Fill up on ideas to make a cozy room


Fill up on ideas to make a cozy room


You want a cozy room ? Go, take action! Plaids, cushions, lighting, furniture ... Here are 12 ideas to make your room a cozy nest where you will stay cocooner, dream, read all winter and maybe even summer.

Make it cozy room is not rocket science Insufflate to this piece a air cocooning goes through a series of simple things: multiply the cushions and blankets to quintuple the comfort effect, choose a soft and soothing paint on the walls, work the lighting to create a cozy atmosphere ... Want more? Right now, 12 ideas for make your room cozy at will.

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Idea n ° 1: hang pretty curtains to make the room more cozy

Serenity fabric, small width, poly cotton - Price: 19.90 euros / linear meter


Create your cocoon, away from the cold of winter with curtains that fall nicely to the ground. Insulators, they warm the atmosphere. As here, combine thick curtains with a matching curtain, just to fade the atmosphere and especially never to feel assaulted by the outside light.

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Idea n ° 2: multiply the carpets in the room for a more cozy atmosphere

Siberian rug, sheep wool rug 75 x 110 cm - Price: 69,90 euros. Star carpet 100% polypropylene color black / white density 1250g / m2 160 x 230 cm - Price: 59.99 euros


Soft and graphic carpet, descent of bed "toupee", unroll 1, 2, 3 (everything depends on the space available) the soft carpets. Feel free to vary the styles, sizes and prints of these rugs or overlay them. You will not be cold feet and the room will become more cozy. Attention, immediate effect.

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Idea n ° 3: opt for a targeted lighting that makes the room more cozy

Wall lamp Hector Medium Dome porcelain. H. 22.5 cm X D. 12 cm - Price: 165 euros

Original BTC

A ceiling lamp, a chandelier, there is better to create a sweet and intimate atmosphere. So, punctuate the room of different light sources Of type wall lamp, table lamp, candle holder... You will light as much as you need, without being blinded. Here, the porcelain goes particularly well with wood, the balance is perfect!

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Idea n ° 4: dare bed linen with floral prints

Safari powder pillow case - Price: 39 euros; Safari Powder Mattress - Price: 165 euros

Gabrielle Paris X Balzac Paris

A plaid, a quilt, a pillowcase ... Add here and there of the bedding flowers. In powder pink, this fabric illuminates and brightens the room with "neutral" tones. A welcome result that makes this room cozy and poetic.

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Idea # 5: do not settle for a bed

Chair with Chart armrests, natural fiber and metal. H 80 x W 60 x D 52 cm - Price: 169 euros


It's a question of space. So, if you have room, do not hesitate to install in your room a armchair, an ottoman, a footrest. Here, natural materials such as wood, wool, wicker accentuate the sense of comfort inspired by this room.

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Idea n ° 6: multiply the thicknesses

Tribeca throw: 52% linen - 48% cotton. 135x200 cm. Color: Charcoal - Price: 72 euros. Plaid Baya:: 52% linen - 48% cotton. 135 x 200 cm. Colors: Tomette - Fishing - Price: 121 euros. Viti quilt cover: 100% linen. 85x200 cm. Color: Curry - Price: 84,75 euros. Maya quilt cover: 100% linen. 85x200 cm. Color: Tomette - Price: 84,75 euros. Maya cushion cover: 100% linen. 45x45 cm. Color: Tomette - Price: 19 euros. Viti bed linen: 100% linen / Color: Charcoal / Duvet cover: 140 x 200 cm - Price: 118 euros. Pillowcase 65x65 cm - Price: 24,75 euros


Accumulate cushions, throws, comforters on your bed. mix colors, prints and materials, and the bed will become as deco as comfortable. Only risk: do not leave it.

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Idea n ° 7: transforming a single bed into a canopy

Aina curtains, 1 pair, white, 100% linen. 145 x 300 cm - Price: 69 euros


In your mind create a cozy room is to create a kind of soft and clear bubble? We take you to words! Around your bed, fix curtains or linen net curtains, your sleeping area will become a real little cocoon. Prefer clear fabric that does not obscure the room. An idea that you can use, by the way, to create a bedroom area in the living room of a studio for example.

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Idea n ° 8: make a room cozy by the color

Calamine pink paint n ° 230 - Price: 8, 50 the 100 ml

Farrow and Ball

Give colors to your walls! White is usually recommended in small spaces, yet this tiny room with its pale pink paint exudes a crazy charm.

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Idea n ° 9: prefer the wood

Bed 2 places, Luz, aged wood effect with headboard and drawer - Price: from 349 euros. Duvet cover and 2 pillowcases Lyne; several sizes available - Price: from 44, 99 euros


Natural and warm the wood soothes decorations, participating in the creation of zen climates. Feel free to vary wood species (furniture, floor, wall), until the white to illuminate the room. Here, some green plants enliven the atmosphere.

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Idea # 10: keep a table at your bedside

Bedside table in metal and glass - Price: not communicated

House Doctor

It's hard to get out of bed, especially when it's cold outside. So keep everything you need close at hand: a lamp, a glass of water, magazines, books ... on a pretty nightstand. Embellish it with some decorative accessories.

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Idea # 11: Treat yourself to a soft headboard

Headboard Yliana - Price: from 269 euros. Sandoval Bedside - Price: 179 euros Anaxadore Suspension - Price: 89 euros


Sitting in a bed is not very comfortable unless you can lean against a nice headboard, like here. This one in orange and padded linen remains a strong element of the decoration. She participates in the impression of comfort diffused in this room.

Idea n ° 12: prefer natural textiles

Peacock feather quilt, 100 x 190 cm - Price: 125 euros. Bed linen dream set, 100% linen; duvet cover - Price from 149 euros. Pillowcase 50 x 70 cm - Price: 36 euros; 65 x 65 cm - Price: 36 euros. Cushion cover - 33 x 57 cm - Price: 26 euros. Cushion cover 45 x 45 cm - Price: 26 euros

Cherry white

Make your room a cozy place, it is also and above all, prefer natural textiles : in linen, cotton, silk, wool ... Which do not contain or few pollutants. The same goes for furniture, bedsteads and mattresses ...