Top 7 color trends 2018


Top 7 color trends 2018


Colors create a good mood in the house. Depending on the trends of the decor, they become dull and neutral, sparkling and full of vitamins, soft and clear. The idea is to be inspired above all, we draw the colors that resonate in us according to our moods. The main lines of the painting and color trends draw an atmosphere in line with our lifestyles. Chalk White, Atlantic Blue, Babar Green... paint manufacturers imagine colors to infinity on an ever more varied color chart. Discover the pretty jumble of color trends of 2018, seen by two pro of the decor.

Neutral tones, exalted hues, bold white ... The colors take place in the house, leaving aside apprehensions. Paint manufacturers and furniture designers encourage as many people as possible to pick bold colors in a character palette.

Linked to our desires and our lifestyles, these ranges are inspired by our moods for an interior where we love to be and spend time. After the Nordic Wave, what are the highlights of 2018? Elements of answer with pro of the color. Elizabeth Leriche, head of the eponymous style office, and Céline Gerst, Tollens color marketing manager, decrypt 2018 color trends.

1. White and light colors

In continuity with our current desires, next year, home fashion plunges us into a bath of sweetness. "In a quest for well-being, we are still in a current of disconnection, with the use of soothing colors," said Elizabeth Leriche, of the styling agency of the same name.

Another interesting aspect, the white is invited with a full identity in the interiors. It asserts itself by silencing those who do not consider it a color in all its splendor. "Whites are real whites," says Céline Gerst, Tollens' color marketing manager, "There's a desire to have a simple white, with no nuance of hue, and very special at the same time." For example, a white chalk, dull The idea is toto be as neutral as possible. We no longer choose white by chance. Before, it was used by default, for fear of color. Today, in a quest for calm and serene atmosphere, white soothes in total look. It also showcases the other colors in the house. "

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White soothes the atmosphere and sublimates the other colors. It stands out as a strong trend of the year


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2. Green in all its variations

It has been spotted in decor magazines and in inspiring shops, the green imposes its place in the house. Version persimmon, mint or forest, green tends to assert itself to update the full extent of his personality.

"The green is coming into the house more and more, it's settling down serenely but surely," says Céline Gerst, "it's becoming very important and evolving a lot." These are elaborate shades, quite sophisticated, in line with the "jungle" trend. , the greens come from nature with very saturated tones. It is a color that is not always easy to put forward in the house. Green, for example, likes a corridor with a shade for the walls and another for the doors. "

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The green is still a great success! It adapts according to the styles and desires to our interiors. (Realization Spaces to Dream)

Spaces to Dream

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3. Bold hues, full of personality

As a sign of an evolution of our relationship to color, in 2018 the hues become intense, without restraint, to cover a wall or a whole room in the house. "I have never seen so many paint manufacturers with such beautiful color ranges," says Elizabeth Leriche, "there is a need for re-enchantment with happy colors such as mustard yellow or emerald green. There is a back to the affirmed colors, brighter in a slightly bohemian theme, with linen and rattan. "

These tones are fun with the decor and everyone handles the color according to their desires and ideas. "Sliced, dense and vivid colors can work by touchs, imagine Céline Gerst. They are also worked flat, in contrast with a neutral tone or associated with another strong color. The camel, for example, the Aquatic blue, the mirabelle yellow, the green ficus ... The palette is bold, the colors are exalted, saturated, they create a surprise. "

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The yellow sparkles in our homes! The paint manufacturers encourage us to dare exalted shades for a personalized decoration. (Realization ATDECO)


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4. Kraft and rough shades

Conversely, the 2018 trend is also turning to natural colors, essential. The desire for a "slow-life" continues. "We want to take the time, return to the matter, says Elizabeth Leriche.In a trend towards dematerialization, we try to go against the tide with the world of" neo artisans ", the desire to give meaning to Handmade objects Kraft has a lot to do with this trend. The colors are neutral, very raw, naturalistic hues... They are declined inspired by the will, clear wood or wheat.

The hues are also sharper, more sincere. "People want real colors, a gray that is not bluish, just him," says Céline Gerst, "we tend to have sharp colors, shades from driftwood or powdery pink."

Natural colors have pride of place in deco trends! (Realization Transition Interior Design)

Transition Interior Design

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5. Sophistication and rich colors for 2018

In continuity with the fashion of copper, the decor likes to create sophisticated interiors, with colors evoking opulence, from a certain past to the glorious hours. "With a return to gold and brass, the colors become quite rich, confirms Elizabeth Leriche. A velvet sofa Emerald green associated with nude cushions, for example. "

The rich colors are displayed on a velvet green sofa and marry with materials such as brass or copper. (Realization Transition Interior Design)

Transition Interior Design

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6. Nordic colors evolve

For several seasons, the Nordic and Scandinavian trend invades the house. It was thought out of breath, it is different, more mature. "In line with the Scandinavian trend, very cold colors become denser and deeper," says Elizabeth Leriche, "ice blue, eucalyptus green, black ..." the colors go to the essential and get closer to true Scandinavian country style for an intensified character and personality.

Inked in the trend, the Scandinavian style evolves. The colors intensify and the character asserts itself. (Realization Royal Roulotte)

Royal Roulotte

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7. The blues in a new light

Favorite in the decor, blue comes in new colors to match new cravings. Midnight blue or mineral blue create interiors of character. It is also associated with more distinct colors for a less expected wedding.

"The blue tells a lot of stories," notes Céline Gerst of Tollens, "It comes in many different states, with many nuances, and although it is well-established in the home fashion, it loses some of its monopoly to make room for more daring shades. Blue also creates a more toned universe, getting married with a shades of green, for example. "

The blue becomes intense for another atmosphere in the house. (Realization June)


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