12 banquettes at the time of humming


12 banquettes at the time of humming

Zoe Fiji for Jamini

As comfortable as their eldest, the unstoppable sofa, the benches are now back on the front of the decor scene. Like a camp bed in the living room, dressed in leather near the library corner, rattan in a vintage atmosphere ... The bench gets a makeover To our greatest delight. To offer or afford, these 12 models may well make you crack!

Thehas a tendency is to banquettes and others daybeds (which means day beds in English) resolutely contemporary. Space-saving furniture par excellence in the entrance or sitting side sitting side, the seat goes to conquer our interiors. The invitation to relax is launched!

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1. Hop, a graphic bench in the entrance

Nice wink to geometric shapes dear to Bauhaus, the aesthetics between light wood, metal and terracotta colors of this daybed packs us. Modular at will, the various elements that compose it - seat cushions, backrests and duffel - are metamorphosed to the envy. What change of scenery in two times, three movements!

Daybed Grid, POOL design for Petite Friture. Structure in walnut rhythmic straps, tubular legs in lacquered steel and seats in wool, leather and polyester foam. Packaging dimensions: 140 x 80 x 60 cm. Price: 2,950 euros, Petite Friture

Little Frying

2. A camp bed to pamper the atmosphere of the living room

The decoration of your living room is very refined? Bring a touch of fantasy with a revisited banquette. Like a camp bed, this bamboo model is reminiscent of holidays for some and makes the happiness of the followers of stylish bivouac.

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Bamboo camp bed and black nylon. Dimensions: W 210 x W 70 x H 40 cm. Price: 799 euros, Hübsch


3. A comfortable pastel sofa in the TV room

Forget the traditional banquette, too classic, and replace it with this very cozy couch. Composed of fabric floor mats superimposed on each other, here is a seat worthy of the Princess with pea, the book by Hans Christian Andersen. What cocooner in front of a good movie solo or duo!

Divan 3 mattress Princess: 1 400 euros + 14.5 euros of fabric - Cushion burlap Kilim: from 50 euros - Lix Floor lamp: price varies according to the composition lampshade and foot. All at Caravan


4. A leather day bed in the reading corner

Pile in the trend hygge - this Danish lifestyle that invites you to take the time to live - this clean atmosphere highlights a daybed without embellishment in the corner reserved for reading. Lovers of minimalist furniture, let yourself be tempted ...

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Fusion daybed in brown oxford leather and walnut veneer. Dimensions: H 46/60 x W 201.5 x D 85 cm. Price: € 2,529, BoConcept


5. Green velvet to twister the bench

Flagship material of winter, velvet warms armchairs and sofas with style. Of course, day beds are not left out and they also take this precious fabric with a silky touch. To stay connected, we choose green fir, one of the colors of the year.

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Heraclite rest couch. Structure in solid oak, particle board and fibreboard / base in stained oak walnut acrylic varnish / seat in velvet 100% polyester. Dimensions: W 202 x H 85 x D 92 cm - seat: W 177 x H 43 cm. Price: 1,290 euros. AM.PM.


6. A daybed as a centerpiece

As you can see, the day bed is good in atmospheres that go to the basics, so in northern interiors. Additional proof, if needed, with this model while sober, simply embellished with a cushion. The foot, right?

Wool day bed in wool, nylon and polyester. Dimensions: W 190 x H 42 x D 80 cm. Price: 1,699 euros, Ferm Living

Ferm Living

7. A passionately vintage rattan banquette

Fan des sixties, you want to perfect the decor of your home with a retro piece? Easy ! With this rattan bench, mottled but not crumpled, make travel your interior without false note.

Celestine rattan bench, 60s. Dimensions: W 130 x W 78 x H 78 cm - seat: H 35 cm. Price: 295 euros, Owl Factory

Owl Factory

8. An ultra-comfortable gray day bed

Like a real bed, this daybed offers a very thick mattress and ultra cozy. What to rest in peace, whatever the time of day ... We do not bother you any longer, have sweet dreams.

Bulky daybed in oak and polyester. Dimensions: W 200 x W 86 x H 42 cm. Price: 1 449 euros, Bloomingville.


9. A cozy bench to customize

Between steel legs and fluffy seat, this is a bench that can scramble the tracks. With its simple appearance, it only needs to be revamped: some bohemian cushions and another velvet make the case very well. The final decorative touch? A chic ethnic weave as a wall decoration, placed just above.

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Cube bench between steel and plywood. Dimensions: W 200 x W 75 x H 30 cm. Price: 629 euros, House Doctor at The Cool Republic

House Doctor

10. A poppy bench to energize the office area

In the office too, it's easy to set up a corner dedicated to relaxation. Here, the atmosphere dominated by neutral colors offers a touch of pep. How? With a red poppy seat, furiously deco.

Oslo upholstered bench, Kvadrat Steelcut fabric / inner frame: steel / feet: stained aluminum / upholstery: foam. Anderssen & Voll Design. Dimensions: W 200 x Depth 73 x H 78 cm / seat: H 43 cm. Price: 2,995 euros, Muuto


11. A bench with a retro look, but not too much

Beautiful tribute to the furniture of the 50s, this seat vintage spirit mixes teak and fabric. Pure Nordic lines, palette between gray and mustard yellow, graphic base ... Nothing to say, here is a bench that throws!

Bi Back upholstered bench, Meghedi Simonian design, teak and heather fabric structure. Dimensions: W 200 x D 70 x H 72 cm. Price: € 2,740, Kann Design

Kann Design

12. An Indian bed with a chic ethnic look

Handwoven in the respect of the tradition and the Indian know-how, this daybed, also called charpoy, is invited in the contemporary interiors and the dépaysent with care. An authentic piece very friendly to offer or to offer ...

Charpoy, Indian daybed, wooden structure, 100% rope mattress. Available in two sizes: 150 x 60 x 37 cm / 450 euros and 90 x 180 x 45 cm / 625 euros, Jamini.

Zoe Fiji for Jamini

And also ... A triple thick futon to receive friends

Looking for an aesthetic and functional solution to save space at home? Opt for a flexible bedding composed of some futons. Sofa comfortable day, it turns into extra bed and welcomes family and friends at night.

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Modular bench with futons and tatami mats, Chico. Futon mattress: 100% cotton for the natural color, 70% cotton and 30% polyester for the gray colors / Blend of wool, cotton and foam. Dimensions: W 200 x Dep 75 x H 85 (with cushion) set H 35 cm (without cushions). Price: 649 euros, Delamaison

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