The bathroom opens onto the bedroom


The bathroom opens onto the bedroom

Photo Meero for Al Line Design

A beautiful bathroom or shower room adjoining the bedroom remains a must. A must that should sublimate. But how to arrange this bathroom? How to coordinate the decoration of each of these pieces? Take inspiration from the various achievements of the experts in the House Projects section and do you plan a beautiful master suite !

Get out of bed and go straight into his big or small bathroom turns out very practical, especially in winter, no time to catch cold. But if this arrangement makes you easier in the morning, level "atmosphere" what gives what? Room deco and bathroom deco do they agree? Have you created a nice enough space to relax? If you are not completely satisfied with your result, take a look at the master bedroom suites with bathroom carried out by the experts of the heading House Side Projectsthey are overflowing with good ideas.

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A master suite design and refined with bathtub

Nicoletti Matthieu Home Agency

In Lyon, the studio of interior and exterior architecture, New Home Agency, has imagined this space bath. Totally open to the room, it offers a direct view of the garden. No frills! The wide openings let the light reveal the beauty of simple forms of furniture, natural materials and the originality of this floor.

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A master suite with a bathtub embedded in the wall

Photo Studio Erik Saillet for Barrès-Coquet architects

Always in Lyon, Barrès-Coquet Architects has imagined this modern house. In the bedroom, the bathtub seems dug in a wall of wood. This arrangement stretches the perspectives offered by the bay windows and anchors this room in the nature.

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A parental suite way nest of love

Photo Paul Allain for the Maema architectes agency

In the attic of this house in Ivry (Hauts-de-Seine), the interior design agency Maema has arranged a master suite. The wood is the link between the two spaces, for an impression of relaxation and well-being. For functionality reasons, the white bathroom takes advantage of the light from the roof window. Appliques and suspensions refine the lighting, while the painted beam energizes this area. Maline, the platform optimizes the sleeping area which hosts a dressing room.

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A room with bathroom clear but graphic

Studio AL2

In Saint-Germain-en-Laye, studio AL2 has transformed a garage of 20 m2 in a teenager's room with shower room. Fine volumes, double exposure, opening to the West ... The predispositions of this place were optimal for such a transformation. Here the modern decoration remains sober. White maximizes the clarity of the room. The opening on the wall lets the natural light (and air) from the bedroom to the bathroom and at the same time promotes the creation of a harmonious decor: the lines and accessories in black punctuate the space and make the link from one room to another.

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A master suite with glass roof

A designer bathroom in a room

Photo Meero for Al Line Design

The agency Al Line Design has partly revamped and completely renovated this apartment in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The interior designer let the bathroom communicate with the room through a canopy, for clarity. On the decoration side, the storage systems (the niches), the color notes and the suspensions answer each other from one room to another and create a coherent universe.

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A room with bathroom ambiance mix & match

Photo Julie Vouillarnet for At Ome Déco

In this old house, Julie Vouillarmet, agency At Home Déco, has made the attic a contemporary master suite where it is good to rest. The decorator opted for a mix & match graphic style. A successful atmosphere thanks to the 3 conductive colors: gray, wood and gold, which, on a white background, reconcile very different deco genres.

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A room with a sober and modern bathroom

Cathy Maquet

In Maubeuge, interior designer Cathy Macquet transformed the playroom / storage room into a pleasant master suite. The fallen partition, the bathroom and the bedroom communicate, even if the headboard separates the two spaces. Here, the colors used remain soft: taupe, gray, ideal to warm this universe all in white. Behind a transparent wall, the shower is very discreet.

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A room with bathroom in box

Pictures: Hervé Gaillaguet for Laurent Durand

The architect Hervé Gaillaguet completely remodeled this Paris apartment of 50 m2. The new room is equipped with a kind of white box with shower. The installation, closed, passes for a wardrobe. Nevertheless, the bathroom it houses keeps a strong identity. This process allows the room a few fantasies. These last contrast elegantly with the Haussmannian architecture of the place, for a result in the air of time.

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A master suite with bathroom under glass

Archi Studio

In Paris, architects from Studio d'Archi transformed a 17 m2 studio into a master suite. Housed at the back of the room, to lose nothing of light, the bathroom remains partitioned by a kind of half glass roof with gray structure that reveals a gray mosaic, fitting with the contemporary style of the room.

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A master suite mountain chalet spirit

Photo Sandrine Rivière, decoration Isabelle Féraud, fashion design Laurence Dupont

Isabelle Féraud imagined a typical room for the Lombard Vasina chalet. The adjoining bathroom is "hidden" behind a perforated facade. In this room, the decorator preferred white wood walls that illuminate and refresh the suite. As for decoration, she stayed on wood for an ever warmer atmosphere.

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