How to choose your front door?


How to choose your front door?


Reflection of the identity of the house, the front door represents an important choice. It is the first thing that visitors discover and it is sometimes visible by many passersby. Beyond an aesthetic criterion, the gateway needs to be secured, to have a good thermal and acoustic insulation (especially in a noisy environment), to be well laid in order to guarantee an optimal closure in everyday life and to be airtight and watertight. All qualities necessary to ensure a well-being inside the house. Follow the advice of Isabelle Berthelot, head of door and service products for Lapeyre, and Marc Fauchreau, marketing manager at Janneau Menuiserie, for choose your door.

In wood, aluminum, PVC or steel, the front door comes in a variety of styles to suit all tastes. With a bold color, a glass part or an integrated mailbox, it is customizable at will. All being not to be mistaken on the model defined ... A gateway is kept on average thirty years! On the budget side, from a hundred euros to several thousand euros, an investment is necessary for a sustainable quality over time. In construction or renovation, depending on the exposure, the region or the environment, several parameters must be taken into consideration to have a model adapted to his needs and desires. Point by point, discover the expert advice to make sure choose the right entrance.

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1. Security, the key to a good entryway

Point of entry into a house, the door must have all the necessary qualities to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. " It is access to his home, supports Isabelle Berthelot, head of door and service products for Lapeyre. When we go home, we need to be reassured by a good door. "So the sense of security is just as essential as the security itself.

"Spontaneously, this is an important criterion for purchase," says Marc Fauchreau, Marketing Manager at Janneau Menuiserie, "The good security of the front door goes through its design itself and a lot of options: the lock, cylinder type, number of closing points, panel reinforcementetc. In general, the main demands are based on five locking points (anti-disengage), a safety cylinder, a monobloc design. A thickness of more than 70 mm is also reassuring. "

Other aspects are to be watched, according to the needs more or less high in terms of security. "The barrel (or cylinder), this system in which we put the key, knows great differences in quality, continues Isabelle Berthelot.The key can be with a card of property, not copiable, to reinforce the security. to take into account, it must be laminated with a sheet of glass and a plastic sheet, resistant in case of infringement.When the glass breaks, the glass remains remain in place. "

Entrance door, Corinne model, Les Contemporaines collection, Anniversary range 45 years old, Matte anthracite gray aluminum, flush metal parts and internal and external face grooves, draw handle BT9 (optional), size 2 220 x 1040 mm, UD = 1.15, from 4070 euros HT (not included), Janneau.


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2. A well-posed front door

Another essential criterion is laying of the front door must be done in the rules of the art, at the risk of having problems on a daily basis at the opening. "The pose is essential to ensure a viable gateway," insists Marc Fauchreau. "Certain rules must be respected. EGR certified (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment), for example. We recommend the installation by a professional, especially in the renovation where the installation is more complex. The quality of a door is 50% by design and 50% by installation. "Well installed, the door is also airtight and watertight. "Proper installation according to the rules guarantees the seal between the door itself and the carpentryadds Isablle Berthelot. For her to open and close well, she should not be put by a handyman on Sunday. "

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3. The thermal insulation of the entrance door, indispensable for comfort?

Among the first criteria to watch, thermal insulation the door ensures a well-being within the house. "The thermal insulation prevents air circulation, there is a notion of comfort, indicates Isabelle Berthelot.It is characterized with a value Ud which makes it possible to notify it.A variable variable according to the technology of the door of entry ( its design), the presence of a glazing, the thickness, etc. The smaller the Ud value, the more insulating the entrance door. It's a good comparison between products. A door with a Ud between 0.9 and 1.7 has sufficient insulation qualities and allows to be at best in his home. Provided that the rest of the house is well insulated too. "

4. The right material for his front door

With some advanced technologiestoday, the entrance doors meet the main criteria of comfort, safety and insulation. Nevertheless, some disparities persist. "Each material has its advantages and disadvantages," says Marc Fauchreau, "as it is the opening of the house, the material of the front door is crucial. The most insulating and the best quality / price ratio remains the PVCwith the look of aluminum, high-performance thermal insulation and worked aesthetics. "

PVC is also very simple to use with strong assets. "Very easy to maintain, it is also resistant in polluted environment or in the houses subjected to the sea air, stresses Isabelle Berthelot.The styles are numerous.Outside, it is less contemporary than aluminum and its price climbs with color. "

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Aluminum is the trend material for the entrance doors. "It's extremely durable, it's maintenance-free," says Lapeyre's product manager, "it's full of color and has a wooden face inside, for example." modern style and has a sleek aesthetic. "

Close to aluminum but less popular, steel has similar qualities. "Very technically efficient, it's the favorite material for a security door, continues Isabelle Berthelot. It offers many colors and can look like aluminum, being cheaper. "

In another register, the wood evokes a beautiful door of entrance. "He can have the spirit that we want, contemporary or traditional, while being relatively economical, says Isabelle Berthelot. It has the advantage of being warm but the disadvantage of having to be stained every two years. Exotic wood is durable, oak has popular designs. Note that the wood must come from eco-managed forests. "

Entrance door Romagna Known oak, range: 3 stars, door material: oak from eco-managed forests, standard dimensions (in cm): H. 215 x l. 90, exists in custom, finish stain, type of automatic espagnolette, number of closing point: 6, cylinder supplied + 5 keys + personal card, double glazing 28 mm burglar-proof, finish glazing: transparent (other windows optional ), handles compatible: long neck plate, sold separately, opening thickness (in mm): 46, frame thickness (in mm): 45, thermal insulation: Ud less than or equal to 1.4, sense of opening pushing from the outside, attention: Your door must imperatively be stained or painted before laying, 1599 euros, Lapeyre.


