Which mosaic to choose for the bathroom?


Which mosaic to choose for the bathroom?

Aubade Space

Artistic and joyful, colorful, the mosaic is a contribution of choice for your bathroom. We choose it fanciful in one shades of shimmering colors, or your tone, for a custom effect to wish. House side presents a selection of bathrooms skillfully sublimated by the mosaics.

A multiple choice of mosaics is offered to you. All in fragments or in classic squares, in design rhombuses or ornamental chips, the ceramic and the glass come together for an effect of shine none. The appearance watertight of the mosaics in fact a coating ideal for bathroom. brightthey are vectors of reflections. colored and heterogeneous, they recall theBarcelona architecture of Gaudi. In the dark tones of the mole and anthracite, the mosaics play with a bachelor style assumed and elegant. All in Azure blue offset, they assume their effect swimming pool more retro. Partial application brings a art detail and subtlety. In covering application, a cascade effect Color Block occurs. Trimmed with mosaics, the bathroom sees his space more easily delimited, with a style more assumed.

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1. Inspiration hacienda design for this walk-in shower


This bathroom lookée and trend proudly wears mosaics of his open shower architectural. Alternating between mouse grey and anthracite, the tiles are chosen small, for an effect sophisticated and contemporary. The ranch style just accessorize the room, making this bathroom very warm. Chosen imposing, the cactus brings a green effect to the piece, his pot camel marrying the woody colorimetry of theladder brute.

In picture : Lapeyre mosaic architekt tile. Dimensions: 5 x 5 cm, on frame 30 x 30 cm. 15.90 euros each.

2. The Japanese motif of the Seigaiha waves is revisited in mosaics

Aubade Space

Brightening the bathroom of reasons pop and laughing, this graphics traditional japonisant is reused so contemporary. Very pregnant, its rectangular and localized position allows a redefinition of the optimal space. The shades of colors given a trendy scales effect, roundness reinforced by the circular mirror and central. The blue mayan tiled adjacent wall surfaces wife the ceiling à timbered, as well as the raw soil. For a look of the most air, the shower is chosen in Italian, partially glass for more transparency.

In picture : Shades, Imola wall tiles at Espace Aubade. Dimensions: 20 x 60 cm. 36.9 euros the m2 (26,57 euros the box of 0,72 m2).

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3. This bathroom is sublimated by its long mosaic floor


urban, this bright bathroom and in the era of time wins in cachet thanks to a parterre to reasons to the hue of natural inspiration. The contrasting tones of the room, alternating between black furniture and the white wall, are nuanced by the appearance of mosaics mates, in total coverage of the soil. The curtains a pastel lichen soften this set with timeless elegance.

In picture : Bärwolf Mosaic, Point.P. In porcelain stoneware. Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.8 cm glued on a frame of 29.8 x 29.8 cm. 29.90 euros each.

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4. Canary yellow mosaics, fancy source for the bathroom


Addressing the followers of pop colors, this flat of mosaics lemony brings joy and energy to one bathroom without light source exterior. To avoid an overloaded effect, tiles the primary shades are tempered thanks to White pure walls, which remains predominant. Warranty design of these mosaics atypical is played in accessories. The lines modern of the hanging lamp, the low table red fire, the coat hanger arty and the swarm of trinkets give a style of the most contemporary piece. The mottled chair, repainted in a your tone offbeat, fits perfectly with mosaics.

In picture : Free range furniture from Burgad. 20 different colors: 2 melamines, 9 matt lacquers, 9 glossy lacquers. 7 different planes: 2 synthetic stones, 4 ceramics, 1 glass and possibility to put 2 basins. 3 heights: 1 drawer 300mm high, 2 drawers 600mm, 3 drawers in 720mm and possibility of embedding central recesses. 1 washbasin Price upon request.

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5. The arabesques of the mosaics bring the sun into the bathroom


All dressed in ocher, the vanity unit of this bathroom dress with mosaics to the grounds indigo, for a complementarity of choice. The rust tint of Wall and the structure of furniture is enlivened by the bright mosaics, bringing a summer to all. The lines traditional of the tiles chosen remind the colors of the Provence, revived by thewicker baskets acting as drawers. Never outdated, this bathroom takes advantage of the history of these mosaics, taking it to the modernity thanks to the duo of washbasins design.

