What coating for the bathroom?


What coating for the bathroom?

Leroy Merlin

A new flooring or wall and the bathroom immediately takes a shot of costs. From tiling to mosaics, painting, vinyl floors, laminates and even parquet flooring ... It's not always easy to make your choice. Existing products, installation, price, ease of maintenance ... Check list of the many possibilities open to you for revamp your bathroom.

Your bathroom needs a new build ? Be careful, the room is wet and prone to splashing water ... At the moment choose your wall or floor covering, so make sure it is fine Suitable for this type of space. For him to be, the water must never succeed to penetrate in the coating or, where appropriate, the latter must dry quickly. Dominique Monfort, sales manager Leroy Merlin, says: "Do you like natural seagrass? Avoid this material, it will not dry out and end up in the mold, just like if you want to put carpeting or parquet, it is possible but it will be necessary to rely on specific carpets and on exotic wood flooring".

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Badi exotic wood board, natural, L.250 x W.12 cm x W.20 mm. 16.47 euros / Unit. Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

Floor tile and limestone wall, Street hexagon l.21.6 x W.25 cm, 31.95 euros / m2, Leroy Merlin. Floor and wall tiles beige wood effect Way l.19.7 x W.120 cm, 44.95 euros / m2. Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

From now on, the aesthetics of the coating is no longer the sole criterion of choice, as long as coatings are imitating between them. "The tiles mimic the wood in a bluffing way, and the vinyl floor can look like wood / concrete / tiles," says Jean-Marc Trocmé, tile product manager at Lapeyre. What makes the difference is the quality of the coating which depends on its thickness, the resistance of the wear layer and the know-how of the brand. "To choose well, the budget also comes into play. with important deltas according to the different materials, as well as ease of maintenance.Finally, the installation is also a criterion of choice: to favor for novices, flexible floors very easy to install or materials that arise directly on the old floor or wall, avoiding embarking on heavy renovation work.

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Galante tile, for floor and walls. It is adorned with faience in an elegant format (25 x 70 cm) whose authentic spirit is supported by slightly cracked effects, thanks to its slightly raised edges for a more pronounced traditional rendering. The rectified 60 x 60 cm floor tiles trompe l'oeil reproduce a mixture of tiles 20 x 20 cm. Satin surface finish. Wall tile: Earthenware white standard ISO BIII. Thickness 10.7 mm. 2 colors white or cream. 2 white or cream decorations. Dimensions: 25 x 70 cm. Price: from 24.95 euros the m2. Floor tile: Glazed porcelain stoneware. ISO Bla standard. Thickness 9.6 mm. Group 5. Antislip R9A. 1 color multicolored. Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm. Price: from 28 euros per m2.


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Bathroom covering: floor and wall painting

Practice, the paint can be placed on the wall or on the floor directly on an old tile for example, facilitating renovation, or on the ground on a concrete slab.

On the wall, all paintings may be suitable, except in the shower area, for which it will be necessary to opt for a painting "special shower", whose formulation will not let the water penetrate. Advice from Dominique Monfort, Leroy Merlin: "As these specific paints are more expensive to buy, to reduce the bill, it may be wise to mix the materials in the bathroom by associating for example painting and tiling or PVC paneling in the shower".

Before painting, check that the wall is clean and smooth: if it is not the case, proceed to a smoothing which complicates the building site. And even if the painting is said to be monolayer, plan several layers for a good result.

Ideal for easily renovating a floor, the chosen paint must nevertheless be "special floors" (Resinence, Syntilor ...): denser, it will also be easier to maintain.

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Price: cheap: 30 euros per liter for the shower, 23 euros per liter for the floor.

Pose: relatively easy. Longevity: excellent. Easy maintenance: excellent.

On the wall of the bathroom, all the paintings may be suitable. Blue Hipster Painting (2061). Velvet matt finish, 2.5 L for 65 euros and matte lacquer finish, 2.5 L for 91 euros, 1825 Théodore Collection (in collaboration with Kure Bazaar brand).

1825 Theodore Collection

Bathroom covering: lively tiles

Easy to clean, water resistant, aesthetic ... Tiling is the flagship material of the bathroom, with a current trend in large format tiles. Side choice, know that if you can put any tile on your wall, on the ground, it will be necessary to opt for a 'special floor' tiles, with greater resistance to walking in particular. On the ground, the most suitable tiles are usually porcelain stoneware, earthenware (tiles covered with a layer of enamel) so bright and easy to maintain are however reserved for the walls, because more fragile.

