The keys to a successful renovation


The keys to a successful renovation


Feel better at home and live in good health appears as a major concern for two thirds of the French. You want to improve your comfort? Combine energy savings, ventilation and light during your renovation work.

Many are not not satisfied with their accommodation and would like to change or in any case change it, by renovating it for example. But to renovate, does not only mean: to change decoration and redo the paintings, it is also the means ofadapt your habitat to your needs and well-being. It is therefore important to focus on issues such as insulation or air quality for to live better at home.

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Tracks to follow

This is not really a surprise, but 54% of French people are not satisfied with their accommodation. This is one of the lessons of the last Barometer of healthy housing, a vast European study conducted across 14 countries with 14,000 people for the Velux group. His goal ? Through the relationship between housing, well-being and health, update actions to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants. Since we spend more than 80% of our time indoors, the condition of our homes inevitably affects our health and vitality. Indoor air quality, high-performance insulation and heating, natural light, moisture control, are ways to feel better at home.

A house bathed in light ensures its occupants comfort and well-being, while reducing the need for artificial lighting and reducing energy consumption.

AGC Glass Europe

Combine comfort and energy savings

In recent years, renovation has focused on energy savings alone; an emergency it is true, given the number of "thermal sieves" of the housing stock. In 2013, according to a study conducted for the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), more than half of the dwellings consumed between 150 and 330 kWh / m2 / year (categories D and E ). Renovation aids - the tax credit for the energy transition, in particular, zero-rate eco-loan extended in 2017 - thus essentially go to work aimed at save energy. But if these motivate 81% of French people with a renovation project, they are neck and neck with the search for comfort.

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Connected to a smartphone, the thermostat of this room regulates the temperature according to the occupation of the housing. Compatible with 95% of heating generators.


To carry out this project, it is better to have a global vision and deal with several issues, even if we must spread the work over several years. It's not just about changing your boiler or windows (the inherent return on investment is long), but looking for what can quickly improve interior comfort. Insulating the attic is good, but if we can develop them into additional room with new openings, we gain space and light. A brand new bathroom is a guarantee of well-being, but it is optimized by equipping the housing with a high-performance domestic hot water system: programmable thermodynamic or electric water heater to modulate hot water requirements. We win then on all the tables.

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Comfort in five actions

1. Air each room at least twice a day for ten minutes in any season.

2. Give preference to materials and products with the lowest possible VOC content, or none at all.

3. Bring natural light wherever possible.

4. Think about summer comfort: sun protection, shutters, blinds.

5. Adopt connected equipment that adjust the indoor temperature as the seasons go by, while saving you energy.

Combination of three roof windows with all comfort glazing, equipped with blackout blinds.


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Indoor air quality: a real awareness

The episodes of fine particle pollution last winter have raised the awareness of the French about the quality of the air. What they are little to know is that outside these periods, the quality of the indoor air is much worse than that of the outside air! The domestic pollutants, harmful to health (volatile organic compounds or VOCs, such as formaldehyde), are the main cause. And unlike the inhabitants of northern Europe, who do not hesitate to open their windows several times a day, even in winter, the Frenchman is silencing himself. If you take advantage of work to change your behavior?

Associated with a fixed bay, this tilt-and-turn window allows a regular ventilation of the kitchen with a minimal space requirement. Architect Béatrice Despioch. Kassiopee concealed aluminum joinery.

Xavier Boymond

Equipping a technical room - kitchen or bathroom - with an oscillating window ensures good ventilation without having to open it wide. Installing roof windows in a cathedral living room, attic or at the top of a stairwell, can suck the stale air and evacuate to the outside. The new roof windows Integra of Velux Motorized electric or solar powered versions open at key moments without compromising energy savings (winter) and cooling the air during the night (summer).

This small pentagon of fabric filled with activated carbon absorbs up to 40% of the formaldehyde of a room. Blooow


The VMC, forgotten in the renovation

Changing the windows, insulating the walls and the roof have a visible and rapid impact on the comfort of the users: it is good in the room and the sensation of cold wall disappears. However, when the dwelling becomes watertight, mold problems may appear eventually. The new thermal standards make efficient ventilation mandatory even in old housing, but the installation of a centralized system is not always technically adaptable to the housing configuration. It is then possible to opt for a decentralized dual flow ventilation, as Nano Air 50 ofAldes. Equipped with a filtration system for dust, pollen, etc., present in the outside air, it also detects the humidity and automatically adjusts the rate of extraction of stale indoor air. And since it recovers the calories from the extracted air, this double flow VMC is also a source of energy savings.

Specially designed for renovation, this double fux ventilation is installed in any room of the house. Nano Air 50.


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"Healthy" products and materials

Improving the quality of indoor air also requires choice of renovation products and materials : paints and varnishes without solvents, certified Ecocert, or downright cleansers. As Captéo, the range of paintings of Tollens that absorbs VOCs. Or Pure and Paint, a new paint brand that respects health and the environment.

Technical innovation, Captéo paint absorbs and destroys up to 80% of aldehydes (volatile chemical compounds) as soon as it is applied. Serenity hue.


Isover has just launched a glass wool for the attics and ceilings comfortable to the pose and irreproachable with the use (the binder, biosourced with 100%, emits no VOC), and Plasterboard developed a technology,Activ'Air, available in many of the brand's products, which absorbs formaldehyde from the surrounding air, transforms it into an inert compound and then stores it in the plasterboard.

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A built-in gypsum component during gypsum board manufacturing absorbs formaldehyde from ambient air. Ideal for children's rooms. Placo


Soft to the touch and a beautiful cream color, the new glass wool is fully recyclable and easy to install. IBR range (ceilings and attics lost).


Half of French people living in homes with insufficient natural light complain of lack of energy (Barometer Velux). Which solution ? Replace windows with large windows that facilitate natural light, which has a positive effect on the morale and productivity of its inhabitants. By installing a single-leaf window in place of an old window with small woods, we gain not only thermal and acoustic comfort but also brightness, aesthetics and safety.

The setting sun enters the living room with this large window, whose four leaves slide on two rails. Model KL-BC aluminum.


A dark stairwell equipped with a motorized roof window becomes a real skylight, and many laid side by side transform a loft uninviting into a real glass roof.

The integrated roof windows, thanks to their white joinery, provide a generous supply of zenith natural light to this extension. Integra range with electric motor, EverFinish fnition, with all comfort glazing.


Finally, thanks to the natural light pipes, even "blind" rooms can now benefit from daylight. The concept is simple: the light is collected 360 ° from a dome on the roof, it is then transmitted through a tube with highly reflective walls, and a light diffuser installed on the ceiling spreads in the piece to be illuminated (Lightway, Solatube or SunTunnel of Velux).

Veranda roof in matt slate gray aluminum, reinforced insulation. Eden +.