A kitchen garden on my balcony


A kitchen garden on my balcony

Lots of people on the balcony

No need for a garden to grow a small vegetable garden. A simple balcony is enough to grow and pick up vegetables. Tips from a pro ...

For Florent Imperiale, a vegetable garden is more than just a piece of land where we plant our vegetables. It is a space where time stops, where nature takes over. The pleasure of growing vegetables and eating them is priceless for the manager of Lots of people on the balcony.

He is today far from the only one looking for this anti-stress remedy of the city. According to him, one in seven French dreams of having a vegetable garden but does not have one. While in the United States and Canada, the roofs are strongly solicited to answer these desires, in France it is less the case. People are more interested in their balcony.

If you also want to try the experiment, here are the tips of Florent Imperiale.

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Why did you start growing a vegetable garden on your balcony?

Florent Imperiale: Originally, I cultivated a vegetable garden in the garden of my parents. Used to sowing and harvesting my own vegetables, I started looking for a shared garden as soon as I arrived in town. Unfortunately, everything was saturated, I had to register on the waiting list ... Impatient, so I started a small vegetable garden on my balcony. But very quickly I was disappointed, it had nothing to do with what I had known. After some research, I realized that there were specific bins for this type of plantation. So I imported from the United States smarts pots and biopops containers. I tested them on a personal basis and I actually saw that it worked better.

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What to plant in a kitchen garden on balcony?

Florent Imperiale: Some products are generally easy to plant: beet, cabbage, cucumber, bean, strawberry, green beans, salad or turnip. And of course the queen of the kitchen garden, the tomato! Aromatic herbs are also easy to grow and it's always nice to have them on hand.

On the other hand, eggplants, melons or radishes are often more complicated to make. I do not advise you to start there.

In any case, no matter what you plant, it is important to not put too much seeds. Respect the number of plants per pot. Each plant must have its living space. For example, leave 5 cm for radishes or 45 cm for tomatoes in a 60 L pot. Cherry tomatoes can be put in a pot of 38 L. Choosing the right pot for the plant is also essential!

If you have a choice, where should you put your kitchen garden on your balcony?

Florent Imperiale:There is no secret, a balcony facing south, it's the top. But if it is headed north it can work as well. Especially since it is possible that in front, the south facades send back light.

A garden in the sun is good. But beware, it depends on the type of vegetables you plant. Lettuces for example do not like the sun too much, so the trick will be to protect them a little behind the other plants. This is all the interest of a modular vegetable garden as can be done on the balconies.

Be careful also to wind that brings weeds, pollen ... It's good to protect your vegetables from the wind with a hedge, bamboo or even a screen.

Should we provide protection for the soil?

Florent Imperiale: In order to protect the soil from the stagnant humidity of the bottom of the pot, it is true that it can be good to put a cup or a protective mat.

Outside the potting soil, is there anything else to put in the pot?

Florent Imperiale: The plant needs to eat. It is therefore advisable to mix 50% compost and 50% compost when you start. After a month, a month and a half, it's empty, the plant has eaten everything. So you have to add organic fertilizer and compost about every 15 days. Be careful to put the compost on the surface, with the water it will feed the roots.

What are your tips for watering vegetables when they are in pots?

Florent Imperiale: The potting soil must be constantly moist. You must be able to push your finger up to 15-20 mm. Water once or twice a day when it is hot is important. However, be sure to water only when it is a little dry. If it's too wet your plants may rot. Also be careful not to wet the leaves.

It is difficult to be diligent in watering. It is therefore advisable to have a drip who walks by gravity. It's even better if you have a supply of water (slow infusion).

You spoke earlier about smart jars and biopos. How is this type of material necessary for a successful kitchen garden on a balcony?

Florent Imperiale:Adapted material is essential to make a successful vegetable garden. And this material is not always found in gardening or supermarket.

Pottery or ceramic pots that tend to use prevent plants from breathing. In the earth there is, however, naturally 80% oxygen, why deprive them? Smart pots avoid that. Made of geotextile, a breathable and flexible fabric, they let in the air. The water is also evaporated contrary to what happens with conventional pots where excess water will not flow or be evacuated.

Same thing for the temperature. In a classic pot, it tends to rise very quickly which generates stress for the plants. The Smart pots and biopops on their side will recreate a natural environment for the plant. This is what will allow vegetables to grow as in a real garden.

So many benefits must have a cost?

Florent Imperiale: Think again. For example, a 60L geotextile pot costs 15 euros. A classic pot of the same size can go up to 15 or 20 euros. What we propose on Du Monde Au Balcon, they are thus pots at the same time effective and accessible.

So practical pots, but are they really aesthetic?

Florent Imperiale: These pots are above all productive for growing vegetables ... Bio, pleasure and performance are combined.The aesthetic side is not forgotten.

And for an even nicer vegetable garden, why not add edible flowers? In addition to being beautiful, they attract bees.

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