Marry the colors: the 6 traps to avoid


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Dare them colors in the decor, it's trendy. But be careful not to make mistakes. In interiors, some marriages of colors can lead to divorce! Côté Maison presents you mistakes to avoid with colors, and offers you alternatives to create beautiful associations of tones in the House.

Marry the colors is a dangerous game ... but accessible to all. One often thinks, wrongly, that only decorating professionals are able to create bold and successful color mixes. Côté Maison proves the opposite, with the help of Vincent Vallée, head of the Little Greene showroom in Paris. Discover the mistakes to avoid and tips from a pro to help you. And if the marriage of colors was finally a breeze?

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Trap # 1: marry more than three colors in the decor

This is a basic rule in decorating: never combine more than three colors in the same room if you want a harmonious rendering. Mixing four or more colors gives an impression of confusion, rough draft. The good trick : to marry three colors without being wrong, one of the ideas is to play with shades. Pale pink with an intermediate tone like raspberry with a touch of fuchsia, for example. Combining several colors of the same hue, in three intensities, is a sure way to make no mistake.

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Trap # 2: Outbid the colors

In a room, the eye is attracted by strong points. Bringing a lot of dapper colors in one place is hard to live with every day. Colors are killing each other. The eye does not know where to land. What's nice in a restaurant, a hotel or even a museum, is complicated in a living room. If it is too busy, the eye gets tired and a bad general impression emerges. The good trick : before embarking on painting or changing furniture, you have to make a point on his desires. If it's a thoughtful choice, dare a bold color on the wall. If you are still unsure or unsure about the color, just change some decorations.

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Trap # 3: do not differentiate between living rooms and moving rooms

Some parts of the house do not support the detonating color mixtures. In a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen, avoid creating associations of unusual colors. In living rooms and those where we stay, strong colors or explosive weddings can be quickly tiring. The good trick : in the house, the passage rooms (corridor, entrance, dressing room, WC), where one remains only a few minutes, allow to dare all mixes. Even the most contrasted! Marry yellow and red, for example, as a contemporary artist's work. This is an opportunity to give free rein to his desires, especially as they are often poorly furnished rooms.

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Trap # 4: Make the wrong color combinations

Some color marriages are more questionable. There is a need for balance, delicate to respect. Green and red, purple and yellow, blue and orange, for example. The two colors are fighting against each other. Thinking that these are complementary colors, the result can be catastrophic. The good trick : if we do not have the control of colors, we let ourselves be guided by marriages of so-called natural colors, coming from nature, such as linen, rope, string, wood, with a little more vivid tones. Red firecracker and linen, royal blue and linen, etc. It works 99%!

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Trap # 5: think that color is reserved for walls

By simply playing with the colors on the walls, some marriages of tones may seem impossible. It is above all a question of nuance and daring. The combination of several colors can also be done on a plinth, a door, woodwork or the ceiling. The good trick : for a successful result, have fun with the proportions. On a green wall, for example, run a red border. Everything is a question of dosage, nuance. Applying a color to a wall with a touch of another color on the edge of a door can create a fabulous mix.

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Trap n ° 6: occult the colors already present in the decoration

Carried away by a deep desire for colors (and change), we quickly forget that the house is already dressed in many colors. On the walls or in the furnishing, a certain number of elements make live the house. Inserting a color into a set regardless of existing colors, furniture, or decor can result in a poor result. The good trick : the simplest is to start from an important point in the room: a wall of wallpaper, a monumental yellow sofa, imposing old curtains, etc. These elements serve as a reference. We then declines a range of colors according to the shade of this element. A balance is to create between the desires of colors and those already present.

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Interior designers Sandie Perraud and Pierre-Edouard Milochau of the Decodheure agency have imagined a cocoon hideaway with a modern decoration, composed of raw materials and warm-colored flat areas.

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