10 questions to ask yourself before cooking again


10 questions to ask yourself before cooking again

Studio Mariekke

Your old kitchen has done its time and its furnishings, furniture, appliances or coatings no longer please you. It is time to redo everything ! But before you rush and regret your choices, it's important to you ask the right questions

Furniture layout, budget, makeover, home appliances, coatings and materials, water arrivals ... Before redo your kitchenThere are many things to consider when planning all your expenses and not going astray. If you embark on such a project, it would be a shame to miss out ona trick or a major change to your comfort. focus on 10 basic questions to ask yourself before giving a cool blow to your kitchen !

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1. Will you call a pro or will you do it all again?

Depending on your abilities and the extent of the renovation or makeover of your kitchen, some tasks can be done by you or, on the contrary, require the intervention of a professional. If you simply want to revive your kitchen without taking great upheaval, it is quite possible to get started on your own. A few brushstrokes and a lot of elbow grease can sometimes be enough to transform a space, without necessarily having a lot of experience.

On the other hand, if your goal is to change everything and work is not your cup of tea, it is better to turn to more qualified people. You can, for example, use a decorator or interior designer to help you choose the style, materials, colors and layout of your new kitchen. Speak to a cook can also be a good idea if your goal is to change everything and find suitable turnkey solutions.

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A tailor-made kitchen designed and produced by Inside Sas pro

Inside Sas

2. What budget do you need to redo your kitchen?

Before you start with your eyes closed in the renovation of your kitchen, it is better define a provisional budget for not having a bad surprise. The budget you want to allocate to your kitchen depends on a multitude of criteria: financial means, needs, size of the room, materials used, professionals involved, scope of work, etc. Count on average a few hundred euros for a decorative refresh done by you and more than 2,000 euros for a basic renovation. The addition can climb up to 15,000 euros if you decide to do everything from floor to ceiling with the help of pro.

If your budget is large or unlimited (from 5,000 euros), do not hesitate to call on professionals (interior designer, cook, carpenter ...) who will be able to make an estimate, guide you to the best and shape your kitchen to measure.

Even if it is better to invest in your kitchen to give added value to your property and ensure its sustainability, not everyone can afford it. For small grants (less than 5,000 euros), it is wiser to do your best and / or if necessary, turn to affordable brands (Ikea, Darty, Leroy Merlin, Conforama, Purpose, Cuisinella ...) that offer ready-made solutions, personalized advice in less.

To note : know that you can benefit fromfinancial help for your work (ANAH, tax deduction, reduced VAT, premiums ...) under certain conditions.

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3. What are your needs, what does your daily life look like?

Before you even begin the work, you need define your daily needs. A kitchen for a couple will not be the same as a kitchen dedicated to a large family, for example. And if you are very little behind the stove, you do not need to over-equip the space. How many people live in your home? Do you have a lot of accessories and dishes to put away? Do you cook a lot? Do you want a kitchen friendly, practical or aesthetic ? All the answers to these questions will guide your future choices but also your budget.

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This kitchen imagined by the Studio Mariekke was thought to cook to several.

Studio Mariekke

4. How to take into account the specificities of space?

If you decide to redo everything, or almost, better study the constraints and specificities of your kitchen current so as not to go straight into a wall - no pun intended - And if you have a plan of the room, it's even better! This will allow you, among other things, to do not opt ​​for bulky furniture if the size of your kitchen is reduced, not to buy furniture too high if the ceiling is attic in some places, or to take into account the different water arrivals to know where to install the sink, for example. If all this exceeds you, do not hesitate to entrust the plans to a professional who will know how to deal with all these particularities.

This kitchen designed by the interior designer Alexandra Magne marries the angles and recesses of the room.

Thibault d'Annoville for Alexandra Magne

5. In what type of appliances to invest?

Before re-cooking, ask yourself: Do you want to keep your fridge, oven and hobs, or do you want to change them to fit the new look of your room ? Think about it, your existing appliances will not necessarily match the style, layout or size of the furniture of your new kitchen ...

An imposing oven included in a stove or a posable model will not really be in harmony in a kitchen with built-in furniture. In this case, it makes sense to put your old stove in the closet andopt for built-in appliances ! It is also an opportunity to invest in more modern and efficient devices. Samsung sells for example a multifunction built-in oven, Dual Cook Flex™, which, in addition to integrating perfectly with kitchen furniture, offers double simultaneous cooking without odor transfer. Thanks to its contemporary design, it blends into the background while bringing its modern touch.

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The new Samsung Dual Cook Flex ™ built-in oven fits perfectly into the kitchen furniture.


6. Do you want to change kitchen furniture or revise the existing one?

Whether you decide to do it all yourself or to call in a professional, you have to define your goal: are you looking to change your old kitchen furniture or just their give a fresh start ? In the first case, turn to a cook, a carpenter or a public sign, as seen previously. In the second case, the costs will be much lower and the result less radical since you just need to change the facades or repaint them, or to trade your old handles against newer models.

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7. Where to place the kitchen furniture? Which arrangement to choose?

Redo your kitchen is the perfect opportunity to make it more practical everyday ! If the current layout of your furniture is no problem for you or the plans of your home do not allow to change, go your way. However, if the circulation is not optimal or the activity triangle (storage, preparation / cooking and washing) is not respected, it may be time to review the layout of the room. Kitchen I, U, L, parallel or island ... Each implementation has its advantages, you find the one that best fits your room and its dimensions.

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8. Which materials or finishes to choose for kitchen furniture?

Solid wood, laminate, fibreboard, lacquered or matte, kitchen furniture dresses materials and finishes of your choice. Depending on the style you want to give to your room - country spirit, industrial atmosphere, modern look - your budget and your lifestyle (some materials are fragile and unsuitable for family life or frequent solicitations, for example ), it is up to you to make your choice. Decide before starting work or choosing other itemsbecause this point is likely to influence the rest of the renovation ...

Christelle Serres-Chabrier opted for a mixture of zinc and wood for the furniture of this great kitchen.

Christelle Serres-Chabrier

9. What worktop / credence to use in the kitchen?

If you change or relook your kitchen furniture, do not forget the worktop and the credence, which, if not changed or refurbished, can ruin the new look chosen. If you do not wish to change your credence, it is quite possible to repaint or cover it with an adhesive coating to the reasons of your choice. On the other hand, if you can not see her anymore in painting, swap her for a harmonious model in cement tiles, stone, tile, glass or laminate. As for the worktop, it can be repainted (if it is tiled) but the best is still to change it, the paint can easily be damaged. The most common materials are laminate, solid wood, stainless steel or quartz.

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10. Does your soil need to be changed?

If it contains splinters, that the joints are damaged or that it is an old strand, your kitchen floor deserves to be changed. Exceeded floor coverings can cast off the look of your new kitchen and undo all your efforts to modernize it. Porcelain stoneware, cement tiles, imitation wood, polished concrete, PVC or vinyl flooring, tiles, water-repellent parquet ... Depending on your budget and style, dozens of solutions are available to you.

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