5. The dimensions of an entrance door: the useful width to be monitored

With reference dimensions of 215 cm in height and 90 cm from wall to wall, the width of a front door is carefully defined. "The important criterion is the useful crossing width," says Isabelle Berthelot. width necessary for the passage in the life of every day. If you're used to crossing your door alone, with a stroller or wheelchair. For example, in the latter case, the useful width is 83 cm. "

The dimensions of the entrance door are also variable according to the type of work: construction of a new house or renovation. " In new constructionit may be possible to provide a larger width, with a fixed part possibly, in order to enter or leave a piece of furniture, in particular, suggests the head of Lapeyre products. But be careful, a door with a wide is not so comfortable as we imagine. It can be heavy and imposing to use. In renovation, the useful passage width is a key concept that will define the type of door. When we remove the existing door, we remove the frame which damages the environment all around. If the old frame is in good condition, it is possible to fix the new door on it. Which will reduce the width of passage. It is a more economical solution but we must ensure that the useful passage width will always be sufficient. "

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6. Many colors for an often reasoned choice

As a gateway is kept for thirty years, color is often the fruit of a choice of reason rather than passion. " The white and gray remain essential, outside regional specificities, reveals Isabelle Berthelot. The different gray are also very easy to coordinate with a garage door, a gate, etc. If it's a renovation, the old color of the door is to be taken into account, it has become a habit, hard to change. On the inside, the choice of the finish is also important. Color is not always welcome, especially since there are other ways to bring character to the room. White is a timeless classic. It is also planned to coordinate the entrance door with other joinery such as windows. The finish and appearance of the surface (satin, matte, sandblasted, etc.) are also crucial. The satin is easy to maintain, sandblasted hides scratches and frost, with a certain mattness and velvet appearance, is resistant. "

Hecube model entrance door, PVC Hylliade range, Les Intemporelles collectionGray anthracite structured, South glazed, Botticelli stainless steel handle, size 2,220 x 1,040 mm, available with the Connect system, from 3200 euros (not included), Janneau .


7. A sense of opening of entrance door to be defined with common sense

It is sometimes forgotten but the sense of opening of the front door is defined upstream, before the purchase. " The meaning of the opening is mostly inward, decrypts Isabelle Berthelot. Right or left, the direction must allow to open the door completely, at least up to 110 degrees to clear the passage. In a renovation, thelocation of the switches is an indicator to decide the meaning, often the same as the one that was in place. "

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8. Entrance door with or without glazing

Light and style, a glass is an asset for a front door. It also hides some unexpected qualities. " The door glazed entry does not exclude good security !, says Marc Fauchreau. With laminated glazing, it is sometimes stronger than a full door. "An argument for choosing his front door." laminated glazing has different thickness levels (double or triple) to optimize security, reassure occupants and slow down the intrusion, adds Isabelle Berthelot. If necessary, the owners can add a gridIn addition to being an aesthetic asset, it reinforces the feeling of security. "

A glazed entrance door also brings light and, depending on the environment around, it's an opportunity to have a opening to the outside. "With a nice view, it is very nice to have a front door that lets the garden appear," continues Isabelle Berthelot. glass is often considered to bring light. According to the vis-à-vis, the sanding of the glazing preserves a certain intimacy. "

Gateway door Havre, 3-star range, in aluminum, exists in custom, RAL optionally available only in store, type of automatic espagnolette, number of closing point: 6, optional: city lock or automatic lock 2 hooks , 50 x 50 cylinder supplied + 5 keys + personal card, double glazing 28 mm thick or triple laminated glazing available, handles sold separately: Amsterdam, Mistral draw bar, opening thickness (in mm): 77, thickness of the frame (in mm): 68, thermal insulation: Ud = 1.5 W / m2.K in double glazing, warranty 15 years, 1299 euros, Lapeyre.


9. The style of the front door, a taste story

If everyone has their own desires, the facade also determines the choice of the front door. "It's smart enough to have a picture of her facade by choosing her front door to ensure that it fits well, advises Isabelle Berthelot.It is the signature of the house and at the same time time the door gives information to the visitors as to the passers-by, if the house has passage in front. "

"A beautiful aesthetic is the first quality of a front door," says Marc Fauchreau "Unlike other openings, it is most often the woman who chooses it.With a wide choice, it can be contemporary or classic, with a solid or glazed panel, etc. "

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10. Good sound insulation in a noisy environment

In some cases, the front door is also a way of isolate yourself from the noise. The solutions are varied and some parameters to take into account. "You think less but a front door with a double or triple glazing has good acoustic insulation performance, more than a full non-specific door, testifies Isabelle Berthelot. For good thermal insulation, the door is light, while for good sound insulation, it is weighed down. So it's a happy medium to find, a compromise to make. When the housing is located in an environment with a sound nuisance, the RW index is to be considered to choose its front door. The bigger it is, the more the door is insulating. From a RW index of 31 dB (decibels), a door has good performance for sound insulation. "

11. A personalized entryway

In the trend of a custom HouseWe are often looking for a door that looks like us, in accordance with our desires. "There are many accessories to personalize your front door," says Marc Fauchreau, "Colors, handles, glazing, inserting a mailbox, etc."

Another aspect, technology is also a way to meet our needs as closely as possible. "Biometrics, unlocking with a code or smartphone are possible, continues Marc Fauchreau. But these are marginal requests. The technology is readysimple, but people do not have the reflex yet. "

12. A well-preserved gateway

According to'house exposure and its environment, some materials and / or colors affect the front door. "With a two-bladed effect, the heat of the sun tends to distort the front door and impede the opening," says Marc Fauchreau, "in homes facing south, dark colors are to be avoided. to ask for the deformation class, especially on aluminum doors and dark colors, which gives a level of tolerance. "