Equipped kitchen: how to furnish it, to personalize it when one is tenant?


Equipped kitchen: how to furnish it, to personalize it when one is tenant?

Amandine Branji

Discover a fully-equipped kitchen arriving in a rental is rather good news. She is usually fitted out with the essential of the household appliances - hotplates, oven or microwave and refrigerator. In addition to the costs it avoids, the kitchen allows you to have a safe base ... or almost! Because the "equipped kitchen" can define a minimum a little summary like a complete kitchen. In most cases, it is necessary to arrange it and bring some elements to mold it in its image. Discover the wise advice of Morgane Pluchon, designer products at Lapeyre, and D'Amandine Branji, interior designer at the ADC agency l'Atelier d'à Côté, for develop and customize an equipped kitchen.

As it poses certain constraints, the equipped kitchen asks for a real reflection before embarking on a makeover. "When you rent, the best way to develop your kitchen is to move towards things that can be brought back and that do not deteriorate the existing", summarizes Amandine Branji of the agency ADC l'Atelier d'à Côté. a minimum investment because it is not bound to last. "Having a kitchen in its own image is not easy," says Morgane Pluchon "It's hard to invest when you're renting because it's always temporary." Some tips, however, allow to circumvent this problem by creating an equipped kitchen optimized and full of style.

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1 / Good advice before starting the work of a kitchen

Make a first point on the faults of the equipped kitchen

Few kitchens are equipped from A to Z that correspond to every need. The first reflex is target the gaps in order to fill them. A balance not so easy to do before moving in and have experienced the kitchen. "Firstly, we analyze the gaps to see what is possible to addsays Morgane Pluchon, product designer at Lapeyre. We can use his previous experiences to note what is missing. "

Make an inventory of everything you need to put away

Indispensable in an equipped kitchen, the storage units must adapt as closely as possible to the needs to perfectly match the habits of life. "When you enter a rental, you tend to get out of the boxes without landing," says Amandine Branji, interior designer at ADC L'Atelier d'à Côté. take inventory of everything you need to store in the kitchen. Dishware, robots, groceries, etc. " List his requests can find solutions on paper and see more clearly in the layout of its kitchen.

If storage space is lacking, there may be alternatives. Amandine Branji continues: "Some things can find a place elsewhere. The beautiful dishes in a buffet of dining room, part of food in a storeroom or laundry in a closet dedicated in the entrance, etc. "

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Evaluate your needs according to your perception of the kitchen

Another intelligent reflex: before rethinking all the fitted kitchen is better target your expectations. "One wonders what are his daily habits and days we receive, Morgane Pluchon suggests.What we need a large work plan to spread because we like to make pies or do we make a lot of dishes in sauce in big pots with the need for a casserole? "

Once these expectations are raised, there are different degrees of priority. "It's interesting to put forward what is needed, which is nice and what makes me waste time, continues Morgane Pluchon. For example, if the dishwasher is far from the furniture with the dishes, it is a problem because not practical in everyday life.

When entering a rental, before unpacking his cartons, he asks his needs according to his vision of the kitchen. (A project realized by AdC l'Atelier d'à Côté)

AdC Workshop Next Door

Dare to launch to redevelop an equipped kitchen

With some reluctance, renting is not a drag to do some work in an equipped kitchen. "Do not be afraid to do it!" Says Morgane Pluchon, we tend to say "it's going to be expensive" or "I'm not going to stay" but with a small investment of 100/200 euroswe can do a lot of things to adapt an equipped kitchen to your taste. Especially the owners are quite nice when you want to develop and do things in a property. It's better to do small jobs from the beginning, even before moving in, or to a temperate season like spring, while setting a budget not to exceed. "

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2 / Practical tips to rethink the layout of a fitted kitchen

Add or transform a high cabinet

Without fear and putting aside his assumptions, we can review the layout of the equipped kitchen for it to be more practical everyday. "By adding furniture in the kitchen up to the ceiling (80 or 100 cm high), you can put a pressure cooker at the top and glasses at your fingertips, for example, Morgane Pluchon offers. This frees space at the bottom and allows to invest for groceries or other. It is also an opportunity to put equipment that makes life easier, like a small hood that filters the air. "

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Some furnishings in tall furniture, such as a built-in hood, make life easier in a fully equipped kitchen. (Falmec box hood, Lapeyre)


Opt for appliances to put in an equipped kitchen

Even if the minimum is present, the kitchen sometimes requires a supplement in the field of household appliances. A real oven, a dishwasher or other. Here again, we think of a suitable solution. "With an equipped kitchen, we tend to mobile home appliances, to ask, in order to be able to recover it at the end of the lease, advises Morgane Pluchon. You can install a fridge with a small freezer. The life of the kitchen is organized around."

