Bay windows: bring in the light


Bay Windows: Bring in the light


For a brighter house, replace your openings with large aluminum sliding patio doors. Fine and light, they erase the border between inside and outside, and thus participate in your well-being.

Source of comfort, natural light directly affects our mood and is particularly important in winter. Change your windows, a health issue? In any case, it is a good way to improve our quality of life. The solution : swap narrow openings against large sliding bays. A way, too, of save energy, the sun functioning as a complimentary heating supplement in winter and mid-season.

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Look wide with XXL windows

To let in maximum light, we do not skimp on the glass surface. It is possible, in some cases, to align up to six sliding leaves on three rails, more than 10 meters while transparency. Can not make such a glass wall at home? Never mind: even if you have to settle for two leaves, the light gain will be appreciable. Especially since the new generation sliding windows all offer XXL dimensions, up to 3.20 m long and 3.50 m high per leaf. What to make ofpanoramic openings worthy of an architect's house.

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Panoramic, this sliding bay allows exceptional dimensions (up to 3.20 m of length per leaf). Only the aluminum center post is visible. ASS 77 PD.HI, Schüco


Aluminum, star of the windows

The extra-large windows are all made of aluminum. It is the only material able to offer excellent resistance, combined with extreme finesse. Straight or curved, the profiles are minimized to increase the daylight. The width of the central pillar (between two leaves) is, on some models, less than 4 centimeters: a record! There are also sliding systems with a concealed opening system: the opening of the window (that is to say the moving part) is completely concealed behind the frame (fixed frame) in order to offer a larger area glass.

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Framed in black aluminum with straight edges, the bay window with brick partition sign a very contemporary aesthetic. janneau


Opt for good insulation

Aesthetics, the new sliding aluminum also show excellent performance. Their profiles are thermal breakguaranteeing good insulation, while the reinforced joints guarantee a good air and watertightness. Double glazing with reinforced insulation has become a standard: filled with argon gas and equipped with an insulating interlayer (called "warm edge"), it is three times more efficient than a classic double glazing in winter, and transmits twice less heat in summer. As far as safety is concerned, various equipment options are available, such as a key-operated handle or glazing burglar-proof.

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In bright white aluminum, this glazed wall opens on the patio at its center, sliding three leaves on each side. Carpenter's Shop

Carpenter's Shop

Accordion version French window

The French window marks its comeback this year with the launch of two models called Vision in Initial and Ambial chez Technal. Let's also mention the bay Comet 0 TH ofInstallux Aluminum. Up to date, the foldable sliding door is equipped with INS aluminum profiles and allows large openings, up to 12 m long. Mounted on rails, the leaves fold easily against each other, inside or outside the room for minimal space. In its corner version, the door does not need an intermediate post, for a totally unobstructed view.

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Spectacular, the folding glass door allows XXL openings. Here, the Bay Comète 50 TH accordion accumulates not less than 10 leaves on 9 m long. Installux Aluminum

Installux Aluminum

Open your sliding bay effortlessly

The problem of sliding windows XXL remains their weight: up to 400 kg per leaf. So how do you slide them without forcing? We can, of course, motorize the movement of the leaves, but it generates a real extra cost. Another option is the lifting system with closing damper: when the handle is operated, the door leaf (s) are raised before sliding in front of the fixed part by means of guide rollers. In the closed position, the wheels are retracted. Result: a comfortable, fluid and silent maneuver.

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Ideal for renovation, the range of sliding M3Ds is declined from 1 to 4 leaves for a dimension up to 6 meters. Here, two asymmetrical leaves. Millet


Smooth transition

The sliding bay represents a crossing point to the terrace. It is necessary that the circulation is easy: it is important, especially in good weather. As design as it is, the pull handle must be ergonomic enough to allow a good grip. But that's not all, we must also think about the threshold. What is more unpleasant, indeed, than to abut on rails rails, especially when one walks barefoot? Alas, recessed rails are reserved for new homes. In renovation, they generate too much work to the extent that it is necessary to break the ground ... Some manufacturers however offer sliding with an extra-flat threshold, which ensures a passage without obstacle while preserving the minimalist aesthetics of the bay.

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Plunging view of the pool thanks to large bays. In the foreground, a fixed frame of 2.20 mx 2 m; behind, two Kasting slides of 2.30 mx 3 m each, with built-in threshold. Kawneer


Atypical models of bay windows

There are berries windows capable of responding to atypical configurations. Thus, the angle sliding blocks, developed in particular by Initial and Systems Profiles, allow an opening between two walls without recourse to an intermediate pillar. When partitioning, they offer a total clearance of the bay for an extra-wide passage to the outside. This system, which allows to retract the openings in the thickness of the walls, is possible for any type of bay window provided major work. Do not want to break everything? The brand Millet proposes a sliding wall equipped with one to four leaves: these are dislocated to slide along the wall, thus offering a maximum width of passage.

All in height, this sliding angle of partition opens the kitchen to the terrace. Satin Road. Profiles Systems

Profiles Systems