Develop and sublimate the space under the stairs in 10 ideas


Develop and sublimate the space under the stairs in 10 ideas

My Backyard Gardening via Pinterest

Inspiration Pinterest Often unused, space available under the stairs is synonymous with lost square meters. In order to integrate storage or make a decorative asset, Côté Maison has found 10 inspirations to develop and sublimate the space under your stairs.

Unless you sleep under the steps of your staircase like Harry Potter, this narrow place remains a surface without function in your interior. Many tips, however, allow toto arrange and make aesthetic this unexploited corner. Storage, office, relaxation area, bicycle storage ... All under stairs can become a real plus and be showcased. The proof by 10!

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1. The wall under the stairs is the play gallery

Some frames forming an ordered jumble, a raised piece of furniture and a discreet lamp, nothing is simpler to arrange the space under the stairs. Thus structured, it becomes an undeniable decorative asset. In total two-tone black and white look, it catches the eye and makes us forget the staircase. The latter, because of its immaculate color, blends into the wall and becomes almost invisible. For a graphic and contemporary style.

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Pia Winther via Pinterest

Photo of Pia Winther via Pinterest

2. A stylish dressing room under the stairs

The most obvious and practical solution to optimize the area under the stairs? Provide a custom storage. Functional, the furniture extends over the entire height and depth of the steps. Exploiting every square inch, the closet makes it possible to store shoes and coats in all discretion.

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Alvhem Mäkleri via Pinterest

Photo of Alvhem Mäkleri via Pinterest

3. Under the sculptural steps, an integrated office

Under this staircase with resolutely contemporary style, an office space is arranged. Integrated as a natural extension of the staircase, the office with horizontal lines meets the vertical cleats of the railing, arranged as a cloister. A sculptural strand, the set composed by the staircase and its custom furniture gives a graphic style to this surface of the hearth.

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Joe Fletcher via Pinterest

Photo of Joe Fletcher via Pinterest

4. Under the stairs ... enthroned the sanitary

Under the steps, place a sanitary space well thought out! Because yes, the space under your stairs can become a separate piece, provided you maximize each square centimeter. Discreet and ultra functional, these toilets allow to separate the toilet from the family bathroom.

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Catherine Nguyen Photography via Pinterest

Photo of Catherine Nguyen Photography via Pinterest

5. Scandinavian look for the niche under the stairs

The surface is sometimes so small that it seems impossible to exploit it. Yet, a simple niche is enough to aesthetize this nook. In this Scandinavian-style apartment, the space under the steps serves as storage for the wood. In keeping with the Nordic trend and its taste for natural materials, logs simply dress up this stylish staircase!

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Lisa Bengtsson via Pinterest

Photo of Lisa Bengtsson via Pinterest

6. A relaxation area under the steps to bubble

Architectural, the interior facade welcomes the staircase as a design object. On the cast concrete structure, cushions and a fur plaid are enough to create a cozy corner. Relaxing area or reserved for reading, this space seems to open the garden. What to warm a staircase crude without distorting its industrial look.

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NU Architectur workshop via Pinterest

Photo of NU Architectur atelier via Pinterest

7. The staircase houses the houseplants

The vegetation takes its ease under the openwork steps. Bright, the underside of the stairs is the perfect place to accumulate indoor plants that will benefit to flourish. The greenery of this little improvised winter garden eclipses the staircase and its immaculate white.

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My Backyard Gardening via Pinterest

Photo of My Backyard Gardening via Pinterest

8. Colorful dressing room to pamper the underside of the stairs

Do you want to highlight the space under your stairs? Bring him color with storage with strong tones! In turquoise blue, this dressing breathes pep to the space under the steps. Both storage structure and centerpiece, it attracts the eye to make us forget the stairs. A colorful trick!

Muebleando via Pinterest

Photo of Muebleando via Pinterest

9. Bicycles hanging on the steps of the stairs

The owners of this interior have shown ingenuity with this atypical bike room. In a spirit of undeniable space saving, the bicycles thus suspended on the steps of the staircase fill the void of this usually unused space without encumbering the surface on the ground. A clever compromise between practicality and offbeat look!

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Mark Mahaney via Pinterest

Photo of Mark Mahaney via Pinterest

10. Build a cellar under the steps of the stairs

Why not arrange a wine cellar space under your stairs? At the same time stored and exposed, the collection of this enthusiast finds an ideal niche under the steps leading upstairs. The good idea to stitch? The choice of transparent glass doors that give the impression of an illuminated gallery. What transform the staircase most basic in opulent surface.

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Picture from Jkoegel via Pinterest