Enlarge the work plan with custom

Often reduced, the work plan an equipped kitchen is a real problem. It is necessary to have enough space to cook and do not run out of space. "If the work plan is too small, we keep the structure underneath (not to spoil what is present) and we just change the plan, recommends Morgane Pluchon. In our workshops, you can cut out a work plan with the right dimensions. The laminate is easy to install, with good value for money. If we know that we will stay a little longer in this rental, we can increase the quality with a material like the compact which is more visually friendly. "

In a rental, the kitchen is equipped with a larger work plan in the blink of an eye. (Bleached oak laminate, Lapeyre)


Add antique furniture in an equipped kitchen

Forbring a bit of cachet and new storage, we reclaim old furniture and revisit it to give them a new life. "A dresser or a dresser is convenient for storing dishes near the dining area," says Amandine Branji. You can also opt for a block which has the advantage of being like an island in the kitchen. "A way also of decide with the general style rather than wanting to reproduce it.

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Organize the interior of the storage

We think little but the interior of the furniture is also full of potential. Morgane Pluchon explains: "Some accessories allow to recloisonner the interior of the drawers. The more we separate, the better it is organized! We are all looking for a fluidity in the operation. Manufacturers provide answers with specialized drawers for recycling or cutlery trays. Like the doors, the drawers are standardized with standard dimensions and so customizable."

In order to organize an equipped kitchen for rent, the drawers are equipped with interior storage. (Storage box, Lapeyre)


3 / Ideas to revamp and personalize an equipped kitchen

Changing the doors of the facades of the fitted kitchen

First reflex in a kitchen,change the doors gives a new look to the room. "The advantage of changing the kitchen doors is that you can put them aside during the rental period and reinstall them when you leave or arrange with the owner," says Morgane Pluchon. white melanin with nice handles, we change the style of the kitchen to mini budget. If the doors are wooden (and with the agreement of the owner) we can sand or repaint. Beforehand, always check the dimensions of the box (usually in standard sizes) and its condition. "

Create a new credence in the fitted kitchen

Another highlight in the style of the equipped kitchen, credence has great potential. "With less thickness, laminate credenza can easily be installed," notes Morgane Pluchon. up to 130 cm above the worktop to unify the equipped kitchen. She also smoothes a wall with imperfections. "

To review the credence is the opportunity toadd some storage. "Above the sink or worktop, you hang a rod with some hooks to hang cups and mugs, utensils and other kitchen accessories, offers Amandine Branji. It also exists adhesive credentials in different styles. Depending on the support below, it can hide old tiles. It's a simple and practical solution to remove when you leave. "

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A new credence changes the style of the kitchen and allows other storage. (A project realized by AdC l'Atelier d'à Côté)

AdC Workshop Next Door

Choosing beautiful furniture handles

As a detail that is not one, the furniture handle is a way to bring another personality to the kitchen. "With a white door, a nice handle changes the look of a kitchen, according to Morgane Pluchon. pay attention to the center distance (the dimension between the two piercing points) and adapt to the holes already present. "In this area, the choice is wide and the creations numerous. In stainless steel, wood and even leatherSome sites have specialized in selling handles.

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Change the room environment

The equipped kitchen is also in the center of the room. His environment is important and has an impact on his style. "Repaint a wall from the kitchen or change the soilwith plate lino are easy little jobs, says product designer Lapeyre. No need for underlayment, just remove baseboards from the kitchen and lay the floor. Simple yet quite thick, this type of coating is designed for wet rooms. It comes with a varied appearance (concrete, parquet, etc.). "

Other accessories allow to bring a beautiful personality. "On the ground, vinyl carpets brighten the room if the tiles are a little dull, notes Amandine Branji. And the day we go, we get it back! We can also revook the kitchen without touching the furniture. With a special wallpaper and outside areas close to water points, it brings a lot of personality. "

Changing the floor of an equipped kitchen for rent is not so complicated! And that changes the whole style of the room. (Livyn vinyl flooring, light concrete decor, Lapeyre)


The kitchen is more open to the living space, and much more practical. The white furniture allows the kitchen to blend in the living room.Renovation of a millstone in Clamart by ADC agency workshop next door

Amandine Branji