Bathroom renovation: 6 tips of pro

A bathroom perfectly renovated.


Here is the time to renovate your bathroom. It suffers from a long history of leaks and bad smells and you want to finally transform it into a modern and comfortable relaxation area. Here are some expert tips that will serve you well.

1- Determine precisely your bathroom renovation project

What exactly do you want to do and what budget do you have? Do you just want to redecorate your bathroom or renovate it completely? Are you going to do it all yourself, only part of it (decoration) or entrust everything to specialists? The budget dedicated to your bathroom will then be significantly different depending on the initial project.

"Before proposing the least estimate for the renovation of a bathroom, the professional must always move," says Jean-Luc, craftsman at Grau du Roi (30). "Because everything is not possible in an old bathroom".

2- Inspect the bathroom in every corner before starting renovation

If you decide to renovate your bathroom, it's for a long time. Be careful. "In an old bathroom, when you remove the tiling of floors and walls, you never know what can be found behind: water leak, rotten partition," says Jean-Luc. "Renovating a bathroom often has surprises, which can lead to additional costs, for example, the electrical installation and plumbing must be brought up to standard, and the electric panel must always be checked by an electrician. if compliance work is needed ".

This walk-in shower benefits from the Sanifloor system (siphon and suction pump), which comes to the brink of the absence of gravity evacuation. Price on estimate. SFA.


3- Check the configuration of the bathroom in detail, before installing a shower stall

We often think of replacing a bath with a shower stall. It seduces indeed by its practical aspect and there are several possible solutions of pose.

"You have to check the diameter of the existing piping and the available pressure, this will be decisive for the choice of material", explains Evelin Stratmann (Hansgrohe). "Do not forget to check the water drainage, then evaluate the consumption of the shower, to know if the hot water production is sufficient or compatible (especially if you have a boiler that heats in instantaneous). The shower columns with overhead shower, hand shower and mixer tap or thermostatic, are very trendy and very easy to install in bathroom renovation.

For a larger renovation (with renewed tiling in the bathroom), a built-in solution can be considered. The thickness of the wall must be known and consult the installation instructions ".

Showerhead Raindance Select S 120 3jet: 104.40 €. Hansgrohe.


4- Choose the shower jet according to the available water flow

"The different spray jets have roughly the same flow rate," says Evelin Stratmann (Hansgrohe). It is rather the dynamic pressure (in operation) that can affect comfort. This must be greater than 1 bar or 1.5 bar depending on the type of jet. The flow curves presented in the assembly instructions indicate the minimum pressure for satisfactory operation. "

This freestanding toilet is suitable for the whole family, including people with disabilities. The control of infrared hunting is very hygienic. Chrono No Touch WC support frame: 315 € (excluding control panel). Wirquin.


5- Enjoy the renovation of your bathroom to install an additional toilet.

"To install a toilet in an existing bathroom, there are two types of appliances: the standing toilets, which are very simple to install and the suspended toilets, ideal for perfect aesthetics and hygiene, thanks to the piping system concealed in the bathroom. the racks (the supports are embedded in the wall) "explains Pauline Sayet (SFA).

"Different shapes are available on the market to adapt to space constraints, including compact or ergonomic models to provide more comfort (wider seat, elevated height, etc.). to be mastered thanks to water saving models and their dual flush system, a real economic and environmental asset.

Finally, to evacuate the water, it should be connected to the main line. When it is too far away, it is still possible to install toilet thanks to solutions with grinders, very quick to install. The question of noise is no longer right for this type of product, because today it generates hardly more noise than a conventional toilet ".

This Pressure Balancing Valve eliminates unpleasant odors, gurgles and de-oiling. From 29 euros. Nicoll.


6- Take advantage of the renovation of your bathroom to permanently eliminate odors related to the evacuation of waste water from the shower or toilet.

Nothing is more unpleasant indeed, such as rising odors in the bathroom after shower or returning from vacation, including in freshly renovated bathrooms. It is however simple to avoid them by refusing the DIY amateur.

"Always put products that comply with the standards (NF, ATEC marks), including a powerful anti-odor system, such as the 50 mm water guard or an equivalent system", advises Mickaël Linard (Nicoll). "Of course, it is necessary to realize the works in the rules of the art in plumbing.

Also remember to ensure good ventilation of the evacuation network, via Pressure Balancing Valves, to manage the depressions in the evacuation networks ".

So you are ready to transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and relaxation.