Painting: how to give reflections to its walls?

Steel. Covered with a whitewash (Libéron), paneling takes on an industrial character.


Metallic but not bling-bling, these paints reproduce steel, aluminum or titanium. Subtle, deep, they bring an industrial patina to our walls.

The lightness of pearly paint

Metallic paint is right in the air. Today, we want deco industrial and authentic atmosphere, especially not flashy. Reflections on the walls, in agreement, but discreet, changing with the light, placed on a matte colored base, gray, beige, taupe or green of water. It is the Ressource brand that first launched this type of paints. Two years ago, she inaugurated the "Subtiles Patines" collection designed by Philippe Model. Sixty shades to apply to the roller and to smooth with the spalter (large brush), on which one adds a glaze of finish loaded with metallized powders. The effect is hyperléger, barely pearlescent, the four walls of the same room can be covered without risking overdose.

Steel. Covered with a whitewash (Libéron), paneling takes on an industrial character.


Coatings and whitewashes for walls

Want a more worked result? Opt for a trowel coating, thicker ("Industry" Home Decor or "Sparkl" Little Shop of Colors). We then create effects of materials and games of brilliance marked: better stick to a single wall. To transform paneling and woodwork, we choose the new whitewash Libéron, to apply brush without underlayment. Satin, it comes in five sober and patinated metallic shades, from aluminum gray to carbon black.

Alu crumpled. Coated with a shimmering coating (gray alloy, home decor), the walls gain texture and depth.


Paint a floor and furniture

Metal is also nice in touches: on a plinth, a door, a piece of furniture, to renovate an old cast iron radiator ... Then use a multi-support paint (Ripolin) or a more specific product, like the new metallic wax from Bondex, which, once lustrous, gives pearly reflections to wooden furniture. In addition to the new products, there is the aluminum effect glazer from Syntilor: the parquet is adorned with a beautiful glossy gray, loft style. The brand has also launched an Inox color for its range of paint "Rénov'cuisine", specially designed for revamp kitchen furniture, whatever their material.

Golden brown. A glaze containing metallized powders (shade "SP16 Energy", Resource) enhances the woodwork.


The favorite painting references

Flotation coatings."Sparkl", 43 colors, 58 euros per liter, Little Shop of Colors. "Industry", 8 shades, 59.90 euros the pot of 5 kg (20 m²) + 29.90 euros the protector (1 l), home decor.

Paintings. "Subtiles Patines", 60 colors, 33,50 euros per liter + 15 euros the self-timer (0,5 l) + 25,60 euros the finish (0,5 l), Resource. "Metallic effect attitude", 7 shades, 24.90 euros per liter, Ripolin.

Specific paints. "Badigeon metal" for paneling and woodwork, 5 shades, 27.30 euros per liter, Libéron. "Rénov'cuisine" stainless steel, 22.90 euros the pot of 0.5 l, Syntilor.

And also. "Parquet trendy effect" aluminum effect, 38.90 euros 0.75 l pot, Syntilor. "My easy wax metallic effect", wenge gold or wenge silver, 14.90 euros 250 g, Bondex.