Natural wood deck or composite wood: what you need to know


Natural wood deck or composite wood: what you need to know

Leroy Merlin

Want to create a wooden deck in your garden, yard or roof terracewithout spending a thousand and a hundred? Before you start, ask yourself the right questions: what is your budget? Which material to prefer between natural wood and composite wood ? How to select the wooden boards and then ask them? Côté Maison goes around the question to help you in the choice of your future outdoor terrace!

To build a beautiful terrace, not easy to go from dream to reality when the budget is tight. So better know what you want: a wooden terrace at a discount for a sunny summer, or a terrace that lasts at the best value for money?

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Should we choose a deck with wooden boards or a terrace with grating?

You are a tenant ?

Think instead of grating for your terrace. The grating is easy to install, without the help of tools and very quick to remove when moving.

Your terrace is small?

Same reflex: opt for the grating.

Are you limited in height to create your terrace?

The installation of wood slats or grating will elevate your terrace: take into account. A wooden deck requires at least 6 cm in height from the existing floor. With a grating, the terrace will be less elevated, unless you have to put it on studs (when the bearing floor is loose).

What is your budget ?

Do not focus only on the price of the wooden grating or deck board on sale: add up the costs. A grating does not require any tools or accessories. A wooden deck is installed on a structure (joist, sill, plots), requires accessories (special screws etc.) and the use of adequate tools. If you are not a good handyman or the terrace has a complex shape, it will also require a professional installation.

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Anthracite composite deck board Nods L.240 x W.14.5 cm x 26 mm. This product can be cleaned with a high-pressure water jet and anti-foam agent. Warranty: 10 years. 39.91 euros / m2 (sold in packaging of 0.35 m2 or 13.89 euros), Castorama


Should we build a deck of natural wood or composite wood?

Your budget is tight?

A natural wood deck usually costs less than a composite wood deck. The price of a deck board made of natural wood starts at 2 euros and count about 15 euros per square meter for a grating in pine, at floor price. But at these rates, do not expect to enjoy your terrace very long.

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Do you want to avoid splinters and maintenance?

Composite deck boards do not splinter, splinter, require finishing, maintenance, and moisture resistance.

This wooden terrace is water resistant. It is fitted with stainless steel fixing screws specially adapted to natural wood or composite: the Fischer Hard Wood Special Fast Fast screw.


How to choose a deck board made of natural wood?

The thickness of the blade, its appearance, its essence are good indicators to evaluate the best quality / price ratio. A cheap wooden blade, often thinner than a high-end blade in the same species, will also be more fragile. If the blade of wood has many knots or sapwood (just under the bark of the tree): it is a second choice product.

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Softwood (pine, spiced) blades are cheaper (up to about 50 euros per m2) than exotic wood blades. But they require pretreatment by Autoclave to become rotproof.

Opt for softwoods of at least Class 4 or even Class 5 (for wood in contact with seawater).

Also plan an annual treatment, if you do not like to see the wood become greyish. An exotic wooden deck (Ipe, Teak, Padouk, Cumaru, Massaranduba etc.) usually costs twice as much per square meter (from around 40 euros) as a softwood deck. But it lasts longer (20 years minimum). It will however be necessary to maintain them with adapted products (but quite expensive).

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The pine blades of this small terrace blend perfectly with the surrounding greenery. Blades 240 x 12 cm, thickness 28 mm. Poland pine treated by Autoclave. Number of blades per m2: 3.5. A smooth face and a grooved face. Guaranteed 5 years against rotting. 14.20 euros / m2 sold in packaging of 0.29 m2, or 4 euros per package at Castorama.


How to choose a composite wood deck board?

Composite wood boards actually contain recycled plastic resins, sawmill waste and additives. They are tinted in the mass. In the end, the appearance of the blades is quite close to that of wood.

Deck boards in composite wood compete with exotic wood boards. Even wet, the composite will not be slippery and it skates over time.

Avoid, however, alveolar blades, less expensive, but more fragile. Take full blades (between 20 and 110 euros per m2).

There are also bamboo or rice husk composite boards (mostly made in Asia), which are offered at more affordable prices than European composite wood. But beware of quality (risk of splinters and discoloration). Study the product well before buying, it should not deteriorate easily.

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The composite blades of this terrace are rice husk and PVC. To clip. For 1 m2 provide 2.98 blades. They are used raw or tinted. Dimensions: 150 cm x 16 cm. Thickness: 20 mm. Resysta blade at Leroy Merlin. 10,90 euros per unit.

Leroy Merlin

What are the other tips to know about the wooden deck boards?

Pay attention to the thickness / width ratio of the blade. The thinner and wider the blade, the more it will deform.

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Consider dilation. Deck boards made of natural wood expand in width. Leave enough space between the blades (refer to manufacturers' instructions). The composite wood boards expand in width but also in length. If possible, avoid clipping (especially if the blades are wide), otherwise they will deform.

Opt for blades that can be used on both sides. So at the slightest deterioration, you can return it. A little trick very economical!

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Terrace in composite wood panels in gray color, with a protective coating against scratches. They are smooth and reversible. Guarantees 20 years. Composite Fiberon Professional composite blades, 133 x 24 mm, 2.74 m long. Indicative price: 65 euros per square meter at batiproduits.com.