10 ideas for a cozy baby room


10 deco ideas for a cozy baby room

White square

The arrival of baby is often eagerly awaited. To prepare well, nothing like creating a child's room just for him: a cocooning space, where to flourish and grow. Discover 10 inspiring baby rooms. Pick up decorating ideas and make a dream room for babies, even in a small space. > To read also> Baby room: when the decoration contributes to the awakening of the child

You want to create a soft and cozy room decoration for your future child, here are some ideas to inspire you. Between colors and accessories, there are many options to transform the nursery into a real wellness area.

A canopy bed for baby

With this bed sky, your baby will be like a king. He will feel like a real prince or princess in this four-poster bed. The light white veiling brings softness to the room. Dotted with stars, it offers a dream space day and night.

Baby bed with wooden bars white pastel star pattern - 131 cm - 259,90 euros. Gray and white child bed sky - Songe Collection - 240 cm - 29,99 euros. Houses of the world.

Houses of the world

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A cradle hanging in a hook

A bassinet, atmosphere of yesteryear, where baby can be cradled according to his movements. Light and suspended, this rope bed saves space on the ground. Inside your toddler will feel soothed. All for a cozy decor and in tune with the times.

Léo le Pirate children's bed - 89 cm x 57 cm x 37 cm - 1m50 of rope - 139 euros. Rock That Label.

Rock That Label

A baby room with antique furniture

Vintage retro atmosphere in this nursery. Open cradle, changing table and cabinet: with these antique furniture, the tone is given. Cozy space for baby and back in childhood for dad, mom. These antique furniture offers a warm look to this room painted in white.

Sundvik baby bed - solid beech wood color black brown - 124.6 x 66.7 x 84.8 cm - 99 euros. Wardrobe Sundvik - solid pine wood brown black color - 80 x 50 x 171 cm - 159 euros. Ikea.


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A girly corner in the nursery

Whether it's rocking, telling a story or simply cuddling, the chair is an indispensable element in a nursery. Here rocking, surmounted by a soft cushion, it creates a real cocooning corner to enjoy a good time. The hearts tree on the wall accentuates this soft and soothing atmosphere.

Tree with hearts - pink and gray or blue and gray vinyl - 96 x 64 cm or 140 x 93 cm - from 65 euros. Lili Thumb.

Lili Thumb

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Air suspensions for a sweet room

Positioned above its cradle, these suspensions in the shape of clouds will make travel your toddler. Light, they invite the relaxation of the child as his parents. Once lit, they emit a soft light in the room.

Aeria suspension - Epoxy painted metal structure covered with a paper rope lace - Holder for E27 socket - 82 x 36 x 42 cm - Color white - Reference 8329961 - 89 euros. AMPM.


A baby room all in white

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White is the soft and soothing color par excellence. Nothing like a total creamy white look in your baby's room. It creates an ultra-pampering atmosphere, where both young and old will want to stay.

Timéo bed linen printed and embroidered cotton percale and chambray. Duvet cover - 80 x 120 cm - 50 euros. Bumper - 40 x 180 cm - 60 euros. Baby case - 40 x 60 cm - 16 euros. White square.

White square

Bright colors for the nursery

Give your baby a room full of life! Between pep and pastel colors, your toddler will feel like a fish in the water. Ideal for its awakening, these colors transform the room into a cozy and trendy room.

Evolutionary baby bed in painted wood, on wheels with brakes - 4 positions: baby crib high mattress, baby crib low, crib without bar, bench - 8 shades available, mat -135 x 65 x 90 cm - 832 euros. Laurette.


A moon room decoration for baby

In the middle of this room with gray and white hues, golden lozenges are invited on the walls. Result: a lunar atmosphere where baby will feel weightless. Also, the bed of the sky or the suspension, whose shape reminds that of rocks, accentuate a little more this atmosphere.

Hensvik baby bed - solid beech - 123 x 66 x 85 cm - 79 euros. Changing table and storage Hensvik - particle board - 75 x 76 x 161 cm - 95 euros. Charmtroll bedstead - cotton - 150 x 80 x 80 cm - 9,95 euros. Ikea.


A baby room with colorful patterns and graphics

To flourish, a baby needs to visualize different shapes and colors. You can opt for patterns with pep colors and geometric shapes for your room. They bring cheerfulness and joie de vivre to your toddler's corner.

Baby cradle Sweet - Louison Collection - White wood - 95 cm - 169,90 euros. Sweet chiffonnier - Alix collection - yellow wood - 50 cm - 169,90 euros. Sweet changing table - Gaston collection - white wood - 80 cm - 199,90 euros.

Houses of the world

A rattan cradle for baby nights

All in delicacy, this baby bed made of rattan creates a vintage and warm atmosphere at a time. Unwrap an ultra soft white rug (animal skin type), and create a real cozy and "natural" corner for your child.

100% vintage rattan baby bed from the 60s - 123 x 61 x 73 cm - 270 euros.

Owl Factory