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Our 7 tips for choosing the color of the show

Our 7 tips for choosing the color of the show

Little Greene

Which color to choose for a salon ? Can we crack for paintings to trendy hues without fear of getting tired? Or, on the contrary, should we prefer a palette of more classic colors to not be disappointed with the result? Sophie Neveu, expert in color advice at Little Greene, gives you the tone and tells you without nuance what color to choose for a living room. And especially how. With your brushes!

The living room is one of the most important pieces of the House. So, no way to miss. White without risk but not very original? Or color, but how to choose the right one and find the right one balance in the living room ? If you ask yourself these questions, look no further, we have the answers! Follow the guideā€¦

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Tip n ° 1: choose the color of the show taking into account its orientation

This is rule number 1. The color is chosen primarily according to the orientation of the living room. To warm up a living room north facing, we can bet on a warm color paint like the old rose, spectacular and very trendy especially when associated with a Pearl grey. We can also choose more neutral colors but just as bright as the taupe, beige or off-white. To soften the atmosphere of a living room south facing, we opt for soft hues like honey yellow or peach pink. And, good to know, we favor matte paintings who better absorb light rather than brilliant paintings reflecting it.

Dorchester Pink and Mid & Dorchester Pink Paintings, 1 liter acrylic jar, 48 euros, Little Greene

Little Greene

Tip n ° 2: choose the color of the living room taking into account its configuration

The color of the living room is also chosen according to the floor area and the ceiling height. To visually distance a ceiling that seems too low, we can paint it in a lighter color than that of the walls or underline it with black. To mark an opening, choose a cor their live, here the red, can be a good idea. Be careful however to use it sparingly so as not to fall into the total look.

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The red is needed in 2019! (Bronze, Red and Yellow Pink paintings, Little Greene)

Little Greene

Tip # 3: Set the mood to set the tone in the living room

We must define theatmosphere that we want to create in the living room before moving instinctively towards the color chart. Pastel colors such as powder pink or ice blue to combine with a citrine green for a Scandinavian-inspired salon; lead gray and brick red to accentuate theindustrial spirit a contemporary living room; or acid colors such as apple green, grapefruit or blood orange to punctuate the decor of a lounge in vintage style.

Invisible Green Paint No. 56, from 45 euros per liter matte finish, variable price according to desired finish. Sir Lutyens' Sage paint n ° 302, from 45 euros per liter matte finish, variable price according to desired finish. Complementary painting Blush ceiling n ° 267.

Little Greene

Tip # 4: Learn how to properly dose color in the living room

No more than three colors ! Turn to shades of similar shades to contrast in gradient on the carpentry and woodwork, like a green needle of pine and eucalyptus or a sky blue and turquoise acapulco. And pay attention to the overload so as not to suffocate. In living rooms where there are already curtains, furniture and objects of bright colors, better turn to metallic hues like the grays with a hint of green. The decor will be better developed and the walls will not bring an overdose of color.

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Mid Azure Green # 96 paint, price varies depending on quantity and finish chosen.

Little Greene

Tip n ° 5: forget the preconceived ideas to choose the color of the show

The white it lights and it enlarges ? Not so sure ! The tones of linen, sand and glossy brown are a good alternative to the shades of white which give the impression of being gray and therefore appear less bright. To give an impression of depth and opennessyou can even bring out the color.

Tips n ° 6: bring color with decorative accessories in the living room

To awaken the decor of the living room without repainting the walls, we put on decorative accessories with color. Pillows, decorative objects, sheer curtains, lamps or colorful furniture can alone awaken the decor in the living room. Bet on the textile, it is the best trick to avoid choosing a color for the walls of the living room. And if you have opted for this solution, choose accessories of similar colors.

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Little Greene

Tip # 7: Think about wallpaper, the other solution to color painting in the living room

Wallpaper, which is no longer a covering element but a decorative element, offers itself as another alternative to color painting. In a contemporary living room, we place it behind the couch or in the dining area to identify spaces, differentiate the atmosphere and give style.

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Bedford Square Acorn wallpaper, starting at 111 euros per roll. Puck paint n ° 298, price varies according to quantity and chosen finish. Little Greene.

Little Greene