10 headboards to make yourself


10 headboards to make yourself


Very practical, the bedhead is not less aesthetic. Nothing like an original headboard to personalize and give character to a room. The only problem, its price that puts off more than one. Fortunately, the headboard is part of these decorative elements easy to make yourself. In wood, with chalk, with scotch ... headboards bluffing, amazing can be seen for really cheap. Demonstration in pictures.

Pretty cheap bedheads for a trendy bedroom, it's possible. With a few ideas, elbow grease and daring, follow our tips in pictures for do it yourself original headboards and deco.

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1. An original headboard weaving colorful ropes

From a rectangular wooden frame the size of the bed, create your headboard rope, color matching the decor of your room. After drilling holes at the top, bottom and sides of 2 cm square brackets, we attach strings of different colors that are entangled as desired. (from 4.25 euros the 20 m colored polypro braided rope, www.castorama.fr and 5.97 euros the 5 m colored elastic cord on www.etsy.com/fr)

An original headboard made from colored ropes.


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2. A headboard in patchwork of textiles

Made in patchwork of fabrics, this headboard looks like a painting. Here, four pastel shades were assembled on a wooden panel in an irregular way to make more casual. The important thing will be to choose fabrics in a harmony of colors. Voluntarily chosen larger than the width of the bed, this panel gives wingspan to the bed, in addition to decorating the wall of the room.

A pastel room.


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3. A headboard drawn on the wall

You do not have a headboard yet but a beautiful white wall. Not necessarily need to invest. It's your turn draw the headboard of your dreams, in colorful felt or with a fine brush. The prerequisite will be to draw your pattern in black pencil on the white wall. And so that the effect remains realistic and understandable by all, prefer a simple form.

A female room with a headboard made in pencil on a white wall.


4. A headboard framed by wood

Drawn on a chalkboard chalkboard the headboard plays trompe-l'oeil. What makes its originality is the fact the frame of the design of headboard with a wooden frame the width of the bed. Framed, the drawing is highlighted. The warm tones of the wood recall the colors of the bed linen and reinforce the bohemian character of the room. Finally, the somewhat severe atmosphere of the dark wall and lighted by the wood becomes more cheerful and more cozy.

A bohemian bedroom with a headboard made of a wooden frame.

Pinterest / Homedesignboard.com

5. A headboard in tape masking tape

Imaged, the headboard plays the skyscrapers. Easy to implement, this headboard is made of masking tape (Japanese paper tape from 2.45 euros roll at www.maskingtape.fr and www.cultura.com). The graphic silhouette pattern is ideal for a headboard because it remains simple and legible. Two tips are to remember for optimal rendering: use a level to stay straight and draw the vertical and horizontal, and especially pre-draw in black pencil the pattern, before fixing the tape.

A graphic room with a headboard made from masking tape.


6. A headboard like a painter's

For lack of headboard, we can invent a spirit workshop artist! On the basis of a large whiteboard canvas (about 130 euros the linen frame 120 x 160 cm on www.geant-beaux-arts.fr) that one paints generously of the color of his choice - here a beautiful gray - before installing it behind the bed. To accentuate the effect "handmade", we try to leave traces of brush and we think to leave the white edges to decide with the color of the wall.

Room decorated by Hans Blomquist.

A monochrome room with a headboard like a painter's canvas.


7. Architectural OSB Headboard

Realize a headboard architect loft spirit in a few minutes, it is possible with an OSB board. This condensation of wood particles glued by a resin exists in the form of panels of different sizes, with the cut, and cheap (from 7,65 euros the m2 euros in panel of 169 x 63 cm in 18 mm of thickness, from 9.06 euros the m2 in panel of 250 x 125 cm thickness 9 mm). A simple horizontal OSB panel attached behind the bed serves as a modern, uncluttered headboard. We take care to provide a panel wider than the bed to back bedside. Finally, a last trick will make your headboard OSB more chic: a varnish that will give it a red color warmer.

A male room with an OSB headboard.

Pinterest / Blueberryhome.fr

8. A bright headboard

Like a cocoon that houses your nights, this headboard makes you dream sweet dreams. Bright and poetic, it has a lot of effect at little cost. A simple light garland (choice of garlands starting from 15 euros on www.amazon.com, www.blachere-illumination-store.com and www.truffaut.com) is here used as a thread to create a form of house beyond above the bed. The trick is to pre-draw the desired pattern and then fix the garland along the drawing with small discreet nails.

A dream room with a bright headboard.


9. A trendy headboard, drawn in chalk on a blackboard painting

On a background of chalkboard paint, draw the headboard of your choice with chalk. For an imitation of headboard bars, our advice is to prepare before the drawing on a large layer to be able to then draw with chalk on the wall. You can then change the drawing at will, or add messages. Only downside: this headboard is easily erased!

A retro bedroom with a headboard drawn in chalk on blackboard paint.


10. A headboard in transport case for a trendy bedroom decor

We play the raw arty spirit by making a headboard with a wooden carrying case panel. Just fixed against the wall, this box headboard makes sense, decorated with typical transport pictos like the word "fragile" and arrows. Finally to cheer up the raw side of the wooden box, we draw inspiration from the work of illustrator Sophie Zazzeroni to make some colorful drawings around or paste pieces of patterned wallpaper.

Sophie Zazzeroni room at the Graffalgar hotel in Strasbourg.

An artist's room with a headboard made in a transport case.