Zen bathrooms that change from ordinary


Zen bathrooms that change from ordinary

Meero for Transition Interior Design

You want a bathroom environment nature without falling into the total look bamboo and coconut? Here are 10 nature-themed bathrooms with a strong character that will inspire you.

The nature spirit is the atmosphere of predilection of the bathrooms soft and soothing, ideal to relax. This well-being atmosphere results above all from the choice of the right materials and the colors. Thus, you can imagine for this piece a natural and zen atmosphere thanks to modern furniture, design, refined, or authentic, or even mixing styles! Better than words, here are 10 inspiring nature bathrooms.

1. A bathroom wit nature and design

WOM Design - Stéphanie Michel-Girard

For this young couple of owners, Stéphanie Michel-Girard imagined a modern house in Suresnes. The bathroom is in the image of the house: natural and contemporary. The piece mixes dark slate with luminous Corian. The high-end faucet disappears in the decor and opposes the simplicity of a wooden stool with a raw look.

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2. A bathroom in white and wood

Ektor studio

The agency Ektor Studio has taken in hand the realization of the bathroom of a Strasbourg home. She wanted it like a spa: with double shower, bath and sauna ... The ultimate comfort. The wood, present in block or in keys, warms this white and luminous room. The few plants arranged here and there vivify the atmosphere.

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3. A bathroom natural and uncluttered

Fabienne Boé From Pirey

In this house on the island of Ré, Fabienne Boé De Pirey has built a small bathroom "nature" and refined with double basin cement, in a seaside setting.

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4. A bathroom spirit nature and graphic

Meero for Transition Interior Design

In the 11th district of Paris, Margaux Meza and Carla Lopez, from the Transition Interior Design agency, renovated the apartment of a young couple. The bathroom, like every space of these 50 m2, has its own character. This room is luminous and asserts its personality with materials such as wood, concrete and cement tiles, which are very graphic.

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5. A nature bathroom, in tune with the times

Florence Ronsil

For this Parisian apartment bathroom, Florence Rosnil has created a natural atmosphere, but current. She favored polished concrete furniture with clean lines, a freestanding organic bathtub, linen and wicker accessories. On the ground, the wooden floor makes the room more cozy.

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6. A bathroom with a refined natural atmosphere

Christine Colombier

One day the owner of Gîtes du Berger, in Puy-de-Dôme, meets Christine Colombier, Parisian deco addict. Between them, they renovate all of its sheepfolds, without denying the old stones and woods, bearers of their history. Thus, it is in an authentic cocoon that appears this bathroom with advanced equipment, accessorized in shabby chic fashion.

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7. A bathroom nature and mix and match

Nancy Geernaert

The glass roof, workshop style, lets the sun illuminate the bathroom of this house Garchoise (in the Hauts-de-Seine), entirely revisited by Nancy Geernaert. The architect gently mixes contemporary styles (bath, taps, towel warmer, storage unit), authentic (stool and vanity unit in wood, exposed beams), ethnic (baskets) and retro (mirrors), for a natural and offbeat atmosphere.

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8. An energizing nature bathroom


In Toulouse, the agency Archimaides has designed a bathroom nature: sinks in the shape of pebble, cabinet under wooden basin ... The bathroom area is distinguished from the rest of the room by a vitamin paint. The bathtub fades behind a green wall ... Energizing escape guaranteed!

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9. A soothing nature bathroom

Frédéric Tabary

For the villa Bernerie, located in Pornic (Brittany), Frédéric Tabary imagined a bathroom open to the room. The bath area is marked on the floor and wall by a coating and a turquoise paint, soothing. These accentuate the brilliance of white furniture and equipment. Near the bath, a branch of branches acts as a screen, reasoning with the one that borders the bed.

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10. A classy bathroom

Agence Justin Home Design

In Tronchiennes (in the Flemish region), Nancy Geernaert totally revised and corrected this bathroom. She made it a natural, but functional space.

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