Office: 12 inspirations to make a decorative piece


Office: 12 inspirations to make a decorative piece

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Do you have the chance to own a room dedicated to the office? It would be a shame to neglect the decor atmosphere! Rather Scandinavian, colorful, vintage or more minimalist, the office allows all genres. Connection with the interior or completely independent, this workspace is intended as practical as aesthetic. The proof in pictures…

The style of your office is as important as its layout. Retro furniture, bright colors, patterned wallpaper ... as manysimple tips to make a piece of work functional and enjoyable. Drawn in the achievements of Côté Maison Projets, these 12 offices will prove to you that the style is of little importance.

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1. A strong piece in the office

In this immaculate setting, the dark wood desk stand out. Affixed against the wall, it imposes its raw character and is the centerpiece of this atypical space. Thanks to the absence of a ceiling, replaced by a net, the office benefits from an opening on the rest of the house and a very pleasant skylight.


More photos of this house done by the interior designers of Transition Interior Design

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2. The office likes to mix times

Melting retro pot in this office! Combining the charm of the old with the style of vintage, this piece of work is gaining in color and personality. The immaculate moldings meets the geometric printed wallpaper, while the 60's furniture contrasts with the vintage painting. A happy mix of influences that offers a modern silhouette in the office.

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Immo Photos

More photos of this apartment metamorphosed by the decorator Claire Clerc

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3. Office space at work

To create an office in your interior, bet on the functionality. Here, the wall surface is optimized by custom height storage and a worktop that extends over the length of the room. A glazed wall lets the light circulate in this partitioned office and visually alleviates the space. The good idea to stitch? A niche painted in electric blue to boost the natural oak of the library.

Opus Photos

More pictures of this apartment arranged by interior designer Sophie Laurrière

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4. Mix the materials for a decorative office

Wood, fabric, metal, wicker ... this office likes to mix textures. Taking advantage of the stamp of the parquet point of Hungary, the room stands out with mismatched parts. The office furniture plays the contemporary card while the recovery chair tempers the ethnic look of wicker storage and Berber spirit carpet. A colorful combination that makes the office a stylish piece.


More photos of this 85 m2 renovated by the interior architects of the agency blackStones

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5. An office adapted to the room dedicated to it

In an attic room, it is better to turn to the bespoke. A piece of furniture that naturally follows the architecture of your interior keeps square meters and maximize nooks and crannies. Freeing space on the ground, this desk in lacquered wood is discreet and leaves room for the rest of the furniture. A well-chosen chair can determine the style of the whole room, the proof with this vintage leather seat.

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Julien Clapot

More pictures of this apartment renovated by the decorator Olivier Bourdon

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6. The undue spirit invests the office

Between immaculate walls and whitewashed parquet, this room was a bit simple. Nothing like industrial furniture to boost a gloomy office! With its aged metal, the furniture brings character and a welcome look. Tinted in anthracite gray and cream, the desk and the chair fit seamlessly into the room.

Sophie Zaghdoun

More photos of this apartment redecorated by the decorator Sophie Zaghdoun

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7. Come-back 50's in the office space

A small area like the office can afford a lot of fantasy. The varnished wood desk sets the tone in this space and imposes a total look fifties to the rest of the decor. Between rounded lines and touches of brass, vintage takes its ease in the office. Blow of heart assured for the wallpaper with the graphic print.

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LD & CO.Paris

More pictures of these two adjoining rooms transformed by the decorators of LD & CO.Paris

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8. Colorful whip for the office

Dare the color in the room dedicated to the office! Mixing tones infuses life into this workspace. With its honey hue, the wood of the office warms the atmosphere and tempers the turquoise and raspberry notes of the seats. A warm atmosphere enhanced by the choice of cozy materials that invite laziness.


More pictures of this duplex renovated by architect Amandine Gommez Vaez

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9. The office, an optimized surface

Think of your office as a privileged storage space. Installed on the walls, openwork shelves and their closed storage, represent additional storage to optimize. Avoid weighing down the ensemble with gaudy shades and prefer white furniture that blends into immaculate walls. For color, pastel touches are enough to wake the office with simplicity.

Sabine Serrad

More pictures of this family house renovated by interior designer Marion Lanoë

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10. Bet on a custom desk

For maximum functionality, the best option is custom office furniture. Installed in the heart of the space, it stands out as the central element of the office. Rounded lines, lacquered finish and shelves with contemporary design, the custom furniture plays the card of the purity. An assumed choice that revisits the old spirit of this Haussmann apartment.

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Julien Fernandez

More pictures of this Haussmanian apartment transformed by interior designer Daphne Serrado

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11. A desk in total wood look

Buffet, chair, desk, parquet ... the wood has invested all the furniture of this workspace. The woody notes, more or less dark, maintain the vintage silhouette of this office. The wall lined with a printed wallpaper brings a bit of originality and prevents the whole from falling into the old-fashioned. The whole is lightened by a matte black base, the touch of sobriety of the office.

Julien Fernandez

More photos of this house renovated by interior designer Ninou Etienne

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12. A Nordic blast blows on the desk

In this bright space, the motto is sobriety. Declining a palette of light shades, from off-white to pearl gray to sky blue, the furniture also benefits from the woody note of the office. What enhance the immaculate atmosphere with a warm and natural material. Between wood and clean lines, the atmosphere is reminiscent of the Scandinavian style. For a simple, but trendy office.

David Cousin-Marsy

More pictures of this Haussmanian apartment furnished by the interior architects of the agency 10surDix

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