco ideas to reuse in our bedrooms.

In hotel rooms we often find pretty decorative ideas that are easy to set up at home. Headboards made of recycled boards, strips of color or accumulation of paintings, we draw inspiration from the decoration of the most prominent hotels to see their bedroom decor.

1. Steps are transformed into bedside tables

"Nothing is lost, everything is transformed", even in this hotel room in Prague. There ladders painted green replace bedside tables around the bed. In a brico-deco atmosphere, they bring to the room of color and originality. The decorative touch : the inscriptions on the wall that personalize the room and accentuate the loft spirit.

In picture Fusion Hotel, Panska 9, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic, www.fusionhotels.com

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Fusion Hotel

2. The room is squared with two strips of neon paint

Be inspired by this room of the Parisian hotel Henriette to structure yours. Draw two strips of colored paint. Like a grid, a horizontal band runs around the walls at mid-height and crosses a vertical band that rises to the ceiling. This process draws the room and gives the room the span. She seems bigger. The decorative touch : the choice of fluorescent pink that catches the eye and energizes the room.

In picture Hotel Henriette, 9 rue des Gobelins, 75013 Paris, 01 47 07 26 90 www.hotelhenriette.com.

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Henriette Hotel, Hervé Goluza

3. Hang your clothes on a hanging wardrobe

This hanging wardrobe, a room of the Coq Hotel, has it all. Made of a brass tube, it is fixed to the ceiling to optimize and dress the space. The brass stands out on the dark paint and is reminiscent of the golden wall lamp, just next to it. The decorative touch : the old-fashioned table above the bed. It reinforces the intimate side of the dark room and gives it character.

In picture Coq Hotel, 15 rue Edouard Manet, 75013 Paris, 01 45 86 35 99, www.coq-hotel-paris.com.

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Rooster Hotel

4. Cover the walls with jungle wallpaper

As in this room of the Hotel Providence in Paris, line the room with an exuberant wallpaper. In tune with the times, this jungle wallpaper (House Of Hackney) is as much a symbol of escape as a touch of nature that oxygenates the room. The decorative touch : the decoration of all walls, even the attic. Contrary to popular belief, the wallpaper does not shrink the room, it has highlighted.

In picture Providence Hotel, 90 René Boulanger Street, 75010 Paris, 01 46 34 34 04, www.hotelprovidenceparis.com.

Hotel Providence, Magna Presse

5. We create a headboard in wood marquetry

In Paris, we fell in love with the headboard of the "classic" room of Antoine, decorated by Christian Lacroix. Composed of boards with original cutouts and various colors, this headboard gives the alcove a cozy side, like a cabin. The decorative touch : the number of storage units housed in the headboard thanks to this superposition of agglomerated transport boxes.

In picture Hotel L'Antoine, 12 rue de Charonne, Paris 75011, 01 55 28 30 11, www.hotelantoinebastilleparis.com.

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Hotel Antoine, Christophe Bielsa

6. Moldings are painted in bright colors

The hotel Crayon Rouge, in Paris, showcases the color. In this room, the bright colors serve as highlighters, they highlight the reliefs. The pink paint highlights the molding, halfway up, which turns into headboard. The turquoise blue paint draws the edge of the door and invites to enter the bathroom. The decorative touch : the third color that invites itself. The yellow of the curtains connects the pink and the turquoise and gives depth to the room.

In picture Hotel Crayon Rouge, 42 rue Croix des Petits Champs, 75001 Paris, 01 42 36 54 19 www.hotelcrayonrouge.com.

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Hôtel Crayon Rouge, Damien Letorey

7. We associate three colors of paintings on the walls

Sober and refined, the decor of this room at the Parisian hotel Basss makes us dream. We adopt its very contemporary color scheme, two shades of dark gray on one side of the walls, and an almond green behind the bed. These colors bring out with elegance the keys of light wood, in OBS way shipyard, custom furniture. The decorative touch : the contrast of styles (recycle and design). It is born from the combination of wood and cushions, leather upholstered, quite cozy, on the headboard.

In picture Basss Hotel, 57 rue des Abbesses, Paris 75018, 01 42 51 50 00 www.hotel-basss.com.

Basss Hotel

8. Separate the bed from the bathroom with a headboard / partition

We are seduced by this idea of ​​marble headboard, seen in a room of the hotel Artus, the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Space saving, it also serves as a partition, separating the bathroom from the bed. The decorative touch : the quilted panel attached to the bed side bulkhead. It personalizes the headboard and makes it warmer.