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Natural stone floor and ivory wall, Travertine l.10 x L.10 cm, 29.96 euros / m2. Floor and wall tiles multicolor, Antan l.33.15 x W.33.15 cm, 22.95 euros / m2. Travertine floor and wall beige stone effect Travertine l.40.6 x W.61 cm, 49.95 euros / m2. Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

Rather intended for the floor, the porcelain stoneware tile, is now also often placed on the walls, for a total trend look. "On the ground, the constraints anti slip are also higher, says Jean-Marc Trocmé, Lapeyre. In the shower area, for example, choose a "anti-slip" tile (use barefoot in a humid environment) or small tiles generally less slippery and absolutely avoid polished tiles: very bright, they are not at all adapted to the bathroom, because the fact of polishing them, also makes them slippery " The advice is to give priority to quality tiles that, apart from a wide variety of tile designs, make joints less thick (2 mm instead of 5), for a more aesthetic result and easier maintenance (less dust especially). Finally, know that to simplify the installation of the tiles, which remains a little complicated (the tile joint is not 100% waterproof, it is necessary to proceed with sealing before any installation), Leroy Merlin launches in 2017 a brand new product, the crystal grip, which is installed at the back of the tile and on the wall thus allowing to lay the tiling without glue, all with a good sealing and a reduced drying time. (16.90 euros the m2, the two supports compatible with all the tiles).

Price: inexpensive, from 15 euros / m2 all tiled together.

Laying on old tiling or concrete slab: a little complicated.Longevity: excellent. Easy maintenance: excellent.

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Genius tile, for walls and floor. Rendering chic with its marbled appearance with light veins and its flagship and rectified formats (30x30 and 30x60 cm) enhancing the structure of the stone. Adaptable to the different worlds of the home, it becomes even more elegant in the play of light thanks to the slightly hammered effect of the floor tiles. Wall tile: ISO BIa standard. Full-surface porcelain stoneware. Thickness: 10 mm. Anti-slip R9. Matte finish. 3 Colors: white, beige and black. Dimensions: 30 x 60 cm. Price: from 31 euros per m2. Floor tile: ISO BIa standard. Full-surface porcelain stoneware. Thickness: 10.5 mm (polished) and 10 mm (matte). Group 5 (matte version). Anti-slip R9 (matte version). Matte or polished finish. 3 Colors: white, beige and black. Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm. Price: from 31 euros per m2. Mosaic: Thickness: 10.5 mm. Box of 4 pieces. Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm. Price: from 18 euros per piece. Matching plinth: Thickness: 10 mm. Box of 10 pieces. Dimensions: 6 x 60 cm. Price: from 6 euros each. Lapeyre


Bathroom covering: the very aesthetic mosaic

Always popular in hammams, the mosaic is very suitable for the bathroom: ideal for the shower area (except glass paste), it is naturally anti-slip, resistant to water; it can take many forms (pebbles ...) and colors (plain, mixtures ...). To make it, different pieces of ceramic or glass paste ..., are assembled on a single frame, with an effect that contrasts ideally with the large slabs of tiles. From now on, for uniform and uncluttered atmospheres, tiles and mosaics are paired in the bathroom, with distributors such as Lapeyre and Leroy Merlin offering coordinated tiling and mosaic lines.

Price: from 15 euros

Pose: a bit complicated like the tiles. Longevity: excellent. Easy maintenance: excellent.

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Ideal for showering, mosaic is naturally anti-slippery. Mosaic harmony from 69 euros. Lapeyre.


Bathroom cladding: paneling has taken a youthful look

Vieillot, the paneling? You probably think of wood paneling, widely used in the 80s but not recommended in the bathroom. But there are now new MDF paneling covered with decorative paper (like laminate flooring) which are adapted to the walls of the bathroom (except in the shower area). "In this family of products, advises Aurélie Brunner, head of soft flooring and paneling at Lapeyre, if your tiling is old-fashioned, and you are looking for an easy-to-use and inexpensive solution, you will choose rather the PVC paneling. Ideal for non-do-it-yourselfers, it perfectly mimics tiling or wood and even adapts to shower areas, with a little silicone at the bottom of the wall. "Its large 2.60 m blades cut to the cutter and are easy to install. by stapling them (10 euros / m2), even in adhesive version, for installation without joint or glue very simple (Element Premium at Lapeyre, 24.90 euros / m2).

