Fill up on fabrics for a cozy interior!


Fill up on fabrics for a cozy interior!

Home Spirit

Cushions, throws and others fabric accessories are the decorative allies of a cocooning interior. Modern, retro or classic, ethnic ... these pieces are available in all styles. Discover our selection of fabric favorites.

Colored and colorful pillows, throws and matching carpets dress and style a living room. Key assets to welcome its visitors in a cozy living room. Small selection of these fabrics with eclectic styles that personalize any interior.

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Light fabrics with neutral tones for a relaxed atmosphere

Large cotton rug: 69.99 euros - Cushion covers: from 3.99 euros, H & M HOME


In a clean and raw spirit, this salon promises rest and serenity to its occupants. The fabrics, in a shades of blue, come together and coordinate for more harmony. We are seduced by the sober but deep tones of the cushions and geometric patterns, in black and white, very trendy carpet.

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Mix printed and colored fabrics to awaken your decor

Cushion white / black TROG: 10.99 euros - Plaid with fringes ZIBAR: 29.99 euros - Carpet LAHORE: 69.99 euros, Fly


By combining the various graphic patterns on the fabrics, the salon reinvents itself and receives a boost. A thick plaid with fringes, whose tone recalls that of the small black and white cushion, sits on the sofa. These accessories make the living room more intimate.

Country-style fabrics invite relaxation

Cushion cover Miracle 45 x 45 cm: 24,99 euros - Plaid Mara 150 x 180 cm: 79,99 euros, Esprit Home

Home Spirit

What's more cocooning than the charm of the authentic? Pillow cushions are available in lavender and mauve colors to plunge this living room in a modern and bucolic atmosphere. The large plaid plaid adds a little warmth to this sofa. We would bask well.

Escape with boho-chic spirit fabrics

LINKA Cushion: 12.99 euros - LIPO Cushion: 12.99 euros, Alinéa


The bohemian-chic spirit inspires gaiety and originality thanks to its colors and motley patterns. Carelessly arranged on a rattan armchair, and even on the ground, these ethnic cushions coordinated with the plaid, invite to settle down during a reading or a tea.

Cushions with mismatched fabrics create a cocoon atmosphere

Cushions printed, 40 x 55 cm: 42 euros - 50 x 70: 54 euros, Caravan

House side

In a timeless style, this salon has all the codes of the cocooning space. Here, it is the accumulation of cushions that leads the game and suggests comfort. The mismatched blue cushions brighten the pretty classic beige sofa.

Bright and elegant white fabric

Off-white waffle linen cover: 99.99 euros, Zara Home

Zara Home

With their clear tones, couch fittings, cushions and plaid blend in with the decor and suggest comfort. We love the patterns of cushions that emphasize their volume. In this immaculate space, the wooden furniture and the green plant bring a little life.

Coordinating fabrics with accessories punctuate the decor

Vibration Cushion: 13.99 euros, GOAL


Well thought ! A cushion can be an original decorative asset and an important style reminder in the room. Combining the hues and patterns of her cushion with other decorative accessories in the room reveals the character of the room.

Long live the chic and refined fabrics for a luxury atmosphere

Velvet cushion covers: between 7.99 euros and 14.99 euros, H & M HOME


These cushion covers with relief patterns and velvet materials accentuate the elegance of the padded sofa. The plus: think to mix his cushion covers to give pep to its interior.

Original fabrics to make my curtains

The curtains dress and frame the windows of your living room. From the most sober to the most graphic, they come in all genres. Occulting, they are, moreover, very practical for those who do not have shutters.

Gray domino curtain: 199 euros, Moondream


Recap: to personalize your interior we put on the cushions!

As you have seen, the fabrics play a certain role in the atmosphere of a room and the cushions color it, almost alone. So nothing prevents you from offering a more playful and joyful shade to your living room or even your bedroom ... Here are some ideas of cushions fabric fun, exotic or offbeat.

Fancy printed fabrics for a quirky side

Hello My Cushion, Sema Design, Hello My Cushion, Madura, Ferm Living


Graphic and colorful printed fabrics to punctuate your decor

Habitat, 4Murs, Ferm Living, Alinea, Habitat