In picture Artus Hotel, 34 rue de Buci, 75006 Paris, 01 43 29 07 20. www.artushotel.com.

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Hotel Artus Christophe Bielsa

9. We hang a lot of paintings around the bed

It could be a guest room and yet it is one of the rooms of the hotel Le Pigalle, the Parisian neighborhood of the same name. The accumulation of framed photos on the wall personalizes this room. The decorative touch beige velvet curtains and matching pouf make the atmosphere "cocooning".

In picture Hotel Le Pigalle, 9 rue Frochot, 75009 Paris, 01 48 78 37 14 www.lepigalle.paris.

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Hotel Le Pigalle

10. We create a continuous headboard on the entire wall

We readily adopt the idea of ​​this continuous headboard, seen in a room of the Hotel Montebelo, Portugal. As insulating as it is soft, this quilted textile headboard acts as a sub-basement wall, refined and couture. The decorative touch in addition: beautiful plates from the porcelain company Vista Alegre decorate the wall like paintings.

In picture Montebelo Vista Alegre, Rua dos Alamos 2, Ilhavo, Portugal, 00 351 234 241 630 www.hotelmontebelovistaalegre.pt.

Montebelo Vista Alegre

11. We create a bright office with a headboard

In Bordeaux, in this room Mama Shelter, the idea that had the designer Philippe Starck to back the office at the headboard, seduced us. The decorative touch : the headboard bright office.

In picture Mama Shelter, 19 rue Poquelin Molière, 33000 Bordeaux, 05 57 30 45 45, www.mamashelter.com/fr/bordeaux/.

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Mama Shelter

12. Hanging near the bed a retro phone that is also tablet

We are conquered by the atmosphere imagined by the designer Dorothée Meilichzon, in this room of the Parisian hotel Panache. We love this mini suspended bedside tablet, overlooked by a retro phone. The decorative touch : the choice of a graphic wallpaper but clear on the wall. It creates an animated fake solid and brings out the vintage elements: porcelain switch or brass light fixture.

In picture Hôtel Panache, 1 rue Geoffroy-Marie, 75009 Paris, +33 1 47 70 85 87 www.hotelpanache.com.

Hotel Panache, Romain Ricard

13. Decorate the wall with decorative plumbing

It is the decorator Julie Gauthron who had the idea to decorate this room with as many original details. We love copper plumbing pipes, which are connected with porcelain light bulbs or retro switches. The decorative touch : the fragmented headboard and the wall painted in blue duck that endow the room with some obsolete notes.

In picture Exquis Hotel, 71 rue de Charonne, Paris 75011, 01 56 06 95 13 www.hotelexquis.com

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Exquis Hotel, Celine Demoux

14. We mix fantasy prints of curtains, on and around the bed

With a very fashionable spirit, the decorators Alix Thomsen and Laura Léonard chose to mix printed textiles in this room of the Hotel du Temps, in Paris. Voluntarily bright jungle curtains frame the windows. They revitalize the room and respond to textiles, ikat way, the bumper and quilt. The decorative touch : the purity of the white and the rosette on the ceiling that catches the eye.

In picture Hôtel du Temps, 11 rue de Montholon, 75009 Paris, +33 1 47 70 37 16 www.hotel-du-temps.fr.

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Hôtel du Temps, Romain Ricard

15. We create a headboard with vintage boat planks

In Cannes, the bedroom of Villa Roc Fleuri, with its headboard inspired by the marine world, invites to travel. Made from painted wooden boards, this headboard creates a cheerful and familiar atmosphere in the room. The decorative touch : His welcome stencil inscriptions.

In picture Villa of the Roc Fleuri, 11 rue du Rocher, 06400 Cannes, 0630208241 www.villadurocfleuri.fr

Villa Roc Fleuri

And also: we recycle chairs folders headboard

We love this double headboard, seen in one of the rooms of the hotel SP34 in Copenhagen. In curved wood, the backsplashes recall the files of Scandinavian iconic chairs. As deco as they are beautiful, these individual headboards welcome everyone's pillow. The decorative touch : the black sconces and the small leather pad fixed on each backrest, for ultimate softness.

In picture Hotel SP34, Sankt Peders Straede 34, 1453 Copenhagen, Denmark www.brochner-hotels.dk/our-hotels/SP34/.

SP34 Hotel