I create a lounge atmosphere in my garden


I create a lounge atmosphere in my garden

Sostrene Grene

When the weather is nice and the weather warms up, enjoy his garden becomes a real pleasure. In order to increase this happiness, it is better to take care of the layout of your exterior. And for that, the outdoor decor in the lounge and cocooning spirit is ideal! Deckchairs, chileans, light fixtures, pergolas... Discover our cozy selection for a garden that calls for relaxation.

The lounge and cocooning spirit invades the garden and gives pride to relaxation and relaxation. Bohemian and cozy, our outdoor selection of furniture and decorative accessories invites you to relax in a pleasant idleness ... To you the endless naps!

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1. A shade sail to create a cocooning space in the garden

Thanks to a shade sail and some well chosen accessories, a cozy space can be created in a very simple way in most gardens. Here, like a nomadic camp, this resting place makes its small effect! The carpets and the fabric veil allow to delimit the places and to create some intimacy, while the accumulation of cushions and the different seats bring warmth and conviviality. The ideal!

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Triangular shade sail, oil, L.540 x W.390 cm, 59 euros. Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

2. A chaise lounge to relax outdoors

Thanks to a simple chaise, the lounge atmosphere is at your fingertips. Place it in a quiet cornerDress her up with plaids and cozy cushions, accessorize the space with decorative objects, and you're done! The trick for an even more lounge atmosphere : invest in a pair of chaise lounges for twice as much relaxation.

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Contour daybed CTR, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga design, in stainless steel and weather resistant fabric, upholstered seat. 178 x 82 cm. Price upon request. Tribe.


3. Hanging and hanging lamps for a subdued atmosphere in the garden

What's more intimate thana soft light at dusk ? For a warm and cozy atmosphere, opt for light garlands to hang over the living room or outdoor dining area, or on floor lamps. It is the ideal for illuminate the summer evenings.

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LED lamps, H 23,5 cm, 16,58 euros the unit. Light garland, length 5 meters, 10 bulbs, 17.90 euros. Sostrene Grene.

Sostrene Grene

4. A small shady corner created thanks to a pergola

For bring intimacy in a gardenNothing beats the installation of a pergola. Equipped with shade sails, it allows you to create a cocoon open on the outside. To maximize its intimate power, install folding chairs, a few lanterns and have a climbing plant grow on it, which, when wrapped around the poles, will look great.

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PERGOLA GLYCINE, pine origin Poland treated autoclave, class 3 FSC C001634, 300 x 300 x H 270 cm, posts 9 x 9 cm. A self-assembly. Sold raw, presented painted, 159 euros. NATERIAL SHADOW SAIL, 3 x 4 m, polyester 160 g / m2, carabiner and cords included. Collection House ivory white color n ° 5, 39,90 euros. CABLE TENSIONER Ø 9 mm, steel, 2,95 euros. AVALON FOUNTAIN, 42 x 38 x H 76 cm, reconstituted stone. 1 fronton, 1 tray, 1 tap, 1 drain, 109 euros. Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

5. A comfortable seat for summer relaxation breaks

A relaxing garden would be nothing without the installation ofa lounge chair on which to relax and bubble. Matching soft cushions, relaxation is assured! For a trendy garden, make the choice of braided wood for your seating. It brings charm and authenticity to your outdoors.

Gipsy Lounge Chair, Height 94 x Width 115 x Depth 98. Manual weaving in polyethylene resin. Price upon request. Vincent Sheppard.

Vincent Sheppard

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6. A decorative speaker for listening to music outdoors

Elegant, this decorative enclosure made of natural stone allows you to listen to music in your garden or on your terrace. With its discreet design, it blends subtly into the decor and offers a more than pleasant experience.

Enclosure Architettura Sonora outdoor and indoor, natural stone, design and manufacture in Italy, from 1200 euros each.

Architettura Sonora

7. A bucolic arbor for a bubble of well-being in the garden

To create an atmosphere conducive to relaxing in your garden, you can install an arbor with a romantic looklike this metal model. Wrapped in vaporous veils, the element is transformed into a secret kiosk perfect for giving way to laziness.

Vienna Arbor in metal, cream color, 499 euros. Jardiland.


8. Solar energy suspensions for a bohemian atmosphere in the garden

Bohemian atmosphere with these fabric suspensions. To hang on the walls of a covered terrace, on the ceiling of a pergola or against the external facades of the house, these suspensions hang everywhere where the sun is to recharge better and shed their light once night fell.

SOLVINDEN solar energy suspension, 100% polyester, epoxy steel, Ø30cm, 9.90 euros and Ø22cm to 5.99 euros. Ikea.


9. A basket to hang in the garden

Entirely made of braided macrame, this suspended gondola offers the comfort dreamed to relax in his garden in peace. So swap your chairs and chairs rigid and uncomfortable for a model of this kind of seat, bohemian and cozy as desired !

Hanging armchair in macrame, cotton, diameter 55 x height 33 cm, 139 euros. Bloomingville.


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10. A four-poster bed to take a nap in peace in the garden

When we think of a relaxing atmosphere and the lounge spirit, the bed appears as the ideal accessory. Equipped with an enveloping structure and an intimate sail, this canopy model adapted to the outside will be the ally of your summer siestas.

Outdoor canopy bed CARAIBES, 2 places. W 195 x W 195 x H 195 cm, 1190 euros. Houses of the world .

Houses of the world