Where does fashion designer Valentine Gauthier live?


Where does fashion designer Valentine Gauthier live?

Valentine Gauthier

Between preparation, presentations and launching collections, Valentine Gauthier does not stop. As the public discovers (and pulls out) their last fashion and decoration collaboration with Monoprix, the designer takes a moment to open the doors of her apartment.

It's in Paris, in a atypical apartment that the designer Valentine Gauthier and her family have made their home. Without partition, this bright interior has been decorated with finesse. Here fashion, music, furniture unite and reveal the soul of an artist passionate about the arts in general. The decor is the image of his achievements: delicate but light, enchanting and very current. The designer flirts with the charm of bygone days and sublimates our present. For Monoprix, Valentine Gauthier imagined a fashion collection for women, men and children but also for the home: tableware, boutis, cushions, objects ... These first decorative creations extend her vision of fashion. Interview.

Valentine Gauthier Deco Collection for Monoprix

House side

House side: Why this collaboration?

Valentine Gauthier: This collaboration allowed me to open my style to other worlds. The collection includes women's, men's and children's clothing, decoration, linens and dishes. This allows me to expand my creative field which is very exciting. This collaboration brings my style a great visibility across France through 100 points of sale, which is a nice radiation in a market already in strong growth in my development.

Maison: What spirit did you bring to this collection?

Valentine Gauthier: A desire for travel, refinement juxtaposed with raw materials, a boyish and feminine cool style with one of my iconic prints. To decorate the atmosphere with wabi sabi accents on embossed natural land, boosted by colorful linens, printed plaid surpiqué boutis.

Home: Among these creations, which one is your favorite?

Valentine Gauthier: The pantsuit that exists in two jacquard woollens, the sentimental sweatshirt, the white spotted jeans and the decoration in particular.

Valentine Gauthier Collection for Monoprix

Valentine Gauthier for Monoprix

Side House: There is already a little decor in your shop, could you consider expanding the range of proposed creations?

Valentine Gauthier: Yes, and it is in reflection. Fashion is a means of expression, "tell me what you wear I'll tell you who you are" ... The same goes for its interior. At the moment the "1rst floor" of my shop presents a selection of my favorites but I intend to introduce my own interior creations in the near future.

Home: Have you slipped one or more creations imagined for Monoprix, if or where?

Valentine Gauthier: Yes a lamp that was finally not produced in the ground and there will of course soon be decorations scattered everywhere.

House side: In fashion as in deco trends and desires change. When was your last makeover?

Valentine Gauthier: There is no more relooking but evolutions ... I rotate furniture, colors, photos, it is a living space and movement. I introduce new objects that must be answered, tame. We are all multiple, the most difficult is to express it with accuracy and assurance. At home, it is a reflection of who we are and with whom we live.

Valentine Gauthier

House side: Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

Valentine Gauthier: I live in a totally open space in which there is a metal structure that delimits the sleeping space. I therefore generally take advantage of the space as a whole. We dine in the winter garden which isolates us a bit from the rest of the apartment, a corner in which we take the time to talk about our projects with the family.

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House side: Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher '?

Valentine Gauthier: I like the unusual pieces, some designers from the 60s to the 80s that can be found at home as the first floor of my shop. I also like the Stump table of my friend Pierre Charpin. Smoked glass, aluminum, bakelite, stone, wood are my favorite materials. As for the architecture I like the post modern and the plural architecture.

Valentine Gauthier

Home side: Your favorite color in your home?

Valentine Gauthier: White for walls, beige, gray or black faded for the floor. I love my light beige wool carpets so spotted so 80's. I use color on bed linen, cushions and throws, some handmade carpets, ceramics and motley items.

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Side House: The most unusual or unexpected that can be discovered at home?

Valentine Gauthier: A collection of mini bone skulls, the mechanical horse of my childhood on which my son makes incessant trips to the apartment.

Valentine Gauthier

House Side: An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Valentine Gauthier: The shelf inspired by the work of Charlotte Perriand for housing units of the radiant city of Corbusier, made entirely by the man who shares my life, as well as photos taken by my father on the circuit Paul Ricard in the 70s and 80 which I had made large prints mounted on aluminum.

Valentine Gauthier

House Side: Your last purchase - useful or futile! - for the House ?

Valentine Gauthier: Two antique chairs found on the Monoprix campaign and the cookbook Noma that currently stands on my coffee table.

Side House: A dish unexpectedly on the go for your friends? Your specialty?

Valentine Gauthier: I love to cook and especially the products of Terroir d'Avenir rue du Nil. Live with seasonality and think about the menu depending on the supply. It is always very inspiring and if no idea comes, vegetable tempura, fleshy tomatoes of all colors and all forms of soil and when we love meat, the big one way burger brioche and old cheddar .

Side House: And the TV, in which room?

Valentine Gauthier: None in the ideal. Otherwise the most hidden possible.

House side: Do you live in music or rather in silence?

Valentine Gauthier: I like silence and calm when I have the opportunity, in family however we listen to a lot of music, we dance, we sing, we play music too.

Valentine Gauthier

House side: What type of lighting do you prefer?

Valentine Gauthier: Several sources of soft lights in low color temperatures.

Side House: What is on your bedside table?

Valentine Gauthier: A Tizio

House side: A deco tip or storage?

Valentine Gauthier: I like ceramics, plates, cups, glasses of all kinds that cohabit on a shelf thought both for a customary and decorative use.

Valentine Gauthier

House Side: Do you dream of one more room? If so, for what purpose?

Valentine Gauthier: A garage-workshop, in which motorcycle, bicycle and skate cohabit, with a multitude of tools for our desires of tailor-made.

House side: Rather orderly or messy?

Valentine Gauthier: Orderly cool

House side: Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, terrace, garden?

Valentine Gauthier: At this moment the winter garden.

House side: Your news? Your projects ?

Valentine Gauthier: Of course the "1rst floor" (, a new place to come and the invitation to present a beautiful selection of the fall winter 2016 collection in the shop on the left bank of a very pretty brand for men .