Price: from 10.90 to 24.90 euros / m2

Pose: easy or very easy. Longevity: good. Easy maintenance: excellent.

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Easy and quick to install, the 3D Element Nordic Oak PVC Elements paneling consists of blades with unique prints and non-repeating designs for a more natural look. The 3D element joined blades are rot-proof and therefore suitable for showers. The panels of the paneling Element 3D are manufactured in France and guaranteed 10 years. Dimensions: L. 260 x l. 37.5 cm - 8 mm thick. Price: from 19.90 euros per m2. Lapeyre


Bathroom Covering: Vinyl floors in vogue

They come in rolls or adhesive or clip-on blades. Easy to maintain (as washable), they are perfect for the bathroom, outside the shower area. Inexpensive rolls (4.90 to 19 euros roll), they are easy to install on an old tiled floor or a concrete slab and display all types of decorations (stone, tiles ...). Even simpler to ask, "the adhesive version (7 to 19 euros), much appreciated 10 years ago, tends to run out of steam," says Aurélie Brunner at Lapeyre. vinyl clips, they develop very strongly: they are ultra simple to put on existing ground because the blades are clipped between them and benefit from a better holding ".

Price: in rolls, from 4 to 19 euros. Adhesives: from 13.90 euros Starfloor from Tarkett. Clipsables: from 17.90 euros, count 25 to 35 euros / m2 for a product of very good quality.

Pose: simple or very simple. Longevity: good for a thick clip-on vinyl, less for others. Easy maintenance: good.

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PVC blade clipable oak ash ARTENS Camden. 25.95 euros / m2. Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin

PVC floor black and white livingstone gatsby black, ARTENS Textile l.4 m, 12.95 euros / m2. Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin

Bathroom covering: laminate or composite floors

Imitating wood, white, gray ... the laminate floors special wet rooms (Laminate base HDF wood plus resin or PVC to strengthen their structure), can be interesting in the bathroom. Thanks in particular to their greater thickness and their greater rigidity (versus a vinyl floor), they are clipped more easily. For Aurélie Brunner: "Between their 8 mm thick and a 2 mm under layer, no spectrum of the old tiles visible and if you leave traces of shoes on laminate flooring with PVC, the tasks will go, what which is not the case of vinyl flooring ".

Finally, halfway between the vinyl flooring and the wet laminate flooring, there are now also new composite floors, combining the advantages of both (eg Megafloor Design Plus, Egger): HDF-based wood but more Dense (and vaporetto cleanable), they are perfectly moisture-resistant because they are covered with a very resistant polyurethane film and memory shape. Result? No resonance effect as with laminate flooring, thin as vinyl and ease of implementation (clip-on).

Price: laminate flooring, Aquastrat 34.90 euros (Class 32) or Quietude 37.90 euros (Class 33 and R9 anti-slip). Composite floor: 29,90 euros / m2 Megafloor Design (Egger).

Pose: clip-on, easy. Longevity: good. Easy maintenance: good

Laminate tile effect cement tiles, Ep.8 mm, Novofloor, 23.95 euros / m2. Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

Imitating wood, white, gray ... laminate floors special wet rooms (HDF laminate wood + resin or PVC to strengthen their structure), clap more easily than a vinyl floor, thanks in particular to their greater thickness and their more high rigidity. Aquastrat stratified laminate floor, from 34.90 euros at Lapeyre.


Bathroom cladding: and also ...

We can ask parquet in the bathroom, for a very warm, but we must opt ​​for exotic species (teak, merbau, bangkiraï, bamboo). It will last a long time but requires some maintenance (oiled, it will oil again and vitrify and sand).

From 39 euros the m2. Longevity: good. Pose: glued, a little technical. Maintenance required.

Parquet floor solid bamboo horizontal, blade of 9.6 x 96 cm. Thickness 15 mm including 5 mm wear layer, varnished finish. 39.99 euros the m2 at Saint Maclou.

Saint Maclou

The terracotta tile / cement / marble : often still artisanal, these noble and timeless materials bring a touch of authenticity in the bathroom and are suitable for the floor as for the walls.

From 30 euros per m2 for terracotta tiles and travertine. 49 euros / m2 cement tiles. Laying as tiling. Longevity: excellent. Maintenance: easy.

Decorative coatings: these "effects" paintings are smeared on the wall and produce cement or other effects, very aesthetic. Smooth or not, colored or not, they give relief to the wall.

Price: about 6 euros / m2. Pose: easy. Longevity: good. Maintenance: easy.