3 Swiss: pretty bed linen for a colorful cocoon


3 Swiss

With the catalog 3 Swiss autumn-winter, the season will be cocooning or will not be. But in color please: bed linen in pastel or autumn colors, bright furniture ... Côté Maison has selected his favorite products.

The autumn-winter catalog of the 3 Swiss offers color in the trends of the deco pages. Bright, pastel and autumnal colors are waiting for you. Even in the bed ... Here are the best ideas to draw to create a cocoon well hot and vitaminized for the winter.

Pastel and vitamin cocktail for this bedlinen

In its latest catalog, the 3 Swiss are banking on a collection of bed linen more urban, feminine and colorful. With the Tectonic range, pastel colors mingle with the flashy and a vitaminized decoration.

Pure cotton, Tectonic duvet cover from 29.99 euros, fitted sheet from 14.99 euros and square pillowcase from 9.99 euros. 3 Swiss.

Autumn color at Bensimon

Bensimon retains its place in the pages of the 3-Swiss autumn-winter catalog. The brown and the red represent well the cocooning of the autumn in which one dreams to settle down.

Bed linen Bensimon, 100% linen stonewashed, sheet from 69 euros, duvet cover from 85 euros, fitted sheet from 48 euros, pillowcase united, square or rectangular 22 euros. 3 Swiss.

Dream of cowboys and indians

The bed linen plunges into the Native American universe with the Wyoming range. Autumn colors that invite you to return to bed as soon as possible!

Pure cotton, sheet from 24.99 euros, duvet cover from 39.99 euros, sheet-house from 17.99 euros, square pillowcase from 12.99 euros, cushion cover Fox at 9.99 euros and Fur plaid at 79.99 euros. 3 Swiss

A night in the heart of the forest with this bed linen

Sleeping in the middle of the forest and animals is now possible with the 3 Swiss Dryade range. Relaxing colors and enchanted will rock us with this set of bed.

Pure cotton, reversible duvet cover from 44.99 euros, fitted sheet from 19.99 euros, reversible square pillowcase from 12.99 euros. 3 Swiss.

Graphic and colorful bed for urbanized bedlinen

The masculine colors of this bed are perfect for a modern industrial trendy decor. We love the mix of stripes stripes and united adornment.

100% cotton, duvet cover from 19.99 euros, fitted sheet from 12.99 euros, square pillowcase from 8.99 euros. 3 Swiss.

To complete the cocooning atmosphere in the room ...

... modular and multicolored storage

Smart and practical, we fall for these colorful and modular furniture catalog. With them, storage fits any living space whether large or small.

Low furniture to 100.99 euros, a two-door furniture to 201.99 euros, cube drawers to 70.99 euros, a high cabinet two doors / hanged 201.99 euros, a bedside cube to 60.39 euros. Available in white, pink, slate gray, orange red, blue and yellow. 3 Swiss.