How to maintain a parquet?


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The maintenance of a floor can not be improvised and can affect its longevity. Each type of parquet requires special treatment, whether it is ordinary cleaning, or give it a youthful look. Our solutions and our advice.

The type of parquet maintenance depends on the chosen finish: waxed, vitrified or oiled. In terms of costs, oil and varnish prices are about the same. As for the wax, it is more economical, but it must be applied much more often. You can of course maintain and clean your own floor as it does not require special DIY skills. On the other hand, you will need more patience for the maintenance of a waxed floor (which needs "ironing" and frequent maintenance) than for that of oiled and especially varnished parquet floors.

1. The prevention of parquet wear

In general, some gestures can prevent too much damage to the floor.

First of all, it is important to know that water is the n ° 1 enemy of the parquet (except treated parquet for damp rooms). It should therefore never be allowed to stagnate.

In addition, the parquet floor fears marks and scratches. Felt pads should be added to furniture and chairs. Another precaution: avoid walking with street shoes on the floor, including stilettos that can damage it sustainably.

Finally, the sun can lighten some species of wood, sensitive to its exposure. If you chose one of these, the best is to ban any carpet or furniture with a large floor area. the aging will be uniform and you will avoid fading stains if you want to rearrange the room.

2. Maintain a waxed floor

The maintenance of the waxed floor is particularly demanding. Indeed, it is very sensitive to water and dirt. In addition, it is recommended to polish it once a week. Finally, do not overload wax, because it can make the floor slippery!

The waxed floor is cleaned by dusting it with a broom or vacuum cleaner, then washing it with a barely damp microfibre broom.

If a stain resists, sand the floor and iron a layer of wax. Localized treatment with Sommières soil can be effective against grease stains.

Finally, a waxed floor is maintained by reapplying every 2 years a layer of wax on the entire surface.

3. Maintain a vitrified parquet floor

The maintenance of vitrified parquet is the easiest, because, thanks to its protective varnish, this type of parquet is resistant to most accidents: dirt, marks ...

To clean a vitrified parquet, you can first dust it with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Then mop with a product suitable for this kind of parquet.

The maintenance of the vitreous parquet should be done once or twice a year by polishing it with a special product vitrified parquet, because the varnish tends to lose its transparency, even its brilliance. This will also mitigate any scratches.

Finally, the main disadvantage of vitrified parquet is that it can not be repaired locally. It is necessary to sand and refinish its entire surface, because we can not homogenize the connections between several areas.

4. Maintain an oiled parquet

The oiled parquet is a little more fragile than the vitrified parquet, because it is not protected by a varnish.

If you want to clean your oiled parquet, start by dusting it with a broom or a vacuum cleaner, then wipe a mop barely wet with natural black soap for oiled parquet. Finally, polish the floor with a soft cloth.

If the damaged parts are large, it is possible to clean the oiled floor with a special floor cleaning machine (which absorbs the wash water as and when) and black soap.

If stains persist, they can be sanded and re-oiled.

In maintenance, oiled parquet requires complete oiling every 6 months to 1 year.