In picture : Mosaic Wall and Floor Mixcolor Castorama. Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm, Ep. 7 mm. 9.90 euros each.

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6. The bathroom is covered with scales, for a very modern green wall of water


The mosaics adopt various forms, moving away from the traditional square to turn to an appearance peeling. One aspect reptilian screaming realism, this jurassic wall brings a strength very original to the Bathroom. The gray washbasin to the stony texture plays with the codes almost futurist of minimalism. Best ally of scales, the perfect circle mirror completes the curves of mosaics. Finally, the adjacent murals respond in turn to azure colors and mat emerald of the embellished ceramics.

In picture : Aqua Blue, Porcelanosa. Dimensions: 32,1x30x0,6cm. Covers interior walls and shower. Price upon request.

7. Mosaics merge into murals


Often associated with some form ofexuberance shimmering, mosaics also know how to stay sober. The proof is with this bathroom, at beige gradient elegant and minimalist. The tiles the retro pattern almost imperceptible, all in sanded mole, bring an undeniable variation to this wall at the height of ceiling consequent. Theaged effect of paintings allows a mixture of materials, contrasting with the shine mosaics, and the matte and raw wood of vanity unit. Thebraided wicker of the diptych of baskets brings exoticism and symmetry at this bathroom.

In picture : Carrelage Domaine Lapeyre. Cement tile pattern, glazed porcelain stoneware in traditional 20 x 20 format. 27,80 euros the m2.

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8. The mosaics purified join this open space in a refreshing spirit

Saint Maclou

In this bathroom spacious and sober, the shower settles in outdoors. To bring cachet to the space, the mosaics adopt a marble effect, and cover the room from the floor to the wall. Merging with the slabs, the square matted mosaic of the Italian shower play with a stony effect. This style is similar to that of a exterior facade, and allies well with green bushes overlooking the space. The coffee tables in natural wood, serving as a support for a design vase as well as bath fabrics, recall the nature outside while mingling with mosaics marbled.

In picture : Washbasin side: Saint Maclou marbled stone look tile. Stone look, porcelain stoneware. Indicative price: 34.99 euros the m2. Italian shower side: Saint Maclou natural stone look tile. Stone look, porcelain stoneware. 19.99 euros the m2.

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9. A noble peacock blue, the mosaics decorate the bathroom

Leroy Merlin

This bathroom the travel colors is animated by a flat of mosaics the ocean blue deep. For an effect natural, the earthenware tiles chosen from a small diameter, and affixed to the Wall by superimposing slightly. Their aged hue to the patinated shine provides an appearance retro and authentic to the piece. For successful harmonization, the vanity unit is made of clear wood, just like the vintage sun mirror in wicker honey. The marriage of ultramarine tile and natural wood allows a look limpid and bright.

In picture : Mosaic Zellige lazuli Leroy Merlin. Dimensions: 5 x 5 cm on frame 30 x 30cm. 19.95 euros each.

10. The bathroom wall is encrusted with pink gold mosaic


In an atmosphere female and modern, the mosaics invite themselves miniature version. Their small size colonizes the wall facade and gives him a light unparalleled, like an addition of precious stones. Very luxury, this style of mosaic merges perfectly with a deco minimalist design, to mitigate too much brilliance. Place at mattified white of the furniture and accessories, and to the immaculate marble walls and soil. As a sophisticated and light touch, the duo pink brass pendants sublimates the space.

In picture: Gravity Aluminum Arrow Rose Gold, Porcelanosa. Dimensions: 29,8x30x0,4cm. Covers interior walls and shower. Price upon request.

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11. The bathroom adopts a very graphic pool style

Made in Mosaic

Repeating the retro hues of pool tile, these mosaics look slightly vintage are perfect for bringing brightness to the bathroom. For an effect design discreet, this solution works to dress the wall walls of the shower, whatever its format. The miniature patterns of these mosaics tiled floors can be applied from the floor to the ceiling without risk of overflow, thanks to their sobriety. In a minimalist interior, the immaculate furniture and walls can be twisted with a duvet cover Color Block. Here his electric blue wake upazure mosaics of the shower, for a revival of dynamism.

In picture : Hexagonal Mosaics, manufacturer Hisbalit Mosaico at Made in Mosaic. Adapted to the floor as to the wall, anti-slip. 65 euros the